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2 yrs a go i met a woman a front off her house she ask me inside. She whas wearing a nice shord dress and highheels. We walked and she ask me iff i whas single and i told her yess i am. Than she told me thats she whas single to. She ask my age and i told her 35 and she ask me how i think how old she is. I anser 30-35. and she started to laugh very hard hahahahaha. NO muchs older she say and i anser 40. she say again NO and say thats she is 49 yrs. And i told her thats she look still so thight and young she had no any wrinkles in her face and her legs where still very thight. I told her thats she is amazing and that her legs look so young and i notes she dintent wear nylons. She laugh again and say nylons are for older woman my skin is so thight like nylon hahaha. Than we talk and we go arm at are walking to a restaurant for a diner. Than she told me thats she want to stay young looking atleast till her 60th yrs. And she ask me iff i want to visit her every half year or year so she know a younger men come to visit her so she had to fight and take good care to stay young for me. After 1 yrs she whas almost 51 yrs than she still look so young and thight. But she told me she are started to ageing and she get woryed about that. We kissed eachother again and we dit go again to the restaurant and after it we had a nice sex. One year later again we met again at her home. When she dit open the door i notes she whas wearing a thin shining tan nylons. Later i ficured that it wear stayup stockings. I notes to she at some wrinkles around her eyes but not so muchs. When we sit. She started to talk and told me that she needed to put on that tan nylon stocking couse she get some small wrinkles at her knees. And she told me the last half year she have ageing a lot badly. But i told her she still look at her 52 yrs still like 38 and she smill to me and started to kiss me after out tradisional walk to the restaurant we go back home and. I massaged here legs again like every year only now with her nylons on. But after 3 times asking she let me put her stocking downs so i gut her legs massage them with lotion. Special at her knees she ask me couse she whas woryd thats her knees get old.
One year later again i dintent her noughing off her and after a couple off weeks i dit call her. I ask her i want to visit her again. But she told me that time realy have capcher her. And she told me how mucht she had ageing the last year. She told me i must remember like she looked when she look young. But i ask her please let me come to u. And after many times ask she go to cry and told me she want to see me to. So i drived to her house 1 and a half hour driving and i call at the door. Than she scream Pleas go to the back door thats open. So I walk to the back door and go inside the room and there she sit. I walk to here and i had a litle shock couse that woman i saw a year ago for the last she whas than 52 yrs old than she looked 38 yrs but now she is 53 yrs old and i saw a tired wrinkles older woman siting at the couch. I go sit to her and she start to talk to me. She told me thats she cant walk with me nay more to the restaurant couse it will looks so straints when u walk with suce a old woman like me. I fight a long time to keep me tight and young but now my time is realy cone now i am old. I notes she wearing a short dres again with a dark 20 denn grey nylonstockings. I told her that she still look sexy even with her wrinkles at her face. And i told her she have still a very beautiful legs. She smiles to me and anser I have now dark nylons on and now i sit on the couch but when i sand up u can see the wrinkles on my knees true the nylons. I can bether wear a jeans. Than she standsup and i saw her in the past so thight knees now wrinkles even under her nylons. I started to massage her poor old legs and her knees and she notes that i still acractive to her even she look 20 yrs older than the year befor. And we started to kiss and have sex again. This story whas 3 yrs ago. Now she is 56 yrs old and she is grey and very old. For me some time she put on her short dress again but she know that her legs are old now. But she have a good soul and she is very kind and a good woman i still like her even she is now old.
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9 months ago
Sounds like a good, genuine story.