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[Story] Oh...No....

I was sitting in the bed decorated with flowers, awaiting my husband's arrival. I never ever dreamed even in my wildest one that I would be married off to a old guy, who turns 60, within a few months. My eyes were swelled up with the tears that I cried after I got engaged. It was my fate, a young girl who turned just 19, a few weeks back is now someone's wife. I am not against marriage but with a old pervert, I just can't digest it.

I am really not in mood now, to tell my past nor how I look. I know the night about to follow will be filled with his manliness filling up my femininity. T
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[Story] Older Man Teaches Me How

This is not story about sex but about the first time I experienced what sex should be like.
I hadn't had much sexual experience at all. It wasn't that I wasn't interested - I was really, really interested - it's just that I'd always been training for triathlon, and between the running, swimming, and biking I didn't have time for much at all outside of school. My parents always thought I was going to be a champ, but I really didn't have what it takes to be one, and I really only ever competed at a regional level. It kept me in pretty good shape though. At 5"9", and 120 lbs I was always ... Continue»
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Out of the Ashes

i like this story and put it here
The Jackson f****y moved into the house across the road when Jason was f******n. Beth introduced herself on the first day; she wasn't a shy girl and as soon as she saw him watching proceedings from his front garden, she came straight over to say hello.

They soon became firm friends and although he thought she was very pretty, Jason never thought of her as anything other than a mate. As the years passed, they spent a lot of time in each others houses, watching television and just hanging out. Jason preferred to be in Beth's house rather than his own ... Continue»
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[Story] متعه مع زوجة نسيبي قصة منقولة

متعه مع زوجة نسيبي
مساء الخيرعليكم صبايا وشباب جميعاً سأسرد عليكم قصة محمد مع زوجة نسيبه عادل( أخو زوجتة ) أمل وكيف حصلت لهم علاقة حب مع بعضهما ، واليكم القصة كما يرويها محمد :
ذهبنا انا محمد ( أماراتي الجنسيه ) وزوجتي مريم ( أردنيه الجنسيه ) من أربد في زياره إلى عمان وقبل السفر بيومين أتصل علي شقيق زوجتي عادل وقال: إذا كنتم تريديون السفر فأنا وزوجتي أمل نرغب نسافر سوياً معكم ، لكي أزور وأطمئن على والدي ووالدتي في أربد ، ولكي نتمتع بأسبوع سياحه كذلك فقلت له نحن نتشرف بمرافقتكم معنا ولكني شخصياً لا أستطيع أن أذهب إلى أربد ، فقال لي لا نحن نريد أن نجلس في عمان ولكن أثناء تلك الزياره سوف نذهب ... Continue»
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[Story] إمراة52 سنة

إمراة52 سنة
المقدمة : -
منعا للإحراج لن أذكر البلد أو المدينة و الجنسية إنما سأكتفي بكتابة القصة بأحداثها وإن سبق شيء قبل الآخر فهذا لترتيب ألأحداث ليس إلا؛ لذلك جرى التنويه لذلك .
كانت خالتي بزيارة للمدينة التي أقيم بها و كانت ضيفة عندي بالمنزل و في يوم مغادرتها حضرت إحدى معارفها لتوديعها وما أن دخلت المنزل تركتهما و ذهبت لغرفة الكمبيوتر وبالوقت الذي انتهيت به من تصفح ألإيميل طرقت خالتي ألباب و قالت بأن صديقتها ترغب بسؤالي عن عدم تمكنها من فتح صفحة إيميل الياهو في بعض الأحيان و إنها تحصل على (error 999 ) بعد أن أطلعتها على كيفية حل المشكلة شكرتني بإبتسامة و قالت ما هذا الإسم الظاهر... Continue»
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I was studying in the elite engineering school of the east of India in those days. Young and unattached. My close friend’s s****r (let us name her Tara) was slightly younger than me. She was perpetually dreaming of falling in love and then having a torrid affair. How do I know it?

That is the real story.

Coming from a very conservative background, we were not permitted to talk freely to girls. Our s****rs were not permitted to talk to boys. But talking to b*****rs and s****rs was permitted, albeit under lower levels of parental surveillance.

