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MILF s****r in law offered herself to young man

MILF s****r in law offered herself to young man
Note : This story is completely fictional!

My very hot s****r in law Suzaine came to live with us for 4 weeks as she review for the state nursing board

exams. She graduated long time ago but didn"t take the exams since she became a plain housewife. My

wife and I are both 22 and she was pregnant with our first.

We just married couple of months ago and though she is only 4 months into pregnancy she had been

refusing sex with me already and I was begging her for hand job but she refused either. She never did me

a blow job as well.

Suzaine is 31 and 9 yrs older than us but she was well maintained and looks as if she was just a year or 2

older than my wife Sheri. She only had one daughter because she was concerned as from the beginning

her marriage with Sean was troubled.

Suzaine like my wife is half Korean half white, she had straight black hair, around 5ŗ", slim built and her

body was so gorgeous with all the right curves in the right angle, her face is super beautiful with her thin red

lips and her tits are prefect round with sharp erect pink nipples and just the right size proportionate to her

extra ordinary physical figure. Her thighs, her legs were so gorgeous and her skin is so soft and smooth

and her complexion was creamy pinkish white. She was the prettiest among the 5 s****rs.

I had a huge crush on Suzaine even back in high school when I was dating Sheri, but Suzaine is 9 yrs older

than me and Sheri, so I just settled with her younger s****r. She is kind and of a nice warm personality and

very helpful and accommodating. She had been the object of my obsession. I can"t believe I started using

my own hands again wanking off on her this time.

When she is home she wears sleeveless white undershirt with no bra underneath and a short pair of

shorts. She caught me several times looking at her and even trying to take a glimpse of her tits when she

stoop down, she would just smile or giggle.

I work nights and my wife days so mostly in the day time when Suzaine isn"t in the review class we were

alone and we talked a lot. She was asking about why are we quarreling a lot and at first I was

embarrassed but then I told her it was about Sheri refusing sex with me and usually the quarrel escalates

to many other issues.

She opened up with me too and started telling me about how Sean verbally abused her and make her

account for every penny spent and then she told me that he had f***ed her to do blow job and if she

refused or don"t do it right he got very mad and they did all sexual perverted acts from titty fuck to making it

out in the kitchen, in the couch in the car and in the garage. I was having a hard on listening to her. Then

she got very serious and made me promise not to tell anyone. She was teary eyed and told me that Sean

has gone too far and had f***ed her to have sex with his best friend while he watch to fulfill his fantasy.

When she refused he got so mad and quarreled with her everyday until she agreed just to get it over with.

Sean had become too much for her so she separated from him. For months now they are not talking and

they sl**p on separate bedrooms. Her daughter is cared by her mother in law. They agreed to file for

divorce when she can get a license to work as a nurse.

I have always been horny and this time I was no longer satisfied with using my hands and wanking off on

Suzaine. Sheri refused sex with me and I was so irritable. One night I went out angry after shouting it out

with Sheri. As I walked out the door Suzaine told me softly to come down and talk to her the next day when

I"m sober and she will try to help solve our troubles.

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I went drinking with a buddy that night and overslept in his house so I called off from work. I got home after

Sheri left, I took a shower and was refresh and felt better. I remember what Suzaine said so I knocked on

her room anticipating of more sex talk from her that could make me horny again. She opened the door and

she was wearing her bath robe as she just came out of the shower and ready to go to her class.

She told me to come in and close the door. She face me and I saw how beautiful she is and her chest was

open I was salivating looking at her nice cleavage from her very firm boobs that form so well even without a


"John let"s go directly to the point and let me be frank, I know you"ve been wanting to do me". I was gulping

and couldn"t say a word. "I can see that you and Sheri love each other but you are just obsessed with me

because you have not tasted me". I was just so aroused at that point.

"John you need a good fuck" "My husband is a jerk and I had sex with his friend, so I wouldn"t mind giving

myself to you if that will settle your obsession with me and you and my s****r can live normally". I nodded

but still I couldn"t say anything.

She started untying her robe. "John what we are about to do must be kept secret and can not be repeated,

promise me that". I nodded again. She dropped her robe and in front of me is the most wonderful tits of the

most beautiful gorgeous lady standing naked except for her panties.

I immediately stripped to my briefs and I jumped on her, french kissing her lips and sucking her tongue as

my hands ran around the soft skin in her back and found their way to her boobs. I squeeze and fondled her

breast and pinch her nipple and then I ran my tongue on her ears and neck down to her chest and I

stopped to take a good look at her very firm round boobs that are just perfect in size proportionate to her

gorgeous body and her hard erect sharp pink nipples. "Go on John, do whatever you want to do with me,

suck my nipples John". I continued to devour her and took her nipple and as much boobs as my mouth

could eat and I sucked her intensely. She stroke my hair with her hands as she looked at me with some

intensity in his eyes, she must have felt horny too. "You are like a baby sucking on my breast John" she

said as she give a little shy smile. I couldn"t get enough of her I licked her all over her body fondled her

breast and tickle her nipple with my tongue and suck her tits again. I was like a hungry dog that finally got

some food. We were exchanging saliva and sweat.

Then she knelt down in front of me and told me to sit down in bed. She pulled my brief down and my rock

hard dick jumped out to a firm stand. She held it and shove it in her mouth, I felt the warmth of her lips and

her mouth as my cock slowly and gently got inside her. Her hands were gripping my thighs and she started

sucking my dick. I was looking at her most beautiful face and I can"t believe the object of my obsession is

now in front of me sucking my dick. I was trying to prolong it as much as I can hold. I got a grip on her hair

while I looked at her sucking my dick. Finally my body just trembled like a machine and I felt like my veins

are bursting, I couldn"t hold it no longer and just in time she pulled her mouth off and I sprayed my cum into

her face and tits, a huge load of about 6 spurts was sprayed into her.

I collapsed on my back and felt exhausted while Suzaine got paper towels and wiped off herself and then

she wiped off my dick. My cock sprang into erection again. "Are you through John or you want some more"

I didn"t answer and I immediately grabbed her and pulled her in bed with me. We started french kissing

again. This time I was on top of her and I pulled down her panties. Her thighs and legs are so gorgeous

and soft. The hair in her pussy was well arranged as if they were intentionally comb though those were

naturals. I looked at her entire body and she is so different from Sheri, Suzaine is really a trophy to the guys

who had fucked her.

I inserted my dick on her pussy and what nice a warm slippery feeling as I gradually went deeper into her.

Then I started pumping her as hard as I can. I can see that she was turned on too and she was moaning,

her body arched sometimes and her face was very intense. She then said that she is almost there and I

tried to hold mine to go together with her. Finally she trembled and in a second I followed and we cum

together, our body shaking uncontrollably, she had not been fucked for months now and we both were so

climatically high. We collapsed in bed and for a minute just laid down there in exhaustion.

She softly whispered to me. "John, Sheri is my s****r, we can not do this again, please be nice to her". I

just nodded. She stood up and cleaned up herself and I followed. We had breakfast and never talk about

what we just did.

That happened some 3 yrs ago. Now Suzaine is 34, had divorced Sean but eventually reconciled with him

for the sake of their daughter. Sean had changed too and become nice and caring with Suzaine and their

daughter. It just felt a little odd sometimes when the f****y gathers and Suzaine and me would met our

eyes knowing that we had a secret that nobody knows.

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