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I finally did it!!! First time bisexual blowjob

I just got home from sucking my first dick ever.

I'll try make this as short as possible

Please reply or leave comments. If you think I'm gay feel free to say so but if your just gonna bash me and other gay people excessively and not actually consider what I'm saying then please don't bother.

For the past two years or so I've started to fantasize about giving a guy head. I persued it a little bit but never seriously until the last few weeks.

I've had girlfriends in the past and I've always been really into everything about girls bodies and sex with them and dating them and i still am and i want to get married one day and start a f****y etc etc. I love girls.

But... lately from watching porn and being kinda lonely I've gotten more and more into the dick part of the porn and I've started to really love dicks. I love blowjobs and I like watching guys cum and I like watching guys fuck girls. My ultimate fantasy is a MMF bi threeway. I'm not really into gay anal sex at all, I just love nice dicks.

So the more I thought about dicks the more I started to like them and I especially lately have had a little thing for uncut dicks (mine is cut). I started getting into some bisexual and gay porn and started to really like some of it. after a while of that, I started talking to some local gay guys online to see where it would go.

After talking to a couple guys I hadn't really had any serious bites besides one guy but he lived too far away. Then tonight I was feeling horny and some guy from the town over messaged me. After talking for a bit and sending some pics back and forth I saw that he was pretty cool about what I was in to and he had a really nice uncut cock that i'd guess was 7 inches.

I always kind of imagined myself chickening out when it actually came down to doing something with a guy but I thought about it for a while and decided I would at least meet him to see what happened. If I didn't wanna do it (which I thought I wouldn't) then I'd leave and apologize. So we made our plans to meet at a school near his house since we both wanted to be discreet and he can't drive yet.

When I got to the school he was already there. He was waiting by the playground and it was pretty dark, but the playground was near the street so he didn't wanna stay there. I wanted to do it somewhere sitting down but there was no where to sit so we had to stand which ended up being really good. We walked around back to a pretty dark corner but still light enough to see. When we got to the corner, I was really nervous.. I knew I would be nervous going into it so I knew first off I'd just ask him to pull his dick out. A huge part of me thought I'd bail the second I saw his dick.... but I didn't

As soon as he pulled his dick out it was already pretty big and nice and fat and the foreskin was covering the head (turn me on) and his dick really did look awesome.. so I proceeded.. I asked him if i could touch it.. It didn't take long at all, I touched it and it felt sooooooo good, I immediately started to stroke it and within 15 seconds I was on my knees. he was already almost fully hard so the first thing I did was pulled his foreskin back and stuck it straight down my throat. I was so nervous for this moment for the past two years and once I got that dick in my mouth it honestly just felt so good, I didnt have a single doubt from there on.

I've had hundreds of blowjobs before so I had an idea of what to do... I sucked his dick licked it up and down, I even licked his balls and stroked him at the same time and he absolutely loved it. he loved it so much he started to cum after like 3 minutes and I thought he was done and i was so disappointed but he stopped himself just in time. I kept sucking his fat long dick more and more.. This being my first dick ever I wanted to try everything.. I deepthroated him and got my nose all the way to his pubes.. it was fucking awesome I loved it. His dick was so smooth, and it wasn't freakishly big at all but it was bigger and fatter than mine and uncut like I wanted and his head was huge which really turned me on when I pulled his foreskin back for the first time in my life. I pulled his forskin back, held it in my mouth and licked all over his head and he loved it. I had him on the edge of cumming the whole time and it was pretty cool. I was really uncomfortable with the whole guy guy thing cause I'm new to it and I really wasn't attracted to him at all other than his awesome dick. And as far as me sucking it went, I loved everything about it and I'm really glad I did it, and we're gonna do it again. When I was ready for him to cum, I told him to shoot. I had a little fantasy about taking it in my mouth but I bailed on that at the last minute. I took it out and jerked him off until he finished on the ground. We talked about it after and next time I think I wanna let him cum on my face and my tongue. I did get a taste of his cum and it wasn't bad at all. It was a turn on. And so was his foreskin

I'm not too worried about becoming gay because I really don't think I will. One thing that scares me is people finding out that I like doing that because I never want my friends and f****y to know. He asked if he could suck my dick and I didn't want him to and even when he tried to put his hand on my shoulder I didn't want him to. It's just dicks that I like. not guys. I guess that makes me bisexual but I dunno cause I'd never date a guy I just wish I had a dick I could suck all the time without it being gay.

I'd love to hear absolutely anything that people think about this experience.. questions comments or anything at all is welcome. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it... I know I did

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