She was just another Chinese student, in another classroom, the same as any other girl I had seen over the last 3 years of teaching English in China, but there was something about her. I could not tell at that time just what it was that drew me towards her. Her name was Viki; she was around 21, the same as most of the others in her class. She was nothing different from any of the other 300 students that I had in my various classes (well, apart from the boys), after all, she was Chinese, and she had black hair, the typical "Asian" features.

Once you have spent a number of years in Asian countries like I have, you don't look at people and see "White, Black, European," etc., you see people. Yes, you take notice of every little detail of them. You have to, it is the only way you can try and remember their names. You look at them and try and remember the slight differences.

She has big eyes; he has a funny nose; she has bad acne; he is fat, or tall, or short, she has a hot arse, hmmm, her tits are nice when she bends over like that, etc., etc., it is the only way I had to recognize the different students, to tell one from another and thus make them feel that I knew them and did in fact like them.

I had been at my latest teaching position for almost 6 months and nothing much out of the ordinary had happened. I would get up in the mornings, have a coffee and check my e-mails, then go off to my classes. I only had 16 classes a week, and this meant I did not have a great big workload, but I also had extra classes in 2 kindergartens, as well as a few private lessons for young k**s from some wealthier families. So basically I was kept busy. On top of this, I also was married to a very young and attractive Chinese girl who always seemed very interested in sex more than once in a while. My daily life with my wife and all the teaching kept my mind pretty well occupied.

For the first semester at this College I was busy and did not even have the remotest of thoughts about doing anything with any of my students; I was too busy trying to do my job and get them to speak their "second" language that they had been learning for so many years. But by the end of the first semester and all the hours I was doing, as well as the extra 9 hours a week of traveling to all the different places to do the lessons, I had had enough. I decided to cut back on the extra lessons for the second semester. And this is where my story begins.

The first week back at classes I found that I had a few of the same classes and was not happy. The reason for this was that most of them had never really been interested in English. As English is a "f***ed" subject, many were made to come to class by their families, but it was obvious they were not interested, or were scared. Viki appeared to be no different from the rest. At the end of the first semester I had written the following about her achievements. "Very quiet and never seems to speak, needs more encouragement and confidence to be a better speaker."

Right from the start of second semester she began talking to me a lot, so much so that I did not realize that it was she. She seemed to be interested in speaking with me and we had a lot of informal chats in the classroom. My wife was going away for a week with her work and I had apparently mentioned this to my classes. The night she left I received a text message, which had a few simple words. "Are you lonely?" Thinking it was my wife I sent back a reply saying; "Yes, I so much want you in bed beside me."

She sent a few more messages saying how she wished she could be with me also as she was feeling a great need for me to be with her. This made me happy that she missed me and I was looking forward to seeing her again at the end of the week. "I can't wait for you to be next to me in my bed." I sent straight back to her, but then the next message arrived and I did not know what to say.

"But what about your wife?" she typed.

I caught my breath and looked at the number. It was not my wife's number and I did not know who it was from. I sent another message asking who she was, but she just sent back a "smiley face" and said that I would have to decide who she was as she would not tell me. I had a bad feeling in my stomach, I had just made a very sexual advance to one of my students, and I did not have a clue which one. Messages kept flying back and forth; I was asking many general questions to see if I could get a hint at her identity. Eventually I got it down to one of three girls, so decided on a way to make sure of my guess.

The next day in my first class I asked a girl to stand and I began a conversation with her, and slowly brought up some of the questions from the night before, but to no avail, this was not she. The next class I did the same, and this time I got it right, on the third and forth questions she gave the same answers as the night before. Lucky for me she did not realize what I was doing at the time, at least I don't think she did.

As the lesson finished and they were all leaving I grabbed my phone and punched in her number, and then stood back and waited to see if she answered her phone. She did. "Wei," (a Chinese way of answering the phone) she said.

"Hello my little nymph, did you mean what you said last night?" I asked her.

