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Aunt submits part 4

Be sure to read these in order or they wont be as good or sensible all true stories enjoy.... Gawd Joan you really gave it to me that time,her butt gas smelled like shit but tasted sweet like cotton candy.She pulled her niteshirt back down and sat back down blushing as red as a beet.Oh David she said that was over the top Im so embarrassed I dont know how it happened so spontaneous....sorry. Its Ok Joan you know I luved it but dont feel you have to do anything your not comfortable with OK? I understand she replied.I guess i got carried away for a second.Possibly I said but dont feel bad or guilty I enjoyed it no harm no foul. She replied well Ive learned a lot about you and my dear neice these last few days guess Im just trying to digest it all.No pun intended she chuckled... We finished our second cup of joe and chatted about nothing for awhile longer.Aunt Joan stood up and told me I need the bathroom now shall I leave it unflushed for you today David? If you feel Ok with that I told her yes its up to you.She replied feels kind strange but Im OK with it now that I know your wife is Ok with it.She stood up spreading her ample thighs and I got a good look at her sparsly haired bush and a good look at her slit.Give me a few minutes dave then you can have the bathroom.She trotted down the hall and into the bathroom closing the door but not tightly as she always had before.I thought to myself by months end she will be using the john with the door wide open as my wife and I always did before she moved in.This is easier than I thought it would be.In fact I figured nothing like this could happen but am enjoying it all the same. She emerged about 5 mins later and said its all your,s dave enjoy...Then went to her room and closed the door.I got up and went into the bathroom the stool lid was closed but I knew it was shitty because the bathroom was ripe with fumes.My cock sprang up and I started stroking it gently making myself wait before opening the lid to see joans treasure.After a few mins. I knelt before the pot opened the lid and saw 3 nice brown logs floating above some runny pudding and some stained paper.I pulled one of the logs out carefully as to not break it and inhaled its fragrant earthy scent.Joan your shit is devine I thought to myself I bit off a inch and slowly chewed it up and swallowed.Ummm We have a plastic bowl in the cabnet and I got it out and deposited the rest in the bowl,I want to save this for later my wife will enjoy this too.I snapped the lid on and washed my hands My cock was begging for a cumm I decided to put the bowl in our bedroom and finish jacking in there .I walked past Joans room and could hear muffled sounds her door being closed tight It sounded like she was crying.Joan are you OK I asked?no answer I knocked on her door and asked again Joan are you OK? Still no reply I turned the doorknob and gently opened her door and peered through the slight crack.Joan was on her back sliding a vibrator in her pussy and moaning softly.I gently closed the door and went into our room.I pulled my shorts off layed back and opened the bowl up and started jacking off with Joans waste inches from my nose.In seconds my cumm was spurting like a fountain all over my belly and chest............Part 5 soon

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