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You lean back against me.

You gently rock your ass against my cock as I reach around and start to massage your thighs. You wear only panties as I slowly trail my fingers up and down your thighs, closer and closer to your soft wet lips, hidden behind a thin layer of fabric that has started to become just slightly wet.

I massage the soft warm flesh between your thighs and your pussy, gently. You feel it as the motion gently rubs your lips together. You arch slightly, trying to push yourself closer, bring my fingers closer to your pussy.

But I won't let you.

I stop teasing the soft flesh around your pussy. My hands slide down to your hips and I hold you...to stop you from grinding against my cock. You feel it getting plump as your ass rocks against it. But I hold you in place, stop you from moving. When you've calmed down, I slide my hands back down towards your panties.

I don't take them off yet, as much as you want me to. I let you lick one of my finger tips...and then I slowly...lightly...barely touching it at all...I start to run my finger up and down the lips of your pussy, through your panties.

You feel the soft pressure as my finger gently part yours lips, just a little. I stroke slowly...maddeningly slowly...torturing you as I gently tease your clit through the thin fabric. It scratches lightly against your pussy as I rub it. I can feel you getting wet. I can feel your clit becoming plump and hard. I take one finger nail...and lightly start to scratch your clit through your panties...

You start to writhe, shiver slightly, the sweet vibrations against your clit. You want me to touch it don't you?

I let you take off your panties.

I pull you back against me. My cock is rock hard now, you feel it press against you. Before you can do anything about it, I spread your legs.

I take 2 fingers...

I place one gently on each side of your pussy...

so close...

almost touching...

but not quite...

and I gently start to slide my fingers up...
and down...
the soft flesh around your pussy.

I'm so close to touching it. I can feel it warm and wet. But I only touch the soft flesh around it... The motion of my finger up and down the flesh around your pussy gently starts to pull your lips up...and down...your clit is pulled around as the flesh around it moves. Every so often your get a sharp sensation as it is rubbed against the flesh around it.

I bring my fingers closer together...almost touching...but not quite. You feel my fingers brush lightly against the edges of your lips...so close...

I stop. I take my hands away from your pussy. You squirm, wanting me to touch you. I kiss your neck tenderly, spread your legs...take one finger...and gently...place it against your lips.

I don't move at first. You just feel my finger lightly against the bottom your pussy lips. Then slowly...I start to slide my finger up your slit...towards your clit. I move slowly, tantalizingly...slowly moving closer and closer to your clit. You want me to touch it so much, don't you?

But I don't.

I slowly slide up and up your slit, almost touching your clit, and when I get to it...I slowly massage the soft flesh around it in a circle. I gently push the flesh around it aside, have it exposed and tingling...and then I slowly massage all around it in a circle...slowly...slowly...sliding around the soft flesh... so close you feel my finger gently brush against it...but only slightly. I circle around, and then slide back down your lips.

Now you see how its going to be. You want to come...I want to tease you. I continue slowly sliding my finger up and down your lips, slowly circling around your clit, almost touching, but not quite. A little closer ever time I get near it. You want to feel me touch it, don't you? I start to just run my finger around it in a circle, again and again, around and around, closer and closer. You grind your hips, writhe, shake, wanting me to touch it so badly...wanting it so bad...but I keep saying no...no...not yet. Not until I'm ready to touch it.

I'm sliding around and around your clit, faster and faster, when suddenly I stop.

I hear your sigh, feel you grow tense in my arms...

then I place my finger right against your clit...
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