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My parents were going out for the evening and I had my best friend Holly spending the night over. We were not alone, my big b*****r Nick was there. Holly had a little crush on him and stole glances at him whenever she could and blushed when she got caught.
"I wish Nick was my b*****r," Holly said once. "You're so lucky to have such a hot b*****r."
I think it was Holly who planted that little seed in my mind. Before Holly's lusting remarks I did consider Nick in any other way but as a b*****r.
"Have you ever seen his---you know--his thing?" she asked not too long ago.
We were both still virgins. I had a brief experience when I was ten during a f****y getogether and involved a slightly older cousin in attendence. We slipped away from the party and into his treehouse. We both got undressed and he sodomized me. I sore for few days after the incident.
Holly snd I started to take out sexual frustration out on one nother and made out in my bedroom. It really involved nothing more thsn kissing and fondling one another's breasts. Holly had nicer breasts than mine. I was a bit on the flat chested side. I was alittle jealous. I liked rubbing her tits in my hands--thry were so soft and I pinched the hard nipples gently between my fingers. She did likewise, but we never went further.
That night our combined attention was on my b*****r Nick. We were wild with fantasies when he went into the bathroom to shower. How I wished we had doors with keyholes. He came about a half hour later wrapped in a cloth. We was wet and looked beautiful.
"I dare you to do it," Holly goaded me all during that period while Nick was showering."I dare you to pull his towel off."
I waited like a predator for its prey. When he finally came out I started walking by him and pretended to trip, reaching out and clutching the towel. It fell away easily and we were treated his total naked body. We expected the moment to be fleeting as he would quickly grab the towel to cover himself, but he didn't. He just stood there with his hands on his hips, a playful smile on his lips.
"Do you like what you see, girls?" he asked.
Holly gawked at the size of Nick's penis. She had only seen photographs up to this point in her life so this was quite a revalation. Once she realized that she was staring this way she blushed and looked away.
Nick picked picked up the towel but did not wrap it arounf his waist but just tossed it over his shoulder as he walked toward his room.
We both drank in the sight of his beautiful ass before retreating into my room and falling onto the bed together.
Later that night we were all watching television in the living room together but found nothing of sny interest when Nick said:
"Have you ever played truth or dare?"
"Of course we have," Holly said.
"You want to play?" he asked.
We both agreed and the questions started more rather innocently, but soon became more and more overtly sexual. One "dare" involved Holly and I to make for three minutes. We had to make it convincing. This not a hard feat. Holly and I were a little timid at first. It was the first time we had done this front of anyone, but it got easy and soon our shirts were off and we were reclined on the sofa fondling one another's breasts. I think Nick let us go beyond the three minutes but we forgave him.
One of Nick's "dares" was to play with himself. He was not at all shy and pushed down his sweat pants and began slowly rubbing his cock into a full erection. We watched intently as he pumped faster and faster.
"Take off all your clothes," he said to both of us.
We quickly stripped off our pants and panties and opened our legs wide for him. Now he was looking intently at us. He slowed his strokes so not to come too soon. He beckoned us over. He had us suck his cock. We were inexperienced but Nick instructed us. We took turns sucking his prick. While Holly sucked the tip, I gently fondled his balls.
"Oh, shit, I'm coming!" Nick cried out.
We watched this stream of white jizz jet out from the tip--several before it just trickled out. He was not finished he got behind us and licked our pussies with a wildly flicking tongue until we each had an orgasm---our viginity still in tact.
It was a lovely evening with more to follow we hoped.

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