Cum slut

After Jennifers' and my gang **** at the Nude Beach, she turned into a cum slut. She couldn't get enough cum despite my best efforts and I wanted to have some of my cum to cause i was almost as bad.

She was also whipped quite severely that day and now wanted to be whipped daily. I picked her up at her house one day at 10AM for a sex/BDSM filled day and her s****r was there with her. She was going to come with us and join in. I had no problem with it and found out that she(Lynn) had been gang bang the night before by 20+ guys and was full of cum in her cunt and ass. And Jennifer wanted it.

We decided to go to our church's basement for our fun. It was a dirt floor and we had used it in the past.

We got there and went downstairs to the basement and stripped. Jennifers' body was top notch, Gorgous face, thick long black hair, big tits, thick bush, great ass and legs and chewable nipples. Her body had many whip marks on it from our previous days of sex and lots of bite marks. Lynn had long brown hair, medium tits with nice hard nipples, a thick bush and long legs.

I had a hard swollen cock and balls cause i had a cock ring on. We tied Jennifer to a hook in the middle of the basement and pulled her arms over her head tight, onto her tip toes. We clamped her nipples with tight clamps and Lynn and I proceeeded to whip her. I used a telephone wire and Lynn used a thin wooded dowel.

We beat the shit out of her leaving marks all over her tits, stomach, thighs, ass, back, pussy fur, calves and feet. She was dripping in sweat, moaning her head off, not crying, drooling all over her tits and stomach from the ball gag, and literally dripping pussy juice on the floor, she was that wet.

I dropped to my knees and started to eat her. I licked up one side of her hairy pussy lips and down the other, then sucked her clit. Again and again I did this while Lynn whipped her tits. I ate her for 10, then 15, then 20 minutes. I was covered in thick gooey pussy juice, dripping off my face onto my chest and swollen cock. She was out of it, straining to cum but not quite getting there.

I crawled over to Lynn, pushed her to the wall and started to eat her. Her cunt flooded my mouth and face with male cum from her gang bang last night.
I stuck 2 fingers in her while I sucked her clit and pulled out a large glob of cum. My face and mouth were full of cum, I walked over to Jennifer, pushed the gag off and kissed her HARD, smearing the cum all over her lips and spitting my mouth full of cum into her mouth.

She moaned deeply and screamed "FUCK ME! I need to cummmm, please please"
We released her and she feel to the dirt floor, Lynn sat on her face and I ate her somemore. We were all covered in sweat and were getting quite dirty as we drove Jen wild!

Lynn started to moan and then screamed as she came in her s****r mouth, flooding her in both male and female cum. We put Jen on her knees, her tits hanging on the floor and I proceeded to eat her asshole till it was drpping wet.

Jen was in a cum c***. She needed to cum and nothing else mattered. I pushed my rock hard dick in her asshole hard and fucked her like a mamiac. She screamed and yelled and moaned. Lynn crawled under us and started lickinf her sopped cunt, dripping in the dirt.

We were filthy and get close to cumming when wew heard a noise and noticed 5 guys starting at us, all nude with big hard ons, jerking off. I pulled out of Jen's asshole, my cock dripping in her ass juice and asked them if they wanted to fuck Jennifer. What do u think they said?

One guy laid down on his back, we lowered Jen onto his cock in her well lubed asshole, another pushed into her cunt, anothe took her large beaten tits and used them for a cunt and the other 2 used her cum covered mouth.

Lynn and I started fucking with her on top, dripping sweat on me-she kissed me and io tasted Jen on her, I looked at my cock and it was covered in white goo from the cum in her, she bit my nipples and fucked me hard.

Jennifer was in a state of near cummimg. She was sucking and fucking and screeaming and then they started cumming in and on her. And they did not stop. They fucked her for another hour in every position and and came and came.

However, she did not! They left her laying there, cum oozing out of her ass and pussy, all over her stomach and tits and her face was covered in thick gobs of cum.

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1 year ago
Jennifer is a hot little whore. It's time you let a dog fuck her.
2 years ago
Nicely done