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My ex-wife and I still get along okay for the most part. She was enthusiastic about feminizing me. Occasionally she would get enough of it and then just go overboard to shut me up for a while. One such incident stands out.

After a particularly nasty week at work, I came home Friday evening looking forward to a relaxing, hot bath. As I was lounging in the tub drinking a glass of wine, she came in and asked me if I wanted to unwind by trying something special tonight.

“Sure. That is always good with me,” I replied. She knew I was likely horny and eager to do whatever she wanted.

She poured me another glass of wine while I laid back to relax. She took a warm cloth and covered my eyes, telling me just to lay back and relax. I felt her lift my leg to the side of the tub and lather it up with shaving cream. She proceeded to shave my leg slowly and thoroughly, until it was silky smooth. She then poured me another glass of wine and did the other leg. I was enjoying every second of it.

When she finished my legs, she opened the drain on the tub. I was about to remove the towel from my eyes when she ‘shushed’ me and said, “I’m not done yet.” I felt her lather up my chest and crotch, then finish the job of removing all the remaining hair from my body.

“Get out now and dry off. I have something special for you to put on.” I got out of the tub and she handed me a shopping bag. “Put everything on and I will be back in a few minutes. Here is another glass of wine to finish while you do that.” At this point I was starting to feel no pain and eagerly ripped into the bag.

I hurried to put on the new pink garter and hose. Also inside was a new pair of lacy, hot pink panties along with a matching bra.

“I see they fit nicely,” she said as she came back in the room. She then threw a skirt and top to me. “Put those on then put your jeans on over the skirt. No socks, just your old tennis shoes. The top will pass okay with your jeans since it is dark out.” I did as instructed. Once I was finished she sat me down in front of the mirror and applied some eye shadow and mascara. “There. You look very cute. We are going on a little adventure.” It was starting to get dark so I wasn’t too worried about going out. We had been on our little ‘drives’ before – no big deal.

I wasn’t too surprised when we pulled up in front of the adult video store. Although I had been there before, she had never even mentioned going. She gathered her purse and we went inside. She told me to get some tokens for the booths while she looked around. When I came back she said, “Okay. Take me to your favorite booth.”

We walked down the aisle and entered the booth I selected near the end. Once inside she noticed there were glory holes on both sides. Even before we settled in and started a movie, a large semi-erect cock appeared in one of the holes.

“Okay, get on your knees and suck it, pussy,” she told me. I sank to my knees and immediately began kissing on the head. As I slowly began to suck it I saw her take out the camera and take a couple of pictures of me with it in my mouth. The guy must have been really horny, because after only a minute or so, he began to stiffen and ejaculate.

“Take it all in your mouth and swallow every bit, you little cum slut.” I eagerly complied as he began to shoot his heavy load in my mouth. While he was shooting it, I felt her standing behind me tugging at my pants. After he had finished filling my mouth, I turned to see her finishing up with my pants. She had brought in scissors and was cutting my pants off me in shreds. Before I could say anything, my pants were in a pile in the corner like rags. I knelt there in my skirt and top.

“Stand up now and get those shoes off.” She then slipped a pair of 5 inch heels on my feet. While this was going on, I had not noticed another hard cock come through the hole on the opposite wall. “Get on your knees and suck it.” So I did.

This one was already fully erect and dripping pre-cum, obviously from watching us through the hole. I tasted the tip, then immediately went to engulfing the entire thing deep in my mouth. As I was busy, I felt her placing a wig on my head and patting it down all the way around. She had obviously brought her large purse for a reason. “That should stay put,” she admired as I saw the camera flashing away.

Within a few seconds I felt the cock stiffen in my mouth in preparation for dumping his load. As he started to fill my mouth, I groaned with pleasure at the taste. “Take it out and squirt it all over your face, “ I was told. I did as instructed and felt the warm sensation of his load spraying on me. The first shot hit my forehead quickly followed by a massive shot to the cheek. She was getting this all on film too.