Suddenly she spun around and looked back at me, and then gave me a wicked grin and a wink, before talking back into the phone and saying, "That depends on if you want me to mean it or not."

She then gave me her "QQ" number, which is another chat program like MSN, Yahoo, etc., and said she would chat with me on line that night. I could not wait to see where this was going to lead me. Not knowing if she lived at the college, or at home, I did not know what time she would be online, or if she would have others around her and reading what was being said.

At about 7pm I saw her come online, so I sent her a basic "Hello" and waited for a reply. We chatted a few moments in general before I asked if she was in a net cafe or such, but she said she was in her bedroom at her f****y's home. This gave me the courage to probe a little more into the messages from the night before.

"So Viki, just how serious were you last night, and why did you decide you wanted to flirt with me, an older guy, and a foreigner to boot?" I asked her.

There were a few minutes of nothing, and then finally she replied.

"Well I don't care that you are older than me, and to tell the truth, I have seen you walking with your young Chinese wife and she seems so happy." she said, then added. "If you can make her so happy, and she looks only a few years older than me, then I guess that you are a very good lover, and that is the sort of guy I want to make love to me."

She had me stumped, now it was my turn to stay quiet for a few minutes, trying to get my thoughts together and reply to her. Unfortunately, just as I was about to reply the phone rang; it was my wife and she had taken ill and was returning the next morning. This could only mean an end to my possible "fling" with my student. But then I realized that it was maybe for the best. I could be in enough trouble back in my country for doing this, what would happen here if found out, I thought.

Over the next months I found myself chatting more with Viki in the class as well as online. I began to think more and more about what it would be like to spend time in bed with her, and less time thinking about the troubles it would cause. But it was not to be, at least not until the last week of semester.

My contract was due to finish and the college was not going to renew it. I began to look for another position, as well as say my goodbyes to the students. It was then that Viki and I began to turn our little online chats into a more sexual conversation, telling each other what we wanted to do, and trying to plan for it to become a reality.

As the end of my time here was drawing close, and also it was the end of 2004, there were many invitations for me to attend formal dinners as well as farewells from friends I had made in my time here. I went to many, but also I cancelled one but told my wife I was going to attend them. This was the only way I knew of getting some alone time with Viki and to see just how far she was prepared to go with me, or if she had just been having fun at my expense.

Being in China and booking into a hotel as a couple, especially when one half is Chinese and the other foreign, you must show proof of being married, or else you can not share a room together. This was not a problem for me as I had my copy of my marriage certificate, which contained a photo. As Viki was about the same build and looks as my wife, along with also being Chinese, I took a chance and decided they would not question me. I went to a large western style hotel in the morning and made a booking, telling them it was for my wife, and me and then after showing my passport, I produced my proof of marriage. All was set.

I then contacted Viki and told her I wanted to take her out for supper at a fancy restaurant and that she should wear something appropriate. At the appointed time I turned up at her home and collected her, and we went to the city. When we arrived at the Grand Hotel she was stunned and asked me why we had come here. I told her I wanted tonight to be special, I would probably never see her again after tomorrow, and so money did not matter.

We went to the restaurant and took our place at the table I had reserved and we ordered a meal. Asking her if she would like a drink, she replied that she was not old enough to be served, but when I showed her the marriage papers with my wife's' details, she giggled and said that she would like to let her hair down and have some fun.

During our meal Viki drank 2 glasses of wine as well as 2 glasses of champagne at the end and she was very tipsy and light headed. I signaled for the waiter to get the bill, but I also asked him to send some wine to room 808. Viki looked at me in a "lost" way, so I explained that I had taken a room here for the night, and if she wished we could go there and have a few more drinks. She agreed, so I took hold of her hand and led her towards the lifts, still not sure of just how far this would go, but determined to let the night progress.

