Losing It

I’d like to tell you the story of the day I lost my virginity; I was 19 years old. This was in the late sixty’s the decade of free love. But I was what you would call a late bloomer. Heck, I wasn’t even sure that I was ready to go all the way with a woman. As it happen I had a friend who was going to get married in a few weeks and he wanted to have one last big fling before he got married. He talked me and a friend named Richard, into going on a fuck quest. My name is Al and my soon to be married friend was named Alfred. Alfred was a good four or five years older than Richard and I and we had thought of him to be worldlier than us.

Alfred had told us about a place just across the border in Mexico. A small town called San Luis. It was a border town where prostitution was legal. Well, at least there were no hassles with the law. Only thing it was about a four-hour drive. Well Alfred had a new Camaro and wanted to drive us. We agreed to go the next weekend. We still all lived at home so we made up a story that we were going fishing and would be gone all weekend. At this time nobody thought any different. So on Friday afternoon Alfred picked me and Richard up and we were off. At first I didn’t think the drive would be much. As I found out sitting in a cramped Camaro for four hours was not fun. Good thing he had air conditioning because we had to go through the hottest area in California even at night. The place we had to go was near the Arizona town of Yuma. When we crossed into Mexico it must have been past nine o’clock at night. We all felt an excitement and giddiness and a bit of nervousness.

As we drove into San Luis we came to a part of town that looked like it was right out of a western movie. The buildings were old and looked like they were about to fall apart. I almost expected to see horse hitches in front of the buildings. When we parked and entered one of the buildings it was like entering a western saloon. There were people all around both Americans and Mexicans. We found out later there also Indians there. Everybody was drinking laughing and having a good time. There were women everywhere, good looking women, ugly women, skinny ones and fat ones. Hell, the place had every type of women you could want. It was weird as soon as we sat down dozens of girl’s came over and asked we would buy them a drink. Alfred being the only one of us that could speak Spanish fluently told them to leave us alone and give us a little time. We ordered some beers and just took in the sites. As we sat there we could see different people being led upstairs. Alfred was the most anxious and saw a woman he liked. He called her over, she sat down and Alfred bought her a drink. When they brought the beer over to her it was in a smaller bottle than ours.

Alfred said that was so she wouldn’t get d***k and stayed sober to earn more money. That was when he negotiated the price of a fuck. He talked to her first then told us what he said. He told us that the price of a fuck was five dollars and if he wanted all night, thirty dollars. You have to remember this was the sixty’s, five bucks went a long way. He just wanted a fuck; she led him upstairs to where she had a room. He was back in less than twenty minutes, with a big smile on his face. He smelled of perfume, she had sprayed him so he wouldn’t smell of the fuck he just got. He sat down and told us he needed a rest before he did it again. With that he showed us around the place. It turned out that the whole city block was connected. There were four saloons and each saloon was connected to one just like it next door. That was that way women could go from one place to the other to work with different people or customers.

Richard was next, he saw a women almost as tall as he was, which was about six foot three. She had a light complexion with short black hair. Her build was a bit thin but I guess that is what he wanted. She led him upstairs as well. Again he was only gone only a short while too. He came back with a bigger smile on his face than Alfred had. This was his first time as well. We all shook hands and slapped each other on the back. I knew I was next.

When it came to my turn I wanted a very specific type. She had to be a mature woman with a little meat on her. I liked a woman I could hold on to and not worry about hitting myself with a bone or something. She didn’t have to have big breasts but I did want them to be full and round with big nipples. We went into the bar next door and there I saw the woman I wanted. I called her over and bought her a drink. Her name was Rosa. We settled on the price for my tryst. She led me to a room in back of the saloon. I followed her down a dark alley and into a dimly lighted room with a bed and bathroom. The room was clean and well taken care of.

She spoke a little English and I was able to tell her that this was to be my first time. When I told her that I was a virgin, she took on a certain glow, almost happy. She was surprised that I was a virgin. Most of the people that used her service were men of the world or so the men thought. With care she undressed me. Being nineteen I was ready and more than able. Hell, I already had an erection. She removed her clothes; she wasn’t wearing a bra or underwear. This I suppose was to make her job easier.

She was an older woman maybe in her early thirties, to me being nineteen she was an older woman. She had large breasts that hung down on her chest with large nipples. She was a little on the plump side with wide hips. I guess I was too much in a hurry because I don’t remember what her pussy looked like. But she was exactly what I wanted. I didn’t mine that she was a prostitute, in fact it was kind of exciting. She laid me down on my back and wiped my penis off with a wet towel. I damn near came when she did that because no person had ever touched me like that before.

She laid down next to me and pulled me on top of her. This was about forty years ago and there was no worry about AIDS so I didn’t have to wear a condom. Her hands gripped my penis and guided it to the Promised Land. As I entered her I felt a sharp pain coming from my penis. I was not circumcised and found out later that when entering her I pushed my foreskin back over the head of my penis, in other words I popped my cherry. I only felt pain for an instant and continued to pump her. Being young I didn’t take long, I started pumping and in a few minutes I came! Remember that this was my first time with a woman.

When I withdrew my penis it was covered with bl**d. That really got me scared, but she told me that the bleeding was a natural occurrence because it was my first time. Rosa wiped the bl**d off and cleaned me up. The whole process took about twenty minutes. I felt like I had spent hours with her. I got dressed and went back to meet my friends in the bar. Where we all laughed and slapped each other on the back and I then proceeded to get filthy d***k. I ended up spending the rest of the night asl**p in the car. Alfred was still spreading his wild oats had a go two or three more times with ladies of his choosing. I don’t remember what happen to Richard.

When we returned home nobody was the wiser. The only problem was that Alfred’s mother had called my mother and asked if she knew where we went. My mother told her that I had said we were going fishing. She said Alfred told her same thing, only thing was that Alfred did not take any of his tackle with him
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2 years ago
nicely done!! Cheers!
2 years ago
Great story!