Mels First Time

This is my friends story. male pov. I got his permission to post this. True story.

she came over that day and we both knew what the other wanted so, we went streight to my bed. we made the useual small talk for a few min and i just grabed her neck and pulled her into me kissing and holding her as i threw her down
so i layed her down and started biteing and nibbleing up her neck slowly and softly at first all the way up to her ears licking and tickleing them with my tough, as she sigghed and tarted reaching around me
i hiked myself up over her and started rubing her brests grinding her over our clothes as she started to grab and fiddle with my cock, so she sat up and i kised her as she pulled it ut and started gripping it so i grabed her by the neck and threw her down and riped her jeans off and burried my face in her croths licking and teaseing threw her panties. she liked that moaning and giveing me that smerky girn she dose her aproval. so i pulled her panties off with my teeth and started licking and laping up her going streight for her clit rubing her up and down, flideing my fingers in and out of her as i sucked on her clit.
after twenty minuites or so i pulled myself up her slowly draging our bodies together, and fliped her over so she could get at me. she started slideing her mouth up and down slowly takeing it all in, flicking it on her tongue, sucking harder and harder till i said it in my head i know shes a virgin but i dont care i wannt to and i want to do this with her even if its for a sexcond. so i grabed her head and kept thinking and wondering slideing it up and down her throat.
so as she continued i didint care i made up my mind i fliped her over and pulled up her shirt so i was nice and close to her pressed reight against her with my cock just tertering at her pussy sucking at her tits and biteing at her nipples. lost in it i said to her i want to tease you and she muttered out ok. so i stood over her and started rubing my cock up and down her pussy teaseing it and
tickling her clit geting her weter and weter untill i slid it reight in. for the first time in three years i was doing it i could feel all ov her muccles tighten onto me grasping as she moaned and the look on her face. i wasent loseing my chance i started punding her and pounding her as she moaned and yelled and pulled me in tighter
i slowed down and asked her if this was ok she said "yes... dont stop" so we started kissing fucking pounding each other
meating each of my thrusts
i fliped her on top of me with her tits hanging out as she started bounceing
it was great i could feel her clamping me and i letgo and just layed back she started bucking and bounceing, she loved it~
to be continued =o
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