Maria Stephanos, News Anchor Fucking An Informant.

Maria Stephanos is driving to a seedy motel to meet an informant. She has never met him before but was told he has information for a story she is working on. She is nervous but it is ten o'clock in the morning so she feels a little better that it is in the daytime. She doesn't have to be at work until four o'clock for her six o'clock news broadcast.

Maria is a news anchor for Fox 25 News in Boston. She is 47 years old, married with two teenagers. She is wearing a tight black skirt, black high heeled shoes and a shiny satin black long sleeved blouse. She has bracelets on both wrists, long earrings, a pearl necklace and a ring on each hand including her wedding ring.

Maria pulls into the parking lot of the motel. You told her you would be in the room at the far end away from everyone else. This is the kind of motel you rent by the hour so everyone minds their own business. Maria is still nervous hoping no one recognizes her.

She just wants to get the information and leave but you are going to make her earn that information. She gets out of her car locks it and throws her keys in her pocketbook. You see her through the motel window walking confidently towards your room.

Maria knocks on your door and you open it. She looks up at you because you are so much taller then her. You have an athletic build and are extremely intimidating looking. Maria is scared but doesn't show it as you invite her into the room. She steps inside and looks around the dirty room.

The room is simple just a chair, a small table, bathroom, tv and well worn queen sized bed. On the tv is a hardcore porn channel showing some milf being gang banged which makes Maria immediately uncomfortable. "Can I have the info for my story so I can leave" Maria says nervously to you.

As you lock the door you turn and say "I'll give you the info but your gonna suck my cock first." "Excuse me" she says shocked and appalled at the statement. "You heard me" "I've watched you on the news and now your mouth is going to be to used for something other than talking the news."

Maria now realizing this was a bad idea meeting you in the motel resigns to the fact that she is going to have to suck you off so she can get her info and leave. "Fine you bastard" she says throwing her pocketbook on the chair.

Maria sits on the edge of the bed her face at crotch level as you walk up to her smiling. She looks up at you with disgust and anger in her face as she starts to unzip your pants. As she pulls down your pants and underwear your huge erect cock pops out smacking her in the face.

"OH MY GOD" she yells as she stares at your huge cock. You quickly grab her wrists and place her tiny hands on your cock. She starts to stroke you with her right hand while her left cups and squeezes your balls.

"Thats it baby, pump it, get it nice and hard" "Now put it in your fucking mouth" you say. Maria angrily puts the head of your cock in her mouth and starts to suck it. Her earrings are swinging as her head bobs effortlessly up and down your cock.

"SUCK IT FASTER BITCH" You scream at her. Maria is terrified but a little turned on because no one has ever yelled at her like that before. Here she is a popular Boston news anchor in a seedy motel sucking a strangers cock for info on a story.

Maria starts to suck you faster, your cock getting wet with her saliva. You put your hands on the back of her head gripping her hair tight and begin to thrust your cock into her mouth. Maria tries to slow you down by putting her hands on your hips and pushing you back but you are to strong for her.

Your cock pistons in and out of her mouth as your balls slap off her chin. Saliva starts to pour out of her mouth onto the front of her blouse and skirt. Her eyes bulge out as she gags on your cock. "Your mouth feels so good" You say as you fuck it.

"You need to suck my balls" with that said you pull your cock out of her mouth. Maria gasps for breath and before she can say anything you pull her head back and plop your balls into her mouth. Your soaking wet cock landing on her nose and forehead.

What a sight she is to you as she looks up at you with your balls in her mouth and your wet cock between her eyes. You lift your cock off her face and pull your balls out of her mouth. She yells at you "YOU ASSHOLE I HAVE TO GO TO WORK LATER LOOK AT WHAT YOUR DOING TO MY CLOTHES"

You look down smiling at all the spit soaking her blouse and skirt. You step out of your pants and underwear and take off your shirt. Your standing in front of Maria fully naked now with your hard cock glistening in the cheap motel light.

She stands up disgusted with herself for what she is doing. You grab her left hand placing it on your cock and she begins to jerk you. Her wedding ring sparkling in the light. Suddenly her cell phone rings and she freezes knowing she has to answer it.

You grab the phone from her pocketbook before she can. "GIVE ME MY PHONE" She screams at you. You look at it realizing its her husband calling. "Keep jerking me and I won't say anything" She reluctantly agrees as you hand her the phone. She starts stroking you again as she answers the phone.

"Hi honey" She calmly says. "I told you I was meeting that source for my story" She looks at you frowning and shaking her head but continues to jerk you. "He is running a little late" she says lying to her husband.

You reach up and grab her tits through her wet blouse squeezing them hard. She does her best to ignore you and concentrate on the conversation. "Uh huh" "Yep" "I'll be careful you know me" She tells him. With her left hand jerking you and her right hand on the phone she can't stop you.

You grab the the front of her blouse with both hands and without warning you rip it open, buttons flying everywhere. Maria gasps "Oh nothing honey I just saw someone almost get into an accident." You pull her black laced bra down exposing