Maria Stephanos, Maria Menounos News Anchor Bukkak

Maria Stephanos and Maria Menounos are in Germany for a journalism conference. They are asked to go to a studio to show the Germans how American news anchors do the news. What they don't know is that the newsroom is actually a porn set.

The porn that is done in this studio isn't shown on the internet. It is made for about two hundred rich and powerful men around the world. One of them made the suggestion of getting an American news anchor to do a gang bang and bukkake. These perverted rich men are going to get two American news anchors for their exclusive porn video.

The men that participate in these videos are paid very well to keep it off the internet. Now for some background on these two sexy news anchors.

When these rich men receive their videos privately online it always has before pictures and info on the women in the videos.

Of course these pics were taken before they knew what was going to happen to them.

The first woman on the screen is Maria Stephanos who is 47 married with two teenagers. She is looking into camera with that come fuck me look in her eyes. She is a Greek American from the Boston area. She is wearing a tight dark red long sleeved blouse, a tight black skirt with a black belt and black high heeled shoes. She has bracelets on both wrists, long earrings that swing when she walks. A pearl necklace and rings on both hands including her wedding ring.

Next on the screen is Maria Menounos. She is 35 with a long time boyfriend. She is a Greek American also from the Boston area. She looks sexy as hell with her hair down with those long soft curls. She is wearing a tight dark blue long sleeved blouse, a tight black skirt with a black belt and black high heeled shoes. She also has long earrings, bracelets on both wrists, a pearl necklace and rings on both hands.

The two news anchors look almost identical accept for the color of their blouses. Maria Stephanos is a news anchor for Fox 25 News in Boston. Maria Menounos is an anchor for Extra Entertainment News.

The two confident news women walk into the fake news room and take their seats at the anchor desk. If you are looking through the camera at them Maria S. is on the right and Maria M. is on the left.

They take turns reading the fake news stories when a door opens on the side and a bunch of men start filing in.The men coming in the room are of all ages and body shapes. The youngest is 21 and the oldest is 75. Some of them are really rough biker types. Most of them are in shape but there are a few fat ones.

Maria Stephanos a little scared looks at Maria Menounos then at the German man in charge and asks "What's going on here." Maria M. says "Who are all these men."

The director stops filming and begins to tell them what is expected of them. His English is excellent so they can perfectly understand him. He tells them that they are filming a bukkake scene for some very rich and powerful men.

Maria S. stops him and says "A bukkake porn." Maria M. Looks over at Maria S. confused because she doesn't know what the word means.

"It means that all these men are going to cum on us" says a disgusted Maria S. Maria M. a little shocked but a little turned on by the idea has always fantasized about something like that. She just didn't know it had a name. "It might be fun"

"WHAT" yells Maria S. "I'm married" The director begins to speak again "Listen we are going to do this whether you want to or not so you might as well enjoy yourself."

"If we do this our reputations will be ruined and we will never be able to work in the news industry again."
"No no" says the director "These men pay a lot of money so it doesn't get released online."

Maria S. is now also a little turned on knowing it won't go worldwide. "Is it going to be like those Japanese videos where the news anchor just's reads the news and men just walk up and cum on her?"

"You will have to jerk their cocks too" Says the director lying to them knowing they will be doing more than just jerking their cocks.

Maria S. slides her chair over to Maria M. telling her "We can do this and no one back home will know" "Ok but I am little scared but excited knowing these guys want to cum on us." says Maria M. Maria S. looking at her then leaning over lightly touching her face begins to deeply kiss her. Maria M. a little shocked at first begins to return the kiss. Their tongues intertwined with each other.

A big cheer goes up throughout the room. Maria S. breaks off the kiss and slides her chair back over. "Ok were ready what do you want us to do?"

The director smiling and excited says "Read these lines saying the last line together then we can begin."

Both Maria's looking at the camera say "I'm Maria Stephanos" "And I'm Maria Menounos" "WELCOME TO AMERICAN NEWS ANCHOR BUKKAKE"

Another loud cheer goes up in the room and these men waste no time getting their clothes off. They begin to swarm the two shocked news anchors. A naked burly German biker with tattoos everywhere sits on the desk in front of Maria M. and in broken English says "You suck cock American bitch" Maria M. stunned thinking they would only be jerking cocks and getting cummed on froze in place.

The German biker not waiting for a reply grabs her hair and slams her mouth on his cock. Guiding her head up and down his huge cock. Maria S. seeing what is happening says "You said we would only be-" "hummph" another German biker slams his cock into Maria S.'s mouth shutting her up.

These rough men were told not to tear the women's clothes off because the people paying for this want to see their clothes covered with cum.

Maria M.'s head is bobbing up and down her earring's swinging. Her hands are wrapped around two huge cocks which she is furiously stroking. The chair she is sitting in gets pulled out from under her so she is f***ed to stand. She can't turn around because of the biker forcing her mouth on his cock. She feels hands all over her grabbing and squeezing her tits through her blouse.

Her tight skirt gets lifted up and her underwear pulled down. Another burly biker starts to f***e his cock inside her pussy. This biker grabs her hips and buries his cock inside her and begins to ram her f***efully. Maria M. is able to take her mouth off the cock she sucking only to blurt out "OH MY GOD" before being f***ed to suck it again.

