Take me suit! Cuz I'm gay virgin...

I'm at the specified address, the door is almoust opened ... a few quick thoughts and finally I decide to enter.
A quick glance and immediately I notice him sitting in a chair behind the desk. He turns around at the sound of my elegant shoes. And It is here! The smile! Showing all white and perfect teeth ... nothing more I need. My heart stops! My perfect bear is here. The first man that I would like to fuck with... he is mine... only mine...
He stands up immediatly and in two steps he is near me and he is trying to hug me with his big arms.
But it is not so simple ... I moved aside for 2 steps. I'm a bit afraid. And what is more important- this is my game! He hasn't considered that a virgin gay boy can dominanted him! And fresh in that gay stuff normal 21 y.o boy can fuck 35 y.o experienced, muscle,hairy bear!
I grab you his tie and pull closer to me. I feel our closeness ... Then I catch in my hands his face with 2-day growth beard ... I open my mouth, lips. I see that he is doing the same thing ... He close his eyes ... however ... I only musk his lips using mu tong.
All this forplay ends up on the hot breath on his neck.
I feel the tension that keeps him ... at this point I feel that his strong hands are focusing on my never touched ass. They are moving and spanking my butt by tight suit material ...
But it is not time for this!
2 quick spanking targeted in his hot ass recall the order. I see a moment of confusion in his eyes. I know he likes to dominate, but I wish that he will do something for the first time with me like I'm doing it with him. I had a hope that he will like it...
However, this game finally ends and our lips met. Slow breaths and feel the endless dance of tongs ... this moment could last forever ...
Then I feel the hair on his face and hands, that are going down by my back. He try to pick me up. But another quick slap brings him to the order. I'm trying to catch mine breath but he is using his one hand to move me closer to him and by the other he gets my neck and f***e not to get out of this love game! I have no air at all! I feel his tong in my throut and his muscles all around me... The first time I can feel the man all over me! Fucking amaizing even if I feel trapped. Only his throaty laughter shows how much I he like it.
At the same time I grabed his muscle ass. First smooth touching between his tight suited crotch. I feel his involuntary convulsions and ultimately I reach his penis which almost breaks the suit material. I grab it as strong as I can! It is flexing when it feels the first touch... I'm so fucking horny right now! I'm touching dick, sorry DICK for the first time! 22 cm of hairless, veiny pure plesure! I start to think how my virgin ass can handle it... But his tong and bites on my face take that scary thoughts out of mine head.
Then I try to discover the balls. I found them and quick, decent compression causes a break in his exploration of mine face inch by inch, and let me catch a quick breath. But after a minute he returns to his love game, and I can go further to feel and touch more of mine teacher.
I take his shirt out of pants, then I'm unbuttoning his pants slowly. The are already on the floor... I dropped his jacket and now we felt that the game begin for serious!
Him- Big hairy muscle experienced bear! That is dominanated for the first time,standing almoust naked with visible pre-cum on his boxers and slapped marks on his butt and legs.
Me- normal, virgin gay guy, full clothed, that dominate and play with bear on my rules...
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