First Time With Mother!!!


I'm a 22 shy lad from Newcastle and unemployed and so spend alot of time wanking and I love every second of it! I'm into allsorts of porn and have always had a fantasy about having sex with my mum as she is very attractive and me and her are very close. I live with my mum and younger b*****r, 15 (who was staying with friends this day). My mum is 52, divorced and works as a cleaner in Newcastle.

I have always loved and respected my mum, she has always been there for me and is very caring. She also is very attractive and has MASSIVE firm tits as she's had a bood job a few years back!!

It was a monday morning and I started my day the same I do every morning, with a nice long wank, at least for an hour as I like to 'edge' my dick so I have an intense orgasm and cum like a porn star! My mother was still asl**p in her room right next to mine so I took the opportunity and dropped my dirty lonsdale sweatpants and take off my t-shirt and chuck them on the floor, I like to wank completely naked on top of bed above the duvet!

I rest my laptop on my legs and load up xhamster and today I was looking for older mature women sex vids. I always found the idea of an older experienced woman a massive turn on and my cock bulges just thinking about it now!

I began to stroke slowly just to get hard, and then start to wank harder and harder until I have a HUGE throbbing cock in my hand. As I scrolled through the vids I found a 'mother son' video and my curiosity and horniness took over and I click it. It was so taboo and hot it nearly makes me cum instantly! At this point I hear footsteps in my mothers room so I quickly get under the covers and load up some music very quickly! Then nothing. She is still sl**ping I guess so I eventually get back on top of the covers and resume the hard wanking session.

I begin to open more and more vids of mother son porn and feel myself wanting to cum but i dont let myself. In the heat of the moment I decide i want to spy on my mum a little in her bedroom...if i can. I get up and walk out my room and walk slowly towards my moms room. My heart starts to pound from the riskiness of it! We are a close knit f****y so she leaves her door open quite often and I want to sneak a peak at her. I'm not stupid, I know its wrong but its what turns me on...ALOT!

This time her door is half open but i can still see her. She has the duvet covering most of her body but i can still see some cleavage! Her eyes are closed and i can hear her breathing. I grab my dick and start tugging on it very quietly so she cant hear me. At this point I'm just peaking my head round the door but I eventually get braver and stand in full view of her in her bedroom! The adrenaline is totally kicking in now! My wanking becomes harder and louder but i dont care. Then my mum shuffles in bed to get comfy and I run back to my room.

I hide under the duvet and rest for a few minutes before putting the laptop back on my legs and continue wanking. About 10mins pass and I find a vid I want to cum to. I begin stroking my throbbing dick again (at this point my bellend is purple from tuggin on it so much!). I close my eyes and feel I'm about to cum when i hear:

"Oh sorry son, didnt mean to disturb you!"

I get the shock of my life and immediately cover up my cock but its too late. I pretend i was listening to music on my laptop but there's no way of hiding the fact i was wanking, she knows it and i know it. She closes the door and leaves. I pull my pants up and feel mortified my mum caught me wanking. Minutes later I hear a knock at the door;

"Is it safe to come in sweety?"

I look around to hide any evidence. At this point I haven't cum yet, still have a semi, have flushed cheeks, I'm a bit sweaty and out of breathe. But i'm now clothed so its safe.

"Erm yeah its ok"

"Sorry hun, i should have knocked"

"Its ok, i was just listening to music anyway"

"I think we both know thats not what you were doing"

I go very red and embarrassed. My mum sits down on the bottom of my bed facing me.

"I was! I just haven't got changed yet"

"Hun its ok, your a young lad and your curious but what i do want to know is...why you were touching yourself outside my room, I could hear you"

"Erm what! I wasn't! I've been in my room listening to music for last half an hour"

"These walls are thin hun, I can hear you've been watching some naughty videos"

"I haven't, I swear!!"

"Where were all them sex noises coming from? So do you find me attractive then sweety?"

"Errrrm what!"

"Its ok, you know how much i love you and will no matter what, you've grown up to be a very handsome lad"

I smile at her for the compliment.

"Thanks mam"

"Your welcome son"

She then leans over and gives me a hug. I still have a semi-on which turn into a full blown hard-on again and I'm still hot n sweaty!

"You've been working up quite a sweat haven't you!"

I just look away and laugh.

"Did you cum son?"

"Err what you on about man!"

"I've noticed you still have a bulge down there"

I hide my pants from view and put a pillow on top to cover up.

"Dont be shy son, did you cum?"

"I'm not talking about this in front of you, are you gonna leave your embarrassing me!"

My mum just laughs at me. She then slowly takes my pillow away.

"What are you doing mam!"

"Can i see it?"


"Please i would like to see it"

"No way! Your my mam!"