Being far away from home, I would meet my f... Continue»
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First Blush

Keeping it down, keeping it up
If I had known that losing my virginity would start with what would likely have been the most embarrassing experience of my young life, or that it would be happen the way it did, I might not have spent much of that day wanting to die.

I was 18, small for my age, and not up to snuff socially, either. I had had a lot of illnesses as a c***d, and my mother spent a lot of time home-schooling me. So I never really got into a group at school, and spent a lot of time on my own. My size and my history of pneumonia and heart trouble left me off sports teams too... Continue»
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[Story] بائع العلك قصة منقولة

في البدء أريد أن أعرفكم بنفسي , أنا مراد و عمري قارب على
الخمسين ,محتفظ بكامل لياقتي , مهندس و حالتي المادية جيدة , زوجتي سمر
أصغر مني قليلا , تعرفنا على بعضنا في الجامعة , لدينا أبنان يدرسان خارج
البلاد .
حياتنا الجنسية عادية جدا و تقليدية , نمارس الجنس عدة مرات بالشهر , و
بطريقة كلاسيكية جدا , لم أشعر يوما أن سمر من النوع الشبق , مع أني
طالما تمنيتها هكذا , لها وجه جذاب و جسم جميل , إذا نظرت إليها لا
تعطيها أكثر من خمس و ثلاثون سنة .
كنت كثيرا ما أفتش عن ذلك الزر الخفي الذي يجب أن يكون موجودا عند كل
النساء لاستثارتها , و لقد جربت كل شيء و لم أفلح , من التقاط حلم صدرها
بفمي و لسا... Continue»
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قصة منقولة ام سعود

قصة منقولة بس الصور من عندى
هذه قصه حصلت معي منذ زمن ليس بالبعيد وتسببت في تغيير عشقي من الفتيات
إلى عشقي للنساء الكبيرات أتمنى أن تعجبكم..

كان وقتها عمري 22 سنة شاب وسيم لا لي ولا علي الأوضاع صعبة في التعرف على
بنات يادوب بنات الجيران على كم تليفون من هنا ومن هناك بحكم طبيعة
المجتمع السعودي .. قلت يا ولد خلك عايش دور عبد الحليم حافظ مع وسادتك
الخاوية .. وقتي مابين الجامعة والنادي وفي الليل أحط حَرتي في الأفلام
السكس.. ألين جاء هذاك اليوم واتصل على ناصر وقالي أش عندك بدر قلت ما
عندي شي قالي الليلة خميس وقاعد في البيت قلت على يدك وين نروح قال
مرعلي نروح لصديق لي اسمه سعود نسهر عنده م... Continue»
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my nasty think

hi how are you that is what my wild side think about you

when i meet you i will kiss you deep


you wear your sexy baby doll

and you will take off your clothes for me

[image]http://ep.xhamster.com/000/012/7... Continue»
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had already been noticing girls but one had caught my eye and I was ashamed to say she didn't attend my high school. She was my aunty, a tall, slim brunette who was 38 at the time. She kept fit through yoga and nothing would thrill me more than to see her in her tight outfits. People would comment on how close me and my cousin were but in truth, this was only because of my desire to perve on his mother. For years I fought this urge and would be rather embarrassed as I found myself sniffing her underwear and privately wanking off u... Continue»
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[Story] I can't believe I fucked my grandmother

This happened a long time ago, but it is still on my mind like it was yesterday.

It was the end of my high school junior year, I was barely 17 when summer arrived. I needed a summer job but the economy in my town stunk and I was having no luck. I was desperate.

My folks were worried about me and we brainstormed one evening about places I could look for work. Finally my mom hit upon an idea, I could move to Utah and live with my grandmother for the Summer. I would probably have better luck looking for work there than in my hometown in Oregon. It made sense. So, we called grandma and she a... Continue»
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[Story] I FUCK my boss

well hello this is my first time writing my true stories so ENJOY.
It was about 2 years ago,
I would always go eat to this Mexican restaurant with my f****y,
After going so many times I became good friends with the owners,
Keep in mind I had just turn 18 and was looking to finally get a job,
So one day I decided to talk with the owners of the Mexican restaurant,
The owners was this hot Mexican lady.
She's about mid 30s 5'6" dark hair, great ass and about a B cup on the titties department but her ass was fucking great.
The other owner is her husband he was the cook and she was the one t... Continue»
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قصيدة كس غدار

