to my mistress

Hello mistress

I can only tell u what I would want, not what u would want

I want u nude, no frilly anything wearing a thin choaker collar black, a chain around you waist, an ankle chain, a toe ring u must be barefoot, hate shoes

I am nude with a collar on, ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, cock ring, and a dildo or vibrator

tie my hands above my head and whip me senseless, lots of marks on my chest, stomach, thighs, ass, back

my cock will be incredibly hard and thick, leaking goo

ocassially rub my cock & balls

after I have been whipped, release me and have me eat you on your hands and knees so i can suck both your holes till they are dripping wet

I want your cum

I will use my hands. fingers and mouth on your asshole and cunt, sucking your clit and licking up and down along your lips then sticking my toughe into you cunt and asshole deep

i expect you will be flowing like a river and I will be drinking it.
My beard will be soaked and sticky. my cock so hard, screaming for release but i need your cum, and alot of it

you will cum, one orgasm after another, soaking me, probably losing bladder control and drenching me in piss- thats ok and i wont stop eating u till u say so

u will tie me to the ground in the dirt outside and whip me some more, suck me a bit and will sit on my cock and fuck for a bit

them sit on my face for another orgasm

then u will use your dirty feet to rub my cock for a bit, clean it off or not, up to you, and suck me dry and feed me the cum unless u want it all

I will be a wreck, u will put me on my hands and knees. suck my asshole and fuck me with a strap on, hard and fast

I will have the dildo that was in my ass in my mouth cleaning it off as you fuck me

then u will pull out, i will be rock hard again, u will be drenched and make me clean the strap on off

you will take a double dildo, stuff it up my ass, stuff it in your cunt and we will fuck each other till you cum, you will fall to the ground spent and I will cum on your face and in your mouth

we will both be filthy, covered in sweat and cum and i am yours to do what u want with

I will trust u not to hurt me to badly but i will be your slave

100% (2/0)
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2 years ago
Nice story Tx for posting
3 years ago
Very nice