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Road To The World Title Prologue

It was always a fetish of mine. I love female wrestling since 2005. I have had fantasies about being in the ring against females for awhile. So when Vanessa has been in an adult league I was intrigued to learn more. I am 19 years old and a current college student studying in the general studies program. Vanessa is the same age as me she is 5'3" tall, has 42DD sized breasts, her black hair down to her shoulders, and wearing a black one piece top, a skirt along with calf high boots.

She started to talk about this new found league.
"I couldn't believe it when someone told me, Babe" Vanessa said to me and then spoke again.

"I've always wanted to step into the ring with women and men who were into the same thing that I’m into. But this is intense". She told me as we were chatting near her hotel room since we dated for a few weeks already

"What exactly are you talking about Babe? Is it just wrestling with men and women?" I asked.

"No, it's different. I mean it’s really different." Vanessa said with a smile. "It's sex-wrestling".

My jaw dropped when those words left her lips. "Sex-Wrestling?" I stammered. "What the hell does that actually mean?"

"It means exactly what you think it means. It is male vs. female, male vs. male, and some mix tag team matches with other male/female combo’s and There is a ring, referee, wrestling, a belt and sex. It's like your biggest fantasy come true." Vanessa grinned. "Maybe I need to just bring you to show you what it entails."

My head was still spinning. Vanessa had to be pulling my leg on this whole sex-wrestling experience. We hopped into her car. We live just outside a major city, but instead of heading into the city, we were driving away from it. After about thirty three minutes in the car, Vanessa took a right down a long dirt road. We pulled up to a building that could only be described as what looked like an old center. There was a bouncer at the door and after he checked my license and we paid the cover, we walked down a long dark hall way. You could see rooms full of gym equipment. Finally we saw a light at the end of the hallway. We walked through the door and it hit me like a ton of bricks. "Oh my god" I stuttered. Vanessa looked at me, knowing that I was in heaven. There were about 50 to 60 people in the stands, which were mainly folding chairs. Then there was an actual wrestling ring. It was a Blue mat, blue ropes, and red turnbuckles. A man and women in masks were struggling on the mat. Vanessa started to explain what we were watching as I tried to take it all in. "It's like an underground gambling circle." Vanessa pointed over to a small booth in the corner. "That's where these people place their bets on who will win." I noticed two banners hanging over the booth, one with a list of male wrestlers and one with a list of female wrestlers.

"How do you win or lose here?" I asked my girlfriend.

"It's pretty standard. You apply to basic wrestling rules. Each match is best two out of three falls. You have to win one fall by pin or submission. The other fall you must bring your opponent to orgasm." Vanessa said with a smirk.

''So how do I get involved in this?" I had been dying to ask this question the entire time. This was like a dream come true for me. I always wanted to step into the ring with a sexy woman or a men and with the sex aspect added in I was in heaven.

Vanessa pointed to a female who was about forty years old, a height of 5’9, weighing in at 130 pounds, had red hair, she was very Toned and a built of a true athlete but she’s the boss and has D-sized breasts and has four stars on her lower back, morning glory vine on right side from ankle to armpit, had two piercings on her bellybutton and on her ears wearing a business suit and her name was Samantha Cruz

We waited until they had finished their conversation and walked over towards Ms. Cruz Vanessa extended her hand as Ms. Cruz had her world title belt.

"Ms. Cruz good to see you tonight. I wanted to introduce someone to you. This is Richard my boyfriend, the guy I was telling you about."

Ms. Cruz studied me. Walked around me, probably trying to gauge how athletic I was. She spoke softly but firm, "Weight?"

‘’125 Pounds Ms. Cruz’’ I responded

"Dick size?" he asked with the casualness of talking if you think it is going to rain tomorrow.

Ś inches" I stuttered for a moment. Ms. Cruz immediately made eye contact. I was caught off guard because I had never had a woman ask me the size of my dick.

Ms. Cruz took out a little notebook and scribbled some words on a piece of paper. "Go here. It's a clinic that will give you an STD check. There is no cost. Be here at 5:30 tomorrow night to begin training." And with those words, Ms. Cruz pushed open a door and walked out.

The Following Day A little bit after 4:30 I jumped into my car and drove to the center from the night before. I'm was glad I left early because I hit a little bit of rush hour traffic and made it almost exactly at 5:30. I walked into the building just like I had the night before, but something was different. Quiet. Creepy quiet. I noticed a light on in one of the back rooms. I knocked on the door. "Come in" came a woman's voice. I opened the door to find a big deserted room with only an old wrestling ring. Ms. Cruz sat need the ring. "Good, you are on time. I absolutely hate when the new guys are late. First, strip." She said with little emotion. I got to admit I was extremely nervous. Ms. Cruz spoke again in her emotionless tone, "Now get use to being naked around here. No reason to be bashful. First, have a seat." She pointed to a chair next to her. "Let's start with the rules." For some reason this shocked me. Couldn't I have my clothes on if we were just going over the rules of the match? I guess there was a little part of me that expected to get laid right then and there. I f***ed these thoughts out of my head and focused on Ms. Cruz.

