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Step Jack Daddy: Part 4

Me and My Step Daddy Jack: Part 4, The office party

My step dad Jack and I, We'd fucked a lot, A lot seemed a little compared to how much Jack was fucking me day and night when ever he was free.. Tonight was his company's party. He dressed me like his little cumslut for the party, I knew I'd have all eyes on me because of what I was wearing for tonights party.

[wore this dress with black pumps]

He didn't let me cum all day today while he teased and fingered me, this was getting me even more horny and frustrated, Said he was saving me for the party tonight, I assumed he was trying to show me off to his partners. We reached the office's conference room which was now set up for the party at sharp 7pm.. When we reached there the notice board read,
Conference Room: Declaration of the promotion for Senior Partner
Time: 8:30pm
I exactly knew why Jack had dressed me up for tonight and why exactly had be brought me here this early. We walked into the room, Only to find 2 of Jack's senior partners waiting for us.
"Ah, There he is," One of the men exclaimed when we walked inside. The 2 of them looked like they must be around 40-42 years old. Jack greeted both of them and introduced me to them as his step daughter Ashley, He told me their names were Nathan and Tom. They both greeted me with a kiss on my lips.. "Its great to finally meet you Ashley" Nathan said.. "Jack keeps telling us how wonderful you are.. Well indeed you are" He then looks at Jack and winks "I can totally understand why you always reach the office late now" and the 3 of them giggle.. "You seem wonderful Ashley" Tom said and then told Jack that the deal was on while he eyed me. Jack took me to the side to give me instructions about tonight "Ashley, those are my senior bosses, If they are pleased with you.. I get a promotion tonight so you have to spend at least an hour with each of them tonight,or jointly 2 hours if they wish for that" he told me and also told me to put by best foot forward and do as and what they may for the next 2 hours, I was shocked.. He was now using me for his job and letting his bosses use me for his betterment! "And why would I fuck those two? I dont even know them and I'm already fucking you keeping up with my end of the bargain." I exclaimed "Well for starters, My deal said I'd share you with who I wish and secondly they are going to pay you a lot for tonight and should keep showering you wish presents after tonight if you put up a great show. So go on with them and DO AS THEY WISH" Jack's voice raised, I got a bit scared and agreed.. I walked up to Nathan and Tom.. "So who's first or are you both going to bang we well together." I asked as I bit my lip and winked at them. "We both do you for 40mins each and then the share you for half an hour and 10mins to tidy up and we hit back this party at 9pm with a late entrance." Nathan told me and then held his hand forward, Meaning he was going to ride me first and took me into the office and opened a room which looked like a store room but it was a normal room and had a comfy looking couch inside, Ah.. So this is where the bosses fucked every sexys staff member I tough to my self and walked in behind him. Nathan locked the door behind him and sat on the couch "Let's see what you got that Jack keeps boasting about" He said with a wink and I slowly removed my dress and he was happy to discover no thongs or bra underneath my dress.. "Like what you see Nathan?" I winked at him and slowly came and sat on his lap and started to rub my pussy on his crouch and began to make moaning noises which instantly got him hard, I then undid his tie and removed his shirt, then undid his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled down his jeans and his underpants and spread his legs and went down on my knees and started to stroke his cock with my hands, Soon I began to kiss and lick his very this and long throbbing hard dick and started to play with his balls with my free hands, In no time I was sucking him fast.. His hands reached my head and he was now deep throating me, I could taste pre cum in my mouth and began blow his faster and harder.. In no time, Nathan was shooting loads down my throat he was moaning and panting now "Ashley, that was one of the most amazing blowjobs anyone has every given me here" he then pulled me up and sat me on the couch and began kissing me deep and his free hands moved to press my bare exposed breasts, He was enjoying squeezing them hard, His kisses travelled down my lips to my neck to my boobs where he stopped to suck and nibble on them.. Nathan then travelled down to my belly then he spread my legs and began to kiss my pussy, he then started playing with my clit and starting eating it, in no time his tongue was down my vagina hole and his fingers on my Gspot, I was going to max out by how well he was eating my pussy, All I could moan was "Yes, Nathan just like that, ah haa, yesss.. yesss.. omgosh" and in no time he had me cumming and he drank every bit of my juices, He then came back up and adjusted me so that his dick could smoothly slide into my pussy without any problem as I was very very wet.
He was teasing me with his cock and then suddenly rammed it inside me, "OUCH!!" I gasped and moaned with pleasure, He then started thrusting his cock in and out of me for a long time until we both were about the climax, Along side he kept kissing me and nibbling on my boobs and sucking them, We both them came, He came on my pussy and stomach. His 40 minutes were up,

It was now Tom's turn.. The same procedure was repeated until Tom's 40minutes were over then Nathan came back in.. Tom had come all over my face and boobs, Before Nathan came back.. Tom asked me to rins off my body as there was cum and my juices all over..

Now it was Tom and Nathan, 2 cocks 1 pussy 1 mouth 1 ass,
They both were sucking on my boobs while I was shagging them off.. They then came in my mouth while I deep throated each of them.. I was then made to ride each of their cocks with my pussy.. Tom was not as thick as Nathan, but he was surely as long as him.. Both were around 8.5" and Nathan was very thick. Both kept ramming their cocks in and out of my pussy.. Now Tom rubbed some of my juices on my ass hole and I could slowly feel him try to slide his cock inside me, My ass was too tight, But soon he rammed the whole thing inside me with one go.. I yelped, Boy did it hurt really bad. I was feeling very sore, Nathan in my pussy, Tom in my ass, Both were moaning my name while I just kept begging for more and more.. They soon switched places and it was harder for Nathan to fit inside my ass now.. He tried and slowly fitted the whole thing inside. fuckkk it hurt to fucking badly.. "Oh my, Nathann.. Ouch..." was all I could yell out.. Now then both were rough and on fire and were banging me like there was no tomorrow... Soon Tom pulled out and came all over my tummy but Nathan stayed in and squirted thick hot cum inside my ass... Both the guys kissed me deep and we washed up.. Told me that I was wonderful and I could come visit Jack and them anytime I wanted in the near future

It was 9pm.. We walked into the party.. I went by Jack's side and gave his a kiss on his cheeks and he squeezed my ass hard and said "Thank you hun, You will be rewarded later tonight.. then from monday.. Your school starts.. That should be interesting"

During the party, Nathan and Tom announced Jack as the new senior partner.. A lot during the party I had them groap me in the corners.. Some of my dad's friends at the firm too pressed my boobs and bum when they came over to congratulate my dad.. Maybe Jack really did talk a lot about me here.. I was really famous here.. One of his friends even asked me to come over to his house when Jack was busy and He said he'd have a word with Jack about it, I loved being the center of attention and have everyone's eyes on me.. with the lust of bending me over right now and fucking my brains on the desk any moment in them.

One of Jack's friend Louis, asked Jack for permission and took my into the mens bathroom and fingered me until I had juices flowing down my thighs, He then nibbled on my boobs for a bit longer.. He then thanked me and Jack and we enjoyed the rest of the party with cocktails, dinner and some yummy dessert which I later licked off Jack's dick in the mens room...

Part 5 coming up next :)

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