The bikers are taking over this bukkake gang bang making everyone else wait but the other men don't care about sloppy seconds.

"TAKE MY COCK AMERICAN WHORE" The biker yells as he fucks Maria M.'s tight pussy. Maria M's forehead is starting to get wet from slamming into the sweaty bikers belly she is sucking off. She can feel her hands getting wet as she looks out the corner of her eyes to see the two bikers she is stroking spitting on their cocks and her hands.

Meanwhile Maria S. doesn't have it much better. The biker who slammed his cock in her mouth to shut her up is fucking her face hard as she sits in her chair. Her hands are also jerking off two other bikers with hands all over her.

Maria S. can't answer the biker. She can only look up at him wide eyed while his cock punishes her mouth. The biker pulls his huge cock out of her mouth and Maria S. gasps for breath. He grabs her by the hips lifting her out of the chair. Her hands coming off the cocks she was jerking and throws her forward over the news desk.

Another biker scrambles to sit on the desk his cock inches from maria S.'s face. "PLEASE STOP I'M MARRI-" "Ummph" The biker not caring what she has to say slams his cock in her mouth. As she is pinned to the desk she feels her skirt pulled up and her underwear torn off.

Meanwhile Maria M. being slammed front and back and sucking the sweaty bikers cock hears him announce "I CUM NOW" He unloads in her mouth. Maria M. is starting to chock on his big load so she has to swallow it to keep from drowning. The biker rips Maria M.'s mouth off his cock and she spits up his cum all over his cock and sweaty belly.

He grabs a fistful of her hair and slams her face into his sweaty cum covered belly making her lick it up. The guy fucking her grabs her long hair pulling her back exposing her sweaty and cummy face to the camera.

Maria S. is horrified as a nasty German biker enters her. His huge cock pummeling her tight pussy. His hands are on her shoulders as she sucks off the guy on the desk. The guy fucking her reaches down grabbing her tits hard over her blouse and screams "I CUM IN YOUR MARRIED PUSSY." and unloads his semen inside of her unprotected cunt.

Two mattresses are brought into the room and thrown onto the floor behind the news desk. Maria M. is brought over first and made to kneel down. The men swarm her jerking their cocks and bouncing them off her face. She is very scared because the men are so rough with her. Her hands are again jerking two cocks while two other men are stuffing her mouth at the same time.

Maria S. is also thrown down onto the mattress with cum leaking out of her pussy. She is to stunned to do anything as the men circle her jerking their cocks.

One of the more athletic Germans kneels down in front of Maria S. his cock as hard as a rock. Aiming it at her cum soaked pussy. He lifts up her blouse and unclips the front of her bra exposing her beautiful breasts. All the men surrounding her cheer at seeing her chest as one of the cameras overhead zooms in on the scene.

The man throws Maria S.'s legs over his shoulders and rams his huge cock into her. Her face contorts in pain as she takes his raging cock.

Maria M.'s blouse is also lifted up and her bra unclipped from the front exposing her perfect tits. One of the 75 year old men lays down next to her with his hard cock sticking straight up. The other men lift her up and lower her onto him. His cock entering her wet fuck hole. She starts to bounce up and down on his cock and he wraps his arms around her pulling her chest to his mouth.

As the old man sucks on her nipples another 75 year old spreads her ass cheeks preparing to enter her firm ass. "OH GOD, OH FUCK" she screams as he enters her ass. Even for old men they are ramming her unmercifully. They are dping her for all their worth. The younger men cheering them on.

"PLEASE I CAN'T"- "YOUR COCKS ARE TOO BIG" Maria M. blurts out. The camera zooms in on her pained face as the old man fucking her ass grabs her hair and yells out "TAKE MY OLD COCK AMERICAN BITCH." Both old men are close to cumming.

The one below Maria M. grabs her face looking her in the eyes and says "I CUM IN YOUR AMERICAN PUSSY" "NO DON'T NOT INSIDE ME" Maria M. screams but its to late. The old man shoots his load inside the young news anchors cunt. The other old man at the same time begins to flood her ass with his seed. Both old men are convulsing as they empty themselves into her body.

Maria S. her back on the mattress being rammed by the athletic German has other men kneeling around her face slapping their cocks off of it. Making her suck and jerk them. The guy in her mouth begins to cum. Maria. S's eyes bulge out as she begins to swallow his load. When he finishes cumming he pulls out and Maria S. screams at him "YOU BASTARD."

The guy fucking her pushes the other men away and grabs Maria S. by the waist and lifts her up. While still inside her he lays on the mattress with her on top and continues to fuck her. He grabs her ass spreading her cheeks. Maria S. looks over her shoulder to see a huge muscle bound German about to enter her tight Greek ass.

The man grabs her bunched up skirt and begins to enter her. "OH FUCK" "PLEASE" gasping "NO" The two men start to fuck her in unison. The man in her ass leans over and says "I love your tight American ass."