After he finished, she told me to smile for the camera as she took more pictures of my face coated in cum. About the time I sat back from finishing his load off, I felt something on my back. I turned in time to see a massive cock through the opposite hole shooting a load on my back! She grabbed my hair and pushed me back into the line of fire. The last of his load went all over my pretty wig in back.

She made me do two more after that, taking another load down my throat and one on my face and chest. All the time she continued to snap away with picture after picture. I finally crumpled to the floor in the remnants of used cum while she told me what a good little cum slut I was.

“Stand up pussy and let me see how you look.” I stood in the narrow booth as she admired my look. While I stood there, an arm came through the hole and tugged at my skirt. I tried to shy away, but she pushed me toward the hole. Next, I felt my panties being pulled down and being turned around and pulled toward the hole. Before I knew what happened, I felt a large cock enter me from behind. As it slowly slid deep inside me, she noticed the expression on my face.

“So? You like it in the ass too?” she mocked. She stood in front of me and pushed me back against the hole where I was f***ed to take whatever he dished out. I whimpered until he shot a big load deep inside me. When he pulled his cock out, she released me and turned me around. I was then subjected to several pictures of my well used pussy hole with cum oozing out of it.

“So you really like that don’t you? Maybe you need more.” Before I could answer, I saw her directing me to a cock now protruding through the hole on the opposite wall. She lifted my skirt up as she impaled me on the guy’s hard member. Before I knew it, I was being butt-fucked for a second time.

“You should see your face, you little butting fucking cunt. You are really enjoying this, aren’t you? Maybe you should get a lot more of this.”

She moved around in front of me and buried my face between her legs as she pressed my ass against the wall and hole. My butt was taking a furiously hard fucking as I moaned softly. Then, without warning, I felt her dripping something all around my butt and the wall. Whatever it was, there was a lot of it, with a strange smell. When she was done, she pushed me back into the guy’s cock against the wall while the guy continued to pump me. She held me there for several minutes until he shot his load deep inside my ravaged ass.

When she released me, I just wanted to sink to the floor and recover. But I couldn’t move! She had glued my ass to the wall! As much as I tired I couldn’t move. She just laughed at me as I struggled.

Before she said anything else, I felt something, then another cock going in my well lubed ass. And there was nothing I could do about it! She must have realized what happened by the look on my face as she giggled at my predicament.

“Well. You look like you are set for the evening,” she said as she gathered up my clothes and her purse. “Hope you have a good time the rest of the night.” As then she left the booth.

There I was glued to the wall with some guy plugging my ass through the hole. “How am I going to get out of this,” I wondered. Then I felt another warm load of cum gushing up my butt.

Before I could gather my wits and figure out what to do, I felt another cock enter my ass. Friday night at the video store was indeed a busy night. This guy must have been really horny though as he came almost immediately. I felt him shooting it all over my butt cheeks and ass hole.

It was at that moment that I realize when she left the door to my booth was left unlocked. In my position, the lock was just out of my reach no matter how much I struggled. Just when I thought maybe it wouldn’t be a problem, the door flew open. The guy started to leave then saw the position I was in up against the wall. Without saying anything, he came in, locked the door, unzipped his pants, and buried his pecker down my throat. He must have thought that was what I wanted, but obviously didn’t know I had no choice.

While he humped my face, I felt another one go in my ass. The guy told me how cute I looked as he continued to face fuck me. Before long, he shot a warm, creamy load all over my face and in my hair. It was so huge, it ran down my face. Meanwhile the guy in my ass was busy pounding away.

This was not what I had expected when we left the house at all. Finally, after an hour or so of constant butt fucking and cum sucking, I was able to loosen myself from the wall. It cost me some skin off my butt, but I was free.

I pulled up my skirt and realized I had to make the walk of shame. Out of the video store, dressed like a slut.

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