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Quick Drive

just want you to start thinking about what I would do if I were in the passenger seat and we were stuck in traffic...I would slowly extend my seat belt and after whispering in your ear in french about how wonderfully gorgeous your wet sticky pussy is...I would slowly start massaging your breasts and thighs, then I would slowly trace my fingers up your inner thigh...while my hand would quietly either untuck your top or find its way up the already unloosed material, and then slowly walk up finger by finger to the small of your back and up to your clasped bra where (with one finger) I’d unclasp it and work my hand around to the front and begin gently massaging the outer portion of your right breast while my right hand would move inside your skirt and slowly trace over your wet panties...over those wonderful lips...and then trace with a delicate touch faster and faster, still remaining light on your smooth ever-wetter skin and then my right hand (dominating your pussy) would move up to your beautiful bud...and lightly tap it and slowly begin moving up your juices from below to soak it in your wonderful wetness and my left hand would begin moving about your nipple...lightly pinching it, though not your nipple...just around the nipple, slowly working you harder and more erect...then with your wonderful right breast fully erect...and people looking over at us (which I would ignore) I would move that hand under your top to your left breast, take your bra completely out from under your top and toss it in the back seat then move my left hand back to your left breast and lightly tap your left nipple...then at the same time, I would move my right hand underneath your now completely soaked bud and delicately and lazily play with it, with one finger...with two...letting it grow harder and harder while my pinky finger would slowly, almost imperceptibly, enter your pussy and then, my right hand pinky finger would begin lightly moving up and down scratching at your inner pussy moving in and out and much as the distance from my right and middle forefinger (squeezing your bud) would allow left hand would work from gently tapping and exploring your nipple and areola back out to my own jeans.
There I would whip out my cock and squeeze my shaft at its base, move my left hand hard up against it through to my cockhead and get out as much precum as I could. Then I would lower your top or unbutton it sufficiently to wet your sweet left nipple with my transparent wet, sticky precum meanwhile, my right hand would begin working your bud and pussy faster and harder...and I would then lean over and begin sucking your ear lobe...then breathing my warm moist breathe into your right ear...and then begin lightly caressing and nipping at your neck. With my left hand began gently squeezing your breast I'm caressing your neck, my left hand pinching your nipple and aerola as my right moves away from your hard clit and begins moving toward your pussy...lightly tapping against it with four fingers and I begin moving my caresses down your neck and to your uncovered right nipple. There, I slowly take the tip of my tongue and with it lovingly trace a circle around your nipple, just on the border of your aerola...then I begin taking the juice from my right hand tapping over your wet pussy and applying it to my lips like chapstick. With your wetness applied to my soft lips I begin gently kissing your right breast while massaging and fondling harder your left breast. I'll continue caressing your left breast with my pussy-juice soaked lips...while my fingers slowly move into your hand following...and filling you entirely as I move to the back of your body and find your wrist now entirely up your wonderful wet walls...that squeeze my gentle wrist as my fingertips begin dancing and playing with a mind of their own in your pussy...each finger with its own path moving in unpredictable motion inside you hardening your left nipple…now what would you want to do…

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