Ravaged, beaten, and ganged banged

I was tied to a bed, nude, with nipple clamps on my very swollen nipples with a large black dildo jammed in my hairy sopping cunt and another dildo in my gooey asshole. I was being fucked senseless by a machine that the 2 dildos were conected to. My cunt was all gooey from my cunt juice and from being gang bang last nite, absolutely soaked in cum, at least 20 guys worth. The dildo was covered in my juice and their cum, going in and out, in and out-goo was leaking out of my hairy cunt, running down to my asshole which had been throughly fucked last nite also-that dildo was soaked in cum and ass juice.

My very large 44DD tits were wrapped in rope and were a purple red color, the nipples swollen larger than they ever had been, at least an 1 1/2 long with clamps on them, they really hurt.
I was covered with welts and brusies all over my body from the long whipping I got last nite while i was being gang ****d. I had been fucked in a barn and was covered with dirt and grime, my feet were nearly black they were that dirty. Must have sucked off 30 cocks and was covered in dried cum all over my face, tits and stomach. Plenty of wet cum still around on me too.

And through all this i was not allowed to cum-oh I needed to cum! The dildos moved faster and faster in my battered cunt and asshole, goo dripping and squirting everywhere but I was not cummimng and they knew it.

I was tortured more, hot wax was dripped on my nipples, stomach, toes and clit. a huge cock, at least 12 inches long was jammed down my throat and i was throat ****d. he nearly drown me in the huge load of THICK cum he blasted out, 8 or 9 blasts, all over my face and in my mouth. Then another took over, and another, and another. So much cummm, oh god, so muchhh.

Then they started whipping me again, my tits, nipples, stomach, cunt, toes, legs.........

I passed out, woke up alone in the room, being fucked by the dildos-this went on and on and all of the sudden I came! and came and came and came, oh my god multiple orgasms on top of one another, I was soaked in sweat, cum, urine, salvia....

This went on for hours, cummimg and cummimg, cummimg, passing out, cummimg

I woke up my hands tied behind my back in the deep woods, dirty and muddy, with my cunt and asshole dripping cum, with no one around.

I struggled to my feet and stumbled through the woods, falling alot, getting brusied and scracthed alot, needing to cum but could not reach my clit with my hands where they were, I was so hot, my cunt and clit ached

up ahead was aclearing and a large male horse was grazing-his horse cock and balls were huge

I was so hot, needed to cum

I went up to him, dropped to my knees and started sucking his huge dick

I wanted its cum, needed its cum, needed to cummmmm

I sucked and licked and sucked some more

Then I drown-so much cum-in my mouth, all over my face and hair, down my tits and belly to my cunt, all over my legs-he came and came and came somemore

I fell to the ground moaning and groaning, my cunt and clit on fire

Help me someone, I am going crazy
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1 year ago
This just moves tooooo fast, but it's still story.