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After the Derby with Mrs Jones.

Well what a day it had been, I had driven us back down and we where on the ferry home to the island, Mrs Smith had not had much chance to talk to me on my own, but hear on the ferry she made her move. As she Followed me to the out side deck I didn’t know how she was going to react so was a bit nervous as she looked at me and then said, “ So you like to fuck mature married Ladies then?” To which I replyed honestly, “ YES!” “I adore Married Ladies and after you friends Husband upset her, I just wanted to comfert her!” “You did more than that, I saw every thing! I saw your cock fucking her!” she continued, “I could even see your seamen running out of her!” I didn’t know what to say and i could feel my face going red as I realised how this must have looked. Then she said something that shocked me even more, “ Next time make sure It’s my pussy that Fucks your young cock!” “ I could do with a good hard fuck like you gave to Mary!” “ I hope you gave her a good hard fuck and made her cum? Not like that wimp of a husband of her’s!” She smiled at me as I realised she didn’t mind. “Mary had only ever fucked her Hubby, she was a virgin on her wedding night and we all knew that wast of space hubby of her’s was having affairs!” she told me, “it’s about time she got another cock to fuck her!” Well the relife that went throu my head was great and as she went to join her friends she looked at me a said again, “ I mean It, next time your going to fuck me!” this 60 something woman had really turned me on, but I was now sure where I was going to spend the night and I could not wait.
As I dropped each lady home as I pulled up at Mrs Smiths, I herd her say to her friend, “Enjoy your self and don’t worry about anything.” She then thanked me for a safe trip and I drove off up to the Big house. Pulling into the drive with Mary Jones in the back I parked the Limo and opened the door to let her out, she throu her arms around my neck, and kissed me hard on the lip’s then taking my hand lead me into her home, I was so impressed with the inside of this house and as she dragged me up the stairs I knew she was not going to messaround with anything she just wanted to fuck my cock and the sooner the better as far as she was concerned. This was going to be a night of raw sex and I could not wait to give this horny Married Lady the fucking of her life. She stood at the end of her bed and as I kissed her she just melted and fell back onto the Marrital Bed, I was going to fuck her where her husband sl**ps with her. As I lifted her skirt and looked at her swollen pussy I could smell the musky aroma from where I had fucked her earlier, she had not put her panties back on after our session earlier so I sucked and licked at her pussy and fingering her to make her squerm as I invaded her diving my tounge into lap at her juices, it was such a turn on to think that she had been sat with her friends with my cum inside her. She could not take much of my attention and was begging me to stop and fuck her as I licked at her starfish and her ass clenched, her leg’s slammed shut around my head. As she shot a jet of cum from her cunt into my face, I had never seen a woman shoot like this before and it was eletric I had a woman that squirts and I was going to enjoy making her do this.
So hear we where about to explore each others sexual pleasure, I just had to fuck her cunt and as she removed her dress and lay back on the middle of the bed in just her Stockings and suspenders I saw her tit’s for the first time, Firm and quite large with red nipples that stood out like cherries as she spred her legs and pulling me ontop I entred her for the second time that day, the penetration was just as tight as I mounted her and we continued where we had left off. My heavy balls coming to rest on her ass cheeks as my knob drilled deep inside her, as her cunt wall muscles where in over drive as they squeezed my shaft and sucking me deeper into her welcoming caven. I was sucking on one nipple and tweeking the other inbetween my thumb and finger as I squeezed her soft breast as I lunged my cock in and out of this Lady, she was so out of my class but there was no way she cared at this point all she wanted was my young bare hard cock to fuck her good and hard, for a woman that had 3 k**s she was very tight and I enjoyed the feeling of penetraiting her willing married cunt. Then she was cumming like a steam train on my cock as I just kept a steady rhythm going and thrust at her making her cum. Shetold me how she had never felt like this with her husband and was telling me how she had never felt like this before with a man, she was on cloud nine as she felt me making her cum like she had never done before, she held onto me tight as orgasam after orgasam hit her body, she flooded the bed with her juices and I just wanted to make her happy then as she kissed me pleading with me to cum inside her again, I relised my young seed up her cunt coating her inner walls with my fresh seaman, she just went into violent spasams as she felt for the first time in her life the pleasure she had never know with her hubby. With him it had never felt like this, she was explaining that they did it just to make a baby when they where married, her husband was not a passionate man and she had no experiance, then she just cuddled up to me with my cock still up inside her and she driffted off to sl**p.
It was some time later we had both drifted off into a dreamy sl**p and waking up I could feel her moving up and down on my cock that was still in her pussy, so I started to pump into her as she lay half asl**p she didn’t realise who was fucking her to start with then she came round and rolling me over onto my back she rode me for the first time, I just looked up at her as her tit’s bounced up and down and she drove her cunt hard onto my cock and f***ed me deeper inside she was learning how to fuck my cock and we screwed each other for a while then, she climbed of me and went off into the onsuit bathroom and ran the shower, I followed her and we got in together washing each other as the hot water hit my back she was soaping her cunt and then my cock. It felt so good and refreshing as we got clean. I walked back into the bedroom with Mary and she pulled back the covers and laid down on the crisp cool white sheets, as I went to suck her nipple and started to go down on her she stopped me. Then to my total surprise, she sucked my knob into her mouth licking and sucking on my cock, she looked at me and then said, “ Am I doing it right? I have never done this before, will you show me what I need to do?” I was shocked as I watch this Lady sucking her first cock, she was doing well and swollowed most of me down her throat, licking down to my balls and caressing my shaft with her tounge. I was getting near to the piont of cumming and stopped her then as she laid on her side I positioned my self behind her and spooning Slipped my cock up her from behind, she was no longer tight and took me with ease I was fucking her again and this time she was fucking me back as she moved with her passion to get more of my cock, I moved her up onto her hands and knees and then slid up her for her first doggy session, she just went wild in this possition and told me I felt even bigger like this, then I showed her more sexual possitions and we continued all night. The only thing she did refuse to let me do was anal telling me, “Your to big to go up my bum, it just would not fit.”
That was the start of a wonderful affair that we had, she bought me many presants and we helped to teach each other a lot about love makeing, I spent many nights in her marrital bed, when her husbahd was away and she took me out many places useing me like an e****t, taking me to places I could not afford and we had many encounters together but there other stories, we only finnished the affair after she and her husband split and divorced.

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