"Dont be daft, I've seen it before when you were young remember"

I become really nervous yet turned on at the same time, my boner is pressing through my boxer shorts and she can see it. She then moves her hand slowly towards my groin.

"What you doing, this is wrong! You're my mam!"

"Its ok sweety, I just love you so much, you've grown up to be a handsome young man"

I'm still half heartedly resisting by moving her hand away from my crotch but I eventually give up and stop. She moves her hand up my groin until she finally touches it ever so slightly.

"I just love you so much son"

"Oh my god...I love mam"

"Let me see it please"

"Okay, just for a little while though"

I pull down my boxers shorts to reveal my massive hard cock. I'm in shock at what's happening, I cant believe i'm standing naked in front of my mother! I'm still blushing and shaking from the adrenaline.

"OH MY! You are hung like your dad!"

I smile at her and she places her hand slowly on it gripping the shaft. I let out a slight groan of pleasure.


"Dont you like it son?"

"This is so wrong"

"Its very thick son!"

She begins to stroke my cock slowly back and forth and she smiles at me, I smile back.

"Does this feel good son? its been years since i touched one!"

"Yeah it feels good mam but its wrong!"

She starts looking at my dick and smiles again. I give in and start to enjoy it a little. I look at my mam and say;

"I love you mam"

"Mmm i love you so much too son, your such a big boy now!"

She starts to tug on it harder and faster. I can't believe what's happening and I'm still shaking with excitement. I start thrusting my hips a little into my mams hand!

"Thats it son"

I stop thrusting and my mam starts to do all the work and tugs on it very hard and fast!

"Mam that feels so good"

"You like mummy's hand?"

"Mmm yeah"

"I want to see my gorgeous boy cum"

"Mmmmm, I wanna cum for you mam"

I'm totally submissive and shy at this point and my mum is in charge. She is wearing a bath robe about now and drops it off at the shoulders so i can see her massive tits in all their glory for the first time!!!

"You like these son, I know you like them, I've seen you staring, you like to watch your mam change in her bedroom dont you?"

"MMMM YEAH, they're nice mam"

I dont dare touch them, I'm too shy. But she uses her free hand to grab mine and places my hand on her boob!! She lets out a little groan of pleasure;

"Mmm, feel them sweety, play with them"

"They feel so soft and smooth mam"

"I love your dick son, can i see you cum?"

"Yeah you can mam"

"Mmmm, I love you so much son"

She continues for a few more minutes and I'm ready to explode!!!


"Do it son, spray it everywhere"

As my mam strokes it hard and fast I unload the biggest amount of cum you've ever seen!!!


"Oh my...oh my...big boy, Mmmmm"

Massive spurts of cum release from my cock for about 30 seconds non stop! The cum goes on my belly, runs down off my body onto my bed sheets and down my mams hand. She starts stroking more slowly and wanks the last cum out of my cock. I'm breathing in and out very heavily.

"That felt so good mam, I love you"

She smiles at me.

"Your welcome son, I love to, your mam has still got it eh?"

"Haha, yeah, mmm"

She stop tugging on my cock and wipes her hand on my sheets and covers up her breasts.

"Dont tell your b*****r or anyone about this! It'll be our secret ok hun"

"Dont worry I would never tell anyone about this!"

She smiles, leans over and gives me a kiss...with tongues this time!! I really enjoy it! She stops kissing me and looks at me and says;

"Maybe you can sort mammy out next time?"

I laugh and get embarrassed again.

"Yeah!...i would love to mam"

She starts to french kiss me again then stops and stands up.

"Are you going out with your friends this weekend?"

I know why she's asking me this. I was planning on getting d***k with my friends but decide to free up my time because i know what she is going to say.

"Erm i'm not going out this weekend mam, I haven't got any money"

"Well we'll have to get upto something together wont we?"

She gives me a cheeky wink and i laugh.

"Yeah mam that would be fun"

She then turns around, still with a smile on her face and walks out. I lay back onto my pillow and reflect on what the fuck just happened!!! I just got wanked by my mum!!! And I loved it!!! I'm looking forward to the weekend now ;) be continued

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1 month ago
Very hot story and all the better that it happened on Tyneside. Nice pics too; you have a lovely thick cock! ;)
7 months ago
Fuck, dude... that was hot. Got half way through before I unloaded. Will be back for more of that.
10 months ago
Family fun can't be beat
12 months ago
Great story, did part two take place at the weekend?
2 years ago
loved it
2 years ago
excellent ..i got hard on this story..
2 years ago
Wow! Excellent story. Thanks.
2 years ago
Holy shit this is hot! More, soon!
2 years ago
wow dude...
2 years ago
moms dead now i want to dig her up
2 years ago
What luck!
2 years ago
Did this really happen or or not its intense.
2 years ago
Chuck norris aproves of this story
2 years ago
Great part two soon I hope