As the lift door closed I did not have any reservations about her intentions. She threw her arms around my neck and pushed her lips to mine. Her mouth seemed to be on fire and needing mine to extinguish the flames. Her tongue f***ed its way in to meet mine, where the two intertwined with each other. As the lift reached our floor I was glad that there was no one waiting outside, as by now my cock was trying to escape from the confines of my trousers. I was sure by the way she was pushing her groin into mine, that she had also felt my erection.

Once inside the door she was at me again, only this time, not only did her lips meet mine, but also her hands were running up and down my chest, and then further down to where she was feeling my cock straining to be free. I pulled back from her slightly to take off my coat, and as I did she was already undoing my tie then attacking the buttons of my shirt. Once my coat was off I returned the advances and began to free her of her coat and then placed my arms around her to reach for the zipper of her dress. We were like two young teenagers going at each other for the first time, only I was a 49 year old married man, and she was not much more than a teenager, and maybe it was her first time. I was not sure, nor was I interested at this point in time.

As her dress hit the floor and my hands were just beginning to cup her breasts the doorbell rang. Shit! I forgot I had ordered some wine. I quickly composed myself and upon receiving the wine and giving the waiter a large tip, I hung the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door and returned to my waiting little sex kitten. I kicked off my shoes and opened the first bottle of wine and went to the bedroom where Viki was now sprawled out, just in her small bra and panties; she looked so sexy laying there, awaiting the events that were to unfold.

Now I must tell you that Chinese women are not known for having large breasts, but this was not a problem. For her stature her breasts were perfect; they were about a 34B and this was more than enough for me. I gave her a glass of wine and as she sipped away I began doting small kisses all over her beautiful face and body. She was enjoying both the wine and the kisses, but it was a bit hard for her at times when she tried to sip and my mouth was kissing between her lovely mounds, just at the top of her bra.

So the wine was forgotten and her hands were once again back at my shirt, undoing the buttons before peeling it from my body. Now I am no "hunk" or "muscle man", but I like to think for my age that I am in good shape, and she certainly seemed to like what she saw. As my shirt came off her mouth went to my nipples and began attacking them with gusto, almost bringing tears to my eyes when she bit down on each in turn. I at the same time found the clasp of her bra and released her breasts from their security and got my first glimpse of her delightful Asian mounds. She had the most gorgeous breasts, with slightly upturned, pert nipples. They were heavenly to behold.

I lay her back on the bed and started a slow, yet lovingly trail of kisses, from her lips down to her breasts, where I would gently run my tongue underneath each in turn. At first I did not attempt to touch her mounds, rather, I kept teasing her, making her feel hotter and wanting me to lick and kiss them. I continued with my tongue massage for some time, always the same way; start at the lips, down to her neck where I would put more pressure into my kisses. Next I would move to her breasts then back up to her ears where I would gently nibble each lobe before inserting my tongue into the depths of her ears, which just made her moan and beg for me to stop.

She was getting very hot and her hands and mouth began to wander and soon she was undoing my zipper and letting my erect cock free from its confines. When it slipped out from my fly she gasped and pulled her head back sharply.

"WOW, your cock is so large and hard, I never thought it could look so beautiful," she stated.

Now this had impressed me greatly and just the thought of her thinking it was so large made it swell even more. Chinese men are not known for having large cocks, and as mine in maybe around 6.5", this was all the ego booster I needed to make my head (and cock) swell even more. She moved her head closer and inspected it as if it was a piece of meat in the local markets needing to be checked to see that it was edible and fresh. Well, I must say, it may not be a fresh cock, but it certainly was looking forward to being eaten by her. It stood to attention and awaited the meat inspectors report.

With her hand taking a firm grip on my shaft and slowly moving it up and down, her head moved closer and she kissed the tip of my cock. By now I had a few drops of precum oozing out of the top. I lifted my arse and she took the hint and helped me slip my trousers off, as well as my underwear. She ran her tongue from the head of my cock all the way down to the base of my shaft, the feeling inside of me was building and I knew that I could not take much more of her youthful mouth administering this much love and attention to it.

