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Spring break for the cum slut, part 2

Karen & I woke up the next morning in each others arms naked and smiling about the events of the previous night and laughing at each other as we both had dried cum all over ourselves. She leaned over and started to lick some off my breasts as I slid my hand between her legs and slide a finger inside her, pulling it out and tasting it “I think you still have some inside you” I said “Then why don’t you clean it out” she said “after all you’re the cum slut” as she laid back & spread her legs for me. Her pussy still looked a little red from the pounding she took last night. I went right to work, spreading her lips open and licking her, sticking my tongue inside, licking in a circle cleaning the walls of her hot wet pussy. Tasting the sweet and sours juices of all the men that were inside her last night. She was holding my head down, forcing me to lick deeper. I reached up & started pinching & twisting her nipples as she started moaning, which made me lick harder. I started licking and nibbling on her clit as I could tell she was ready to cum. When she came her body was rocking, her clit was extra sensitive as she tried pushing me away as I fought to continue lick it which drove her even more wild.

When she was done I reminded her that we’re in Cancun, no one knows us and she needs to become a cum slut and learn to like the taste of it. I told her she could start with the cum inside me as I straddled her face. Karen licked me out and made me cum all over her face. I laughed at her glistening face and bent down to kiss her and lick her face clean. We took a shower together, cleaning each other and then got dressed, bikini, shorts and sandals. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and went back to the hotel where we had met the four older men the day before but we had no luck finding them. Karen thought I was crazy but I asked her if she really enjoyed what they did with us and she agreed it was a rough but fun adventure.

We laid out in the sun a little longer today before heading off to some shade and drinks. We ran into four of the frat boys from last night and they bought us beers. After a few beers we excused ourselves as we both had to pee. We were chatting in the stalls about how cute they were we decided to remove our bikini bottoms from under our shorts and put them in our beach bags. When we left the restroom two of the guys were waiting for us and pulled us into the mens room, where the other two guys were waiting. Karen & I smiled and removed our tops as two of them started to play with our breasts and the other two pulled down our shorts, bent us over and started fucking us from behind until they came inside us and the two playing with our tits changed places with them and started fucking us from behind as we suck the first two guys cocks clean. When they were done we sucked them clean also.

Karen & I headed went back to the table with them and had another beer. We talked and laughed. After awhile I realized I hadn’t cleaned up and only had my grey shorts on with nothing underneath, I could feel their cum oozing out as I sat there. I looked over at Karen and she realized the same thing. I took a napkin & pulled my shorts aside & cleaned up the mess. The guys just laughed. Karen told me that if I learned to take it up the ass it wouldn’t leak as much. This shocked me as I never thought of Karen as an anal slut. The two of us discussed anal while the guys just started with their mouths open. I complained about it hurting and she told me it only hurts in the beginning and the more I have anal, the more relaxed I will get. I asked how many would that be and she said as I was so thin probably 8 – 10 times. The next thing I know the guys are buying us shots of tequila and on their phones calling their friends.

The guys suggested we head back to the hotel and we did, it was only around 3:00 PM. We told the guys we were going to clean up and would be over shortly. We quickly undress & cleaned up. Karen told me I needed to loosen my ass and get it lubed inside to make it easier, I asked how I was going to do that, she told me to get on all 4’s on the bed. She had a tube of scented lube that she squeezed out onto my asshole. The she started rubbing it in and pushing her finger inside me pushing in & out, twisting as it went deeper. It didn’t really hurt until she pushed a second finger in and started to stretch the walls of my ass, twisting & pulling. She then pulled out a purple plastic 7” dildo (going to have to ask how she got that past customs). It was shaped like a thin dick and she started to push it inside me after putting more lube all over my ass. She got it in about halfway and started to pry my ass open with it, left, right, up & down, circling it around. It felt like my ass was open real wide. She pulled the dildo out real quick & squeezed some lube inside my ass before it closed up and told me I was ready.

We were standing there trying to think of what to wear when we both giggled realizing they’d have us undressed the minute we walked in the room. I threw on a short silk robe that you could almost see through; Karen just wrapped a beach towel around her & brought the lube with her. When we got to their room there were more than a dozen guys, all naked & hard. Karen surprised me and said “I got the virgin ready for you, have at her”. Next thing I know I’m being striped and tossed on the bed face down with my legs being spread apart. Karen is busy applying lube to the cock of the first guy and then slaps my ass hard before the first guy starts to slide his cock in. He took his time getting it all the way in and when he had it all in he started with long deep strokes into my ass, slowly building up speed. The sensation was different than inside my pussy, it was tighter but it wasn’t the same. I raised my ass up a little and got my hand underneath me and started rubbing my clit. This was more pleasurable than having just a cock in my ass. I actually came first for a change.

The first guys finally cums in my ass, slaps it hard as he pulls out. I’m told to stand up as another guy lies on his back on the bed and has me sit on his cock. It is a nice size one and fills my pussy. I’m riding up & down on his cock as another guy gets on the bed & pulls me forward to suck his cock as I’m getting my pussy fucked hard & deep. While I’m bent over sucking I felt another grab my hips and slide his cock all the way in my ass. I can feel both of them inside me, almost like their cocks are rubbing against each other inside me all the while a cock filling my mouth. The guy on the bottom is pinching & twisting my nipples with his dick deep inside me, as the guy in front has a hold of my head fucking my face, while the third has a grip on my hips driving his cock in & out of my ass. I came so hard I could feel it running down my thighs and the three weren’t done yet. My first delight was in my mouth, I slurped it all up and still wasn’t satisfied, he was replaced by another. The other two came about the same time, just as I was cumming again. Two others replaced them and this continued for about an hour or so until every guy had filled one of my slut holes.

Karen on the other hand had been cleaning every cock that had used me and was being eaten out in between. I laid on the bed exhausted, every opening sore. I must have cum another 5 or 6 times. I could feel all the cum escaping from my pussy and ass and good old Karen got between my legs and licked it all up. I felt her tongue inside my ass and pussy, she made me cum one more time. When she lifted her face up, it was all glistering with cum all over it. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply tasting everything that she had and forgetting that we were being watched by a group of horny college boys who were getting hard again and started to jerk off over the two of us, covering our faces, hair & tits with cum. We didn’t even get dressed when we walked down the hall to our room and only the security camera would have seen us but we didn’t care. We both showered & collapsed in bed and fell asl**p, it wasn’t even late but we were exhausted.

I wish I could say the next two days & nights were just as fun as the first two but it would take a lot to beat that. We did have more sex with strangers, even entered a wet t-shirt contest but nothing could compare to the pleasure. Karen told me I was no longer just an oral slut but now the ultimate slut. I reminded her, what happens in Cancun, stays in Cancun.

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