زبري وقف على كسك راح كسك قفل بابه
زبري بكى وقال انا اللي كنت ف يوم اعز احبابه
نكته لحد مارعش ومانكتش غيره في غيابه
سقيته من لبني لحد ماشبع ولا سالت على حسابه
ولحست زنبوره وفرشت شفراته واكلت شرابه(عسل كسه)
بصيت على طيزه رجعتلي ذكريات جميله كدابة
ايام كنت داخل فيها طالع منها زي دانة دبابة
وارمي قذايفي جوا تبرد نار الغلابة
فقت وقلت لا دا كس شرموطة قحابة
وقرصت زنبورها وسيبتها تنيكها الديابة
رحت بيتي لقيت بابي بيخبط وحركه كتيرة على اعتابه
فتحت لقيت اكساس كتيرة فتحتلي السحابة (السوسته)
زبري وقف متر وقال تعالى شوف ابنك يابا
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[Story] Love Thy Neighbor

I was in my last month of High School, so I didn’t really mind missing one day.

I worked the night shift and got home at eight a. m. I told my mom that I would go to school after lunch. Yeah right! Also I had just turned 18, so I am not f***ed to go.

I went to sl**p and woke up at 11:30 a. m. I heard someone out by our pool. I looked out the back door and noticed my neighbor getting out of the pool.

Mary was the same age as my mom, but built like someone half her age. She wore a bikini that showed off not only her small chest, but also her great ass.

Mary sat on the lawn chair and ... Continue»
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[Story] Loving My Aunt

Loving My Aunt
The constant buzzing of my cell phone woke me up. I picked up the cell phone. It was my friend Abhishek calling me. I had to pick up the phone. He is my best friend.

"Dude you gotta see this. Man this chick rocks."he yelled on phone as soon as I received his call. No hi no hello. Just straight to chicks.

"You dumbass. Its midnight. And you are talking about chicks. Now fuck off I need to sl**p." I replied to him as rudely as I can. But it had no effect on him.

He was babbling about new neighbors who were shifting into the house next to his.

"Dude I am seriously not ... Continue»
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[Story] Maid in England

Traveling always presents opportunities. I will never forget my trip to England and the opportunity that I took advantage of with a beautiful older woman. Although I saw the usual sites and had a wonderful time, the memory that stuck with me most was one of my fantasies coming to fruition. Ever since I could remember, I was always very submissive to older women. I loved to see them with a beaming smile on their face. Oftentimes, their husband or significant other did not treat them with the reverence that they deserved. Their experience makes it the ultimate pleasure for a younger man. I had l... Continue»
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[Story] Losing It

I’d like to tell you the story of the day I lost my virginity; I was 19 years old. This was in the late sixty’s the decade of free love. But I was what you would call a late bloomer. Heck, I wasn’t even sure that I was ready to go all the way with a woman. As it happen I had a friend who was going to get married in a few weeks and he wanted to have one last big fling before he got married. He talked me and a friend named Richard, into going on a fuck quest. My name is Al and my soon to be married friend was named Alfred. Alfred was a good four or five years older than Richard and I and we had ... Continue»
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[Story] Older Aunt the Better

My wife told me there was a f****y get-together and I needed to attend. I normally hate these affairs and try to slip out early. These people were not my bl**d relatives and I didn't know too many of them. I arrived on the day in question and found a seat in the pavilion that had been rented. No sooner had I sat down a group of people arrived.

One of them was my wife's aunt, Dee. She was always friendly to me and didn't tend to be a big pain at these affairs. No sooner did she spot me, she came over and sat on my lap. I was a bit shocked at this. Dee had never acted this way towards me befo... Continue»
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[Story] chating spanish wife

My fingers peck at the keyboard as I blink at the screen, the words glowing fuzzily back at me. I reach out and take a sip of my soda to wet my drying lips. I read over her words again.

{my pussy is so wet for u}

I glance at my response in the send box before hitting return, watching my words magically appear on the screen before me.

{r u playing with urself now?}

I couldn't believe how wrapped up in this I had become. I never went into chatrooms before, the whole interest of computers and Internet communication escaping me, but sitting home by myself for days upon days, nothing to... Continue»
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