Their slave

I woke up tied to a tree by my wrists on my tiptoes as it was getting light out. It was already quite warm and I was sweating. My large tits(42DD) were dripping sweat and covered with welts, brusies, scratches and bite marks as was my flat stomach, my thighs and hips, calves and feet. My ass felt like it was on fire. I was filthy, covered in dirt and grime all over my body. It slowly started to cum back to me what had happened last nite. I tatsed cum on my lips and my face felt all sticky and gooey as did the inside of my legs.

As I tried to figure out a way to get loose I heard nosies and voices coming closer. I soon saw 12-15 guys and 1 women come out of the deep woods and they stopped all around me. They were all nude, all the menn with huge hard ons and the woman was obviously their slave as she was covered in welts, filthy and cum coated.

Five or six of the guys picked up switches from the ground and started to beat me with them all over but alot on my nipples and my hairy, cum filled cunt and asshole. I was screaming but she came over and started kissing me hard, soaking my lips and mouth w/cum. My nipples were bleedind and they stopped whipping me. One guy entered my cunt and another in my asshole as i hung there, soaked in sweat and cum. They fucked me senseless, biting my neck and shoulders, sucking my raw nipples and she went down in between our legs and started licking my asshole, pussy and their cocks as they fucked me.

Whilke still in me they released my wrists and I was lowered to the ground w/both guys in me, They were huge, and three guys came over and used my mouth, pushing huge cocks down my throat over and over, saliva was soaking my face and then my mouth was filled and lips covered by a huge amount of cum, and then my asshole and cunt was soaked with cum.

They put me on my hands and knees, my hairy cunt and asshole dripping cum on the ground and down my legs and proceeded to ass fuck me and throat fuck me for the next hour, taking turns and cumming in and on me. She licked my pussy lips and clit but would not let me cum. I was going out of mine, I needed to cum!

They had all cum at least once in or on me. I was covered in cum and dripping on the ground. They flipped me on my back, tied my wrists and feet to the ground and all 14 jerked off on me! The timing was great as they all splashed on my body at once from my feet to my face, I was soaked in thick cum.

A few more fucked me but they left, leaving me tied to the ground. I was going out of my mind! I needed to cum! I laided there moaning, my clit throbbing, covered in cum, soaking into my skin, my mouth, my throat. I was in cum overdose. NOTHING mattered now except to CUM!

No one was around, my body glisened with sweat, cum, dirt, welts and bl**d.
I was a mess and had nevered been gang **** like this before. And i had been gang ****d many times. I was a slut, I needed cum and needed to cum alot EVERY day.

The women and i guy came back, boyh nude, she looked alot worst than when she left-dirtier, more cum and marks on her. He was also whipped, quite a bit with a huge 12 inch dick, 4 inches thick if it was an inch. She started to lick my clit and he fucked my face. His balls werwe HUGE and swollen w/a cock ring around the and he said he had not cum in FIVE days and normally came 6 times a day with a huge load each time. Oh boy, I was gonna drown in cum!

She licked and licked, getting me close but would not allow me to cum.
He pulled out of my throat, turned around and said eat my asshole, I was fucked 35 times in last 10 hours, I was FULL of cum. He was, and covered me in ass cum and juice. My mouth was full of cum and he pushed his huge cock into it, pushing a huge load of cum down into my stomach.

He then came, and soaked my face, tits, mouth and hair in a pint of thick, thick cum. I passed out, still tied and not having cum.
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excellent story
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very good