Rafael ravaged (cont.)

More people showed up-lots of guys with big cocks, a few women w/big tits, everyone nude and dripping in sweat as it was real hot in the room. I was busy licking Rafael's body from his cum covered toes to his cum soaked asshole and balls to his cum soaked lips, he was a mess and now I was a super mess!

I had ingested so much cum that I was barely aware what was going on or where I was-I stood dripping cum from everywhere on my body. William came over to me, shook his head, threw me onto the other bed, tied my wrists and ankles down-and three women came over to me and bite, scratched, licked and sucked me from my ears to my toes and everywhere in between EXCEPT my cock!!! It was oozing gobs of precum but no one touched it.

Joe came over to me and stuck his asshole in my face and told me to suck-gobs of fresh cum oozed into my mouth, all over my face from his soaked, stretched out asshole. Rafael stumbled over, a real mess, and stuck his cock up my soaked asshole and started pounding away-he screamed and shot a HUGE load deep into me! It was very thick and gooey-he was pulled out of the way, my legs tied to my wrists, and a line of black men with huge cocks lined up and started to use my cum soaked asshole. I was fucked, and fucked, and fucked for hours, thick cum shooting into my asshole, all over my swollen balls and cock, my chest and after they were done using my asshole they stuck their cum/ass juiced cover cocks into my mouth and rubbed all over my face to clean them off.

People starting leaving, and only a few were still in the room-Rafael was on the floor in the corner, covered in piss and cum, dripping doen his chest, all over his legs and feet, just soaked in cum. He was barely consious.

Joe was tied to a chair with a 5 inch WIDE dildo stuck in his ass, cum oozing down his legs where the women who had first come in was laying, cum dripping out of his full asshole onto her face and tits-her thick bush had so much cum on it it loooked like it was white, not black in color.

And then me-this was it, I had never ingested so much cum. and never had so much in my ass, I was a male cum dumpster and needed to cum-oh god, I needed to CUM!

William came over to me, grabbed my dick and sucked it all into his mouth, sucked and sucked and sucked-I screamed and came like I had never before, huge blasts of cum into his mouth, all over his face. He held me, stroking me and started sucking me again-I screamed and came again, more thick cum shooting out-I was almost gone and he stopped and then sucked me somemore-i couldn't take it, i came AGAIN and passed out, an EPIC Male orgasm, actually three!

I woke up on the side of a dirt road, nude, covered in cum and welts and scratches, filthy w/no idea where I was and no way to get home. I was in trouble-again.
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3 years ago
You know what your story should be how you cot home nude and all beat up
4 years ago
Thats going to leave a mark OMG that was incredable i can't imagine the really happening to me but it makes great reading thanks