Rafael ravaged

I met Rafael in a motel room last week. We decided to get together as he liked my stories. He opened the door and we went in. With me was Williams other slave who had been as badly ravarged as i in the past weeks. We were both nude with huge hard ons. We had left our clothes in the car and walked about 50 yards with many people watching us. We had a decent amount of welts still on us from a week ago, cock rings and nipple clamps. Rafael opened the door and he was expecting us as he was nude with a large hard on. We went in.

He knew we were there to ravage him. I kissed him hard, Joe sank to his knees and started sucking his asshole. I rub his cock and bit his nipples, he moaned deeply. We pushed him on the bed, tied his hands and ankles face down and proceeded to whip his ass, back and legs. It was very warm in the room and all three of us were dripping in sweat. He trashed around and moaned as we left marks all over him.

We flipped him over, tied his hands and feet, and started whipping his chest, stomach, legs, feet and cock fur. 15-20 minutes went by, he was covered with welts and marks, dripping in sweat and had a raging hard on. His balls looked like they were going to explode. We licked his swollen nuts till he moaned in frustration and screamed " I need to cum!!!!"

I laughed. We started to lick and chew every inch of his body, neck, nipples, stomach, nuts, toes , then his asshole. We both licked and sucked his asshole till it was dripping ass juice and saliva. His cock was oozing pre cum, dripping down his shaft onto his balls. Both of our cocks were dripping too and rock hard. Earlier today Joe had 22 cocks in his ass and his asshole was dripping cum all over the place, so we sat him on Rafael face and he proceeded
to suck out the cum, groaning and moaning.

I started taking pictures of this and then a knock on the door came. I went over and opened it and in came William with 6 other guys and one women. All were nude with HUGE hard ons, the women was fucked out, cum dripping down her legs and all over her large tits and her face, she was soaked in cum.

William kissed me hard and deep, tasting Rafael's ass juice and cock. He pulled Joe off Rafaels face and look at him. What a mess, cum from joe's ass all over his face, covered in sweat, asshole dripping juice.

The 6 other guys then proceeded to **** him, his ass, mouth, feet, chest getting cover with cum. I was put in position to lick his asshole and the cock using it as he was fucked. He passed out a few times but was used all along.

My face and chest were a mess as i licked and sucked the cum and then I felt a huge cock up my ass. it was William, his cock soaked in cum from the womens pussy and asshole as she laid on the floor covered in cum. He fucked me hard and long, my cock very hard and dripping goo. He shot a huge load of cum into me, dripping down my legs and all over my swollen balls.

He then told me to clean Rafael off, just me, all the cum, everywhere and I was whipped while I did it-so was Rafael. Again, I was approaching cum overdose-my eyes glazed over, cock dripping goo. nipples rock hard-I needed to cum and so did Rafael.

It did not happen.
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3 years ago
You are so bad your fantastic thanks
4 years ago
O M G i'm so hot and hard i did jack off while i read your story it was so hot and erotic wod thanks i hope you write mnore about me