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The bitch on the back of my bike

The bitch on the back

The bitch on the back of my bike, she’s just some random slut. Just some middle age piece of ass that I picked up at a dive bar while I was out bar hopping with the crew.

Now I’m going to take her on the ride of her life. Going to take the bitches cunt and make it mine, going to use her like a whore. You d***ken bitch, you’re going to be sore in the morning. Not only with a hangover but with a raw ass and a worn cunt, Hell; I’ll bet you’ll have aching jaws.

I was leaving the Magic Cavern Bar, this random d***ken slut walked up and asked for a ride, really you want a ride? So I gave her the once over, looked her up and down, told her to turn around I wanted to see that ass, because I just don’t let any old piece of ass on my machine. She spun around so I could get an eye full, for a middle age hoe she had a bit of eye candy going on.

Ok you want a ride?

Hell yes I want a ride, I want to wrap my legs around that big machine of yours and let it thump between my legs, she said and starts grinding the air and laughing, like it was a joke and only she knew the punch line.

Ok I’ll give you a ride, but then I get to ride you, was my response, she laughed and said I’m down with that.

d***ken sluts, man u just got to love’m.

So now I’ve got this d***ken slut wrapped around my waist, it’s funny I’m doing 70 and I can still smell the cigarettes and beer on her. Really what is it about sluts that they have to use quarts of cheap perfume, which just reeks, along with the smell of menthols?

This slut is throwing her hands in the air and screaming Yaw Hoo! as loud as she could, I guess she’s not been on a rat bike before, or it’s been a while since her last good d***k.

Go ahead have your fun soon I’ll be having mine.

After about 30 minutes we’re at my stays, rolling down the drive, I stopped, kicked the stand down and dropped the bike to the side, now, get this and I k** you not, the bitch fell off the god damn bike! Just fell right off, I guess all that liquor caught up to her. So there she was, d***k on her ass laying in my drive and laughing like it’s just the thing you do to get off a bike.

Looking back to my bike I noticed that the bitch seat was wet. Looking at this cunt laughing on the ground her god damn crotch was soaked.

Did you piss yourself on my bike?

No that machine is like a big vibrator I loved it, I fuck’n loved it; she squeals and starts rubbing her cunt through her jeans. Now that’s something I've never seen before, a chick cumming on a hard tailed bike bitch seat.

Shit man; I’m going too need to clean that god damn seat before it starts’ to draw flies it was that fuck’n soaked.

Putting my hand out to her, she grabbed ahold and I lifted her to her unsteady feet and half dragged her half carried her into my crash pad. No more than getting her in the door she falls down on her hands and knees to steady herself like she was going to fall off the world if she didn’t get a good hold. Slowly she looks up at me with one devil of a wicked smile, grunts out I got my ride so now it’s your turn.

Cool, I tell this bitch come here and suck this thing, so I grab a kitchen chair and sit down and pull my cock out and lay it on my thigh. She starts to crawl across the floor lick’n her lips heading for my cock, now get this scene in your head I’m setting in a chair pants around my ankles’ and this d***k slut is crawling across the floor on her hands and knees towards me growling and licking her lips. Now if that don’t make your cock twitch you’re fuck’n dead.

When she gets to me the first thing she does is start licking my knees then my thighs towards my cock, but she goes right past my cock to my balls tonguing them, putting her hands on my knees she pushes them apart as far as I’d let her. Then her hand is on my chest pushing me back as I lean back her tongue moves from my balls to my corn hole, damn; her tongue is working my ass from my hole to my balls her tongue is work’n it good. Soon she just focused on my asshole tonguing around and around it trying to relax my ass so she can work her tongue in there, fuck it was good, hell; her mouth was good, she was good, it was good.

Now my cock is standing up, it’s starting to throb so I start work’n it in my hand up and down as that mouth of hers is still work’n my ass. I can’t take any more so I grab her hair and pull her mouth to my cock and pushed it in slowly, with my hand in her hair I pushed her all the way down, down the shaft, all the way down her throat, till her nose is buried in my pubes. I start to feel her gag, gag and choke, feeling her throat flex around the head of my cock. She’s trying to pull back but I just hold her there, till I’ve had enough.