As Maria S. is being roughly fucked by two big muscled Germans Maria M. finds herself in the middle of a blow bang. Maria M.'s mouth is going from cock to cock and her hands are pumping cocks left and right. Spit is coming out of her mouth onto her dark blue blouse.

Maria M. has two cocks being f***ed into her mouth at the same time. The camera zooms in on her disbelieving eyes as the two cocks pump in and out of her mouth like pistons. Cocks are being slapped off her face and head. One of the men ramming his cock in her mouth can't take it anymore. He pulls it out of her mouth and starts to masturbate in her face. Maria M. is caught by surprise when has starts to blast her face.

Ropes of cum hit her left cheek and into her hair dripping onto her blouse. Another guy behind her unloads onto the top of her head all in her long hair.

Maria S. still being dped now has a cock in her mouth. The guy is fucking her mouth hard getting ready to blast her face. The guy fucking her ass grabs her hips and screams out as he deposits his load in her tight ass which causes the guy in her pussy to also cum inside her.

The guy fucking her face starts to nut in her mouth then pulls his cock out and cums on her chin and onto the front of her dark red blouse.

Maria M. looks like she is in the middle of a cum hurricane with guys on all sides of her blasting her face and blouse. As soon as one guy finishes another one takes his place. Cum is raining down the back of her head soaking her beautiful hair and the back of her blouse.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU ASSHOLES WANT" Maria M. screams at them as the two cocks she is jerking blast her face from both sides.

Maria S. is on her knees as the men circling her jerk their cocks. "COVER MY NEWS ANCHOR FACE WITH YOUR DIRTY CUM" She yells at them. They unload on her at the same time. Cum is landing all over her face, in her hair and onto her blouse.

Maria M. crawls over to Maria S. and they look at each others cum covered faces. They are both so horny looking at each other that they start to kiss while the men keep cumming on them.

Maria S. pushes Maria M. onto her back and shoves her face into Maria M.'s pussy. She is licking the cum out of her and fingering her also. The guys continue to cum on the both of them.

Maria M.'s face has so much cum on it as guys drop load after load onto it. Maria M. grabs Maria S.'s cum soaked head and cums hard into her mouth. Guys behind Maria S. are cumming all over her upturned ass, bunched up skirt and the back of her blouse.

Maria M. pulls Maria S.'s head off her pussy sits up and grabs hold of her cum soaked blouse tearing it open with buttons flying everywhere. She wraps her mouth around Maria S.'s left breast with guys still cumming on her face and Maria S.'s now exposed chest.

Maria S. pulls Maria M.'s mouth off her tits lays back and shoves her face in her pussy. Now guys start to cover Maria M.'s upturned ass with cum. The two news anchors are are being drenched in cum. Maria S. orgasms into Maria M.'s mouth hard.

The two Maria's are covered head to toe with cum as the bukkake slows down. Two really fat Germans with huge cocks step onto the mattress. These guys are dirty and don't care if they get other mens cum on them.

They each grab the two two news anchors cum soaked heads and shove their mouths on their raging cocks. Their cum soaked foreheads slamming into their fat stomachs. The two Maria's are stroking and sucking their huge cocks.

The fat guy Maria S. is sucking cums first. Maria S. begins to jerk his cock with both hands and says "COME ON YOU DIRTY FAT FUCK COVER MY FACE WITH YOUR NASTY CUM." He begins to shoot his load onto Maria S.'s face the f***e of it almost knocking her over. "YEAH BABY GIVE IT TO ME."

He keeps cumming all over her face and hair and onto her tits.

Maria M.'s guy begins to shoot his load onto her face. 'GIVE IT TO ME SWEETIE" "COVER ME WITH YOUR GERMAN CUM." She continues to jerk his cock as he covers face and body. "OH BABY YOU HAVE SO MUCH CUM FOR ME."

When the two men finish cumming the two Maria's stand up walk over to the news desk and sit in their seats. With cum dripping everywhere they look into the camera and say "I'm Maria Stephanos" "And I'm Maria Menounos" "THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AMERICAN NEWS ANCHOR BUKKAKE GOODNIGHT."

The men cheer and start to file out of the room and the director comes over to the two cum soaked Maria's. "That was better than i could have ever hoped for" "My clients will be very happy."

Maria S. says to him "I hope we never see you again asshole" "Oh but you will" says the director. "What makes you think that" says Maria M.

"Because when my clients see this they will want another video with the two of you" "Unless you want me to release this online you will do it."

The two Maria's are shocked and disgusted that they are now going to be blackmailed into doing more porn.

"I was thinking of an all black gang bang with the two of you" says the director.

The two Maria's in unison reply "NOT BLACK MEN"

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5 months ago
And the cunts loved it
1 year ago
I'm not convinced you don't write for a living. Beautifuly answers who did what to whom, when where, why and how, and as bad as it is, is what makes it so good.
1 year ago
Just finished myself off again to this great story.. Still wish for more though.
1 year ago
Dude I just reread this and came even harder that the first three times... More please.
1 year ago
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Nice!!
1 year ago
I cum every time I read this.
1 year ago
Great thanks for posting it have a good day
1 year ago
Excellent story,love the ending.