I pushed her back once more and this time my mouth and tongue started venturing further south. I took my time and kissed and licked around her navel before slowly running my tongue over the outside of her panties, across the top of her love mound. She was squirming beneath my touch and moaning how much she enjoyed what I was doing. I took the top of her panties between my teeth and gently lowered them to expose her full bushy mound. I had not seen this much pure black pubic hair for many years.

Over the next 15 minutes we kissed and touched each other so tenderly, but with a zest that revealed the eagerness we both had, but I was not ready to go to the final stage as yet. I was surprised that she had even bothered to kiss my cock or run her tongue along it, as I had already learnt that most Asian do not do, or like doing, this. They think it is so "unclean". I knew that I was lucky to have found someone so young and willing, but also realized that she probably had lots of experiences with other boys, or even maybe with other foreign teachers before me.

Her hand was running up and down my shaft and at the same time her other hand was cupping my balls and gently squeezing them, but occasionally she would run her hand down to the crack of my arse and give it a firm grip. My balls were tightening and I knew that I was getting close to losing my load, but I did not want to lose it this way, at least not yet. I pulled away from her again and this time I moved her legs apart and took my face down to her most precious of places, where I began to pay attention to it with my mouth and tongue.

It took some doing to fight my way through her bush, but I did manage to get through. I paid attention first to her outer lips which made her shake with delight, before I let my tongue delve into the depths and discover the wonderful taste of her pussy. She was now starting to buck and push her hips up to met my mouth as I twirled her lips with my mouth and my tongue found her little pleasure spot. I could feel her juices emerging to meet with me and my cock was beginning to feel left out.

After another 5 minutes of this administration I moved up on top of her and asked was she sure that she wanted to do this forbidden thing, but she just moaned and said she was more then ready for me to take her. I reached down and took a hold of my cock and placed it at the entrance to her pussy, slowly rubbing it up and down on her lips, both lubricating myself more as well as teasing and exciting her.

As I slowly let the head of my cock enter her divine tunnel my cock was on fire, feeling her warm, moist hole. Slowly I pushed in until the head and maybe another inch was inside of her, where I stopped all movements and just rested, taking in the totally unbelievable feeling of having my cock inside of this wonderful young miss.

Slowly I pulled myself back so as my cock was once again on the outside, but still touching her lips. She moaned and told me to stick it back as she wanted me to fuck her now. I moved once more back inside, but this time I went a little further before felt a blockade. WHAT THE.......? It was a hymen; she was still a virgin. I could not believe this. She came onto me like a woman of many years of sexual deprivation, yet she was still untouched. I eased back out and asked her if she sure that she wanted me to go further. YES! NOW! Was her answer.

A few more times I moved back to that roadblock and retreated, just making sure that all was well, my cock and her pussy ready and wet enough, before finally lunging to her depths in one long swoop. She let out a small yelp as I bottomed out in her cunt, where I stopped and stayed perfectly still. I kissed her lips so tenderly before nibbling her ears and whispering that now she would feel no more pain, the worst was over, her cherry was gone. We stayed this way for nearly 5 minutes until she settled, and then I slowly moved back and forward, just a little at a time, until she returned the movements, I then knew all was well and I could now begin to fuck her fully to her first cock induced orgasm.

Viki by now was digging her nails into my back and at the same time her teeth were biting into my neck, but I did not care. The feeling this young nymph was giving me was more than any guy could ever want. She was starting to arch her arse and hips up to meet my every thrust. We were like one, heaving and thrusting into each other, our minds not needing to think about what we were doing, as our sexual organs had taken full control. I was feeling on top of the world (as well as this girl) and nothing was going to stop me from having and giving as much pleasure as possible. My balls were swelling and ready to unleash their juices into this hot and wanting virginal pussy.

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Great story. Loved it. Thanks
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I have u know nit on asian are small sir