So this bitch grabs my balls and squeezes them hard, I let her up she gags some more then gets some air into her lungs, now that she got a breath, down I push her again balls deep. Soon she’s squeezing my balls so I let her up, this is the game we play. I gag her she squeezes my balls. I gag her she squeezes my balls. I gag her she squeezes my balls. Over and over we do this.

Pulling her up by the hair I grab her shirt and jerk it open, shoving in down to her waist, I grab her tits and pulled them out of her cups, fuck shes got some nice tits firm and bouncy. Taken them in my hands I pull them up to my cock and start rubbing them with it. Looking at her I can’t think of anything sexier than a woman with mascara smeared on her face and spit and slobber on her mouth with a cock between her tits with the look of she’s fucked and just expecting more of the same. Holding her nipples between my thumb and fingers pulling them tight I wrapped her tits around my cock and started to bounce my cock off her chin.

Now the pained look on her face was a priceless moment.

Grabbing her hair again as I stood, I dragged her over to my sofa, pulling her to her feet I undid her pants and shoved them to the ground along with her thong, wow! A slut and her thong are soon parted, funny.

Slamming her down on the sofa I pulled her legs up and apart, as far apart as I could get them. Hell; that cunt was wet, fuck’n wet from her navel to almost her knees looks like shes a squirter.

Leaning over to her tits, I started to give them little bites on the bottoms of her hanging fun bags. Working my way to her nipples biting as I went soon I was suck’n on those hard treats. After working her tits for a bit she starts to grind her cunt against my belly, fuck; it was warm and wet.

Moving down her body to her cunt, I start to smell her cunt, it had the smell of piss. Holding her legs open I looked at her cunt for a bit before moving my mouth down to it. That cunt was red and swollen, her lips were wet and slick looking, because I was holding her legs spread she was gaped open giving me a good whiff of that hole. It smelled like it was ready to be used, if not used up.

Letting go of one of her legs I put 2 fingers into the cunt as I started to mouth her hard clit. Pushing her clit hood back with my lips I bit down on her clit with my teeth, she jerked her legs tight around my head and grabbed at my hair as I started to, to work that clit. Squeezing down hard with my teeth then letting go as my fingers worked her lips and searched for her g-spot. Soon this bitch was getting me wet not pissing herself but actually cumming and her cum was gushing out, wild.

Working her cunt till my jaws were sore I figured it was time to fuck that cunt pushing her legs open again, I lined my cock up and shoved it in, fuck; she was wet and sloppy and somewhat loose. Letting go of her legs I grabbed her tits and started to paw and knead them as hard as I could while I slipped in and out of that loose sloppy cunt. Soon I decided that her used loose cunt was not going to cut it, I pull out and lined up with her shitter, work’n it around till I found the ass knot I started to push in. I was so wet with her stuff I slipped right in. After a couple of strokes to get it worked loose I start to grind that ass.

Work’n her turd shoot for a bit I pulled out and stood up and grabbed her hair and pulled her to my cock but she would not open her mouth, so I slapped her face with my cock. Wap, wap, wap, wet sticky cock right on her face. She opened her mouth to protest, when she did pop right in I went all the way, I had my balls bouncing of her chin, gaging her in the process.

After a bit I told her to get up on her knees and lean over the back of the sofa I was going to fuck her ass some more, she did as she was told and soon I was balls deep in that loose cunt. Spank’n her ass as I slammed my cock in to her cunt over and over as my balls hit’n her clit, she reached back and grabbed my balls and started to knead them as my cock work her wet cunt soon she got wetter and a little tighter. Then a little more wetter and a bit tighter, the combination of her cumming and squeezing my balls I needed to cum.

Hooking my arm under her waist I flipped her over and started to jerk my cock at her face, as the first drop cum out her mouth shot open a caught as much as she could.

She has my cum on her face and tits, but enough landed in her mouth that she is rolling it around on her tongue and gargling it blowing bubbles.

d***ken sluts, man u just got to love’m.

Wiping my cock on her face, I tell her I’m going to bed and to find her own way home.

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