Slave again(cont.)

Both he and i were hung by our wrists by chains and 6 women started to whip us
They used telephone wire, canes, whips, riding crops and small thin metal chains-we were whipped senseless, across our chests, stomachs, ass, cock fur, thighs, feet and backs.

Both of us were nearly unconsious, dripping with sweat and covered with nasty marks, many that were bleeding. William had us released and we fell to the floor where the women pissed all over us. We laided there, soaked in urine with monstorous hard ons.

One women sat on our dicks, the other on our faces. their cunts were full of cum, male and female, and our dicks were covered with cum and our faces and mouths were flooded with cum.

The women left us and we were surrounded by a dozen men, all jerking off onto us, covering us in thick cum all over our faces, stomachs and dicks.

We then had large cocks jammed into our assholes and mouths, dripping with cum and were fucked hard and long, with dicks coming on and in us le.more replacing the used ones. this went on for hours. I passed out many times but was continued to be used, even unconcious.

I woke up, laying in a puddle of cum, covered in cum, between my toes, on my chest, cock, faces, oozing out of my mouth and asshole.

i was in cum overdose. I needed to cum badly.

I crawled over to the other guy laying on the floor. saoked in cum, i started to lick his body, and sucked his huge swollen cock-I swung my body around and we 69 one another, sticking our fingers in each others asshole.

I screamed as a HUGE orgasm rocked my body and I passed out again, this time with his cock in my mouth with his cock shooting huge cum globs into me.

86% (17/3)
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3 years ago
Wow i don't know if i could stand that much fucking and sucking
3 years ago
i think i'd like that too but not quite so violent
4 years ago
Thanks your stories always inspire me with my subs..
4 years ago
wow I would like that done to all except the whipping thanks
4 years ago
wish that was me