"Basic wrestling rules apply. There are no closed fists at any time. No attack to sexual organs. So don't worry, a girl isn't going to kick you in your nuts. You must win a two of three falls. One fall has to be by pin or submission. Pin is 3 count for female pinning male and 5 count for male pinning female and male pinning male 3 count also and female pinning female 5 count as well. Submission can be verbal or by tapping the mat repeatedly very quickly. The second fall must be won by forcing an orgasm out of the opposite or same sex. It is always the ref's decision whether or not a wrestler has been brought to orgasm. Do you have any questions so far?" Ms. Cruz looked at me directly in the eye.

"Not yet" I said softly.

For the next 30 minutes I was taught the rules of Sex-Wrestling. I kept in mind that there was no jumping off the turnbuckles. Break for the ropes, but a sex attack could continue even if you have the ropes. It did not matter the order of the wins as long as you won a fall each way. There was a two minute break after ever victory.

Then Ms. Cruz sparked my interested even greater, "To win the sex league world title, you must take it away from the opposite sex. Right now, a woman currently is the champ, so that should give you a reason to train hard."

After the rules session with Ms. Cruz, I thought it was finally time to start working in the ring. Ms. Cruz stood up and walked behind me. She took a blind fold out and tied it around my eyes. "Don't move" She whispered in my ear.

Blinded and naked I sat there for a few minutes. When I suddenly felt two hands part my legs. My dick immediately sprung to lift as a soft hand gripped it firmly. I moaned softly as I felt Ms. Cruz lower her mouth on the head of my dick. She was a pro as her left hand cupped my balls and her right hand began to stroke my dick. Her tongue swirled the head of my dick slowly. My dick got even harder as her tongue teased the head of my dick. She pulled her lips off my dick with a small pop before engulfing my entire shaft down her throat. I grunted loudly. I have never woman deep throat my dick. I moan as she ran her tongue up my shaft and back down to the base. She hand work my balls constantly. I could feel them starting to tighten. Unexpectedly it all stopped. My breathing had gotten heavily, but I felt that I was in control of my dick. Without warning I felt soft flesh wrap around my dick and squeeze it tightly. I gasped as I realized that Ms. Cruz was tit-fucking my dick. The head immediately popped back into her mouth. It was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. I moaned out, trying to hold out longer. But Ms. Cruz had other plans. She started to stroke my dick off as fast as she could, sucking on the head. I couldn't take it anymore. My whole body lurched as I came hard in Ms. Cruz’s mouth. It had to be one of my best orgasms I've ever had and it was my first with a boss. I felt Ms. Cruz stood up. "Don't remove your blindfold just yet."

I sat there panting slowly, trying to regain my focus from the ball draining blowjob I had just received. "You may take it off now." Ms. Cruz said. I removed my blindfold to only notice that she was dressed in her business suit. "You are going to want to work on your stamina, if you want to have a shot at the title." She said with a smirk. "Now, get into the ring and wait." That was the last I heard or saw Ms. Cruz as she turned and walked out the door.

I climbed slowly in the ring alone. I looked around waiting for someone else to come in. I waited a few minutes and decided that it was best to start stretching. Still no one. I did some push up and bounced off the ropes a few times. After about 20 minutes, the door opened again.

He had to be about 2 inches taller than me with golden blonde hair. "I'm Johnny, I'll be you trainer over the next two weeks. You need to learn how to fall properly, how to attack using the ring and how to win here." Johnny looked at me, "Oh and Ms. Cruz wanted me to let you know, you're scheduled for a match in two Saturdays." For the next two hours, Johnny taught me everything he knew about the wrestling business. We started by taking bumps on the mat. Then moved onto what it is like to be slammed on the mat. Johnny reassured me that there were women strong enough to lift me and slam me down. By the end of the second hour, I was spent. "We will end today on this Richard. Be care on the situations you get yourself into. These women can turn it around on you in a heartbeat." I nodded softly. "Johnny, were you part of the league ever?" This question had been burning inside me ever since we had started training.

Johnny looked at me, "Yes and retired because of my age and injuries, but hearing about my experiences is for another time and place. Go home and get some rest. I'll see you tomorrow." And with that Johnny climbed out the ring and walked out. I grabbed my clothes and dressed and headed home. I looked at my calendar and circled the Saturday when I would have my first match and it was against a woman named Monica and I hope I do win my first match.

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