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Mutual masturbation in the car

We were driving home from the beach when we were in Florida. I was (as always) horny and since I had shorts (commando) on, I easily slipped my cock out as we were driving over the intercoastal bridge. I started to slowly work it up to a full blown hard-on while telling my wife how hot it would be to masturbate in the car. She was getting wet just looking at me stroke my cock. She pulled down her bikini bottom and started rubbing her pussy. I was really turned on now, my cock was throbbing, it felt like a piece of steel pulsing. we could see the people on the sides of the bridge fishing and walking (I was driving slowly) it was very difficult to concentrate. Especially since she had pulled her top down and let her puppies loose. OMG, I thought I would explode right there but I had to stay hard for the finale., As we approached the end of the bridge there was a traffic circle and there were cars, vans and trucks there. My wife got all hot when she noticed a truck driver looking at her tits. I told her I was going to put on a show for the people. I lifted my ass up off the seat and while driving around this traffic circle I'm stroking my rock-hard cock in plain sight for all to see. She was rubbing her clit so hard and I could hear the sloppy wetness of her pussy when she jammed three fingers in and out of her like a piston for everyone to see. She was moaning so loud and the people actually turned to look as we were driving by. Both of us with our asses up off the seats and jerking off on display. We made eye contact with several people and when another truck driver made his way closer to see, I slowed down and he was looking down from the truck window through the cars sunroof and saw a spectacular sight of my hot blond wife with her 32 DD tits fingering her wet cunt frantically and we both realized this, well thats when she screamed "OH MY GOD, I'M CUMMING SO FUCKING HARD!! YES,YES, YES YYEESSS!!!! we were now aproaching a traffic light and I couldn't hold out anymore, I shot ropes of thick cum onto the dashboard, steering wheel, shifter... what a glorious mess. I then proceeded to run the red light and head for home. We still get all horned up when we talk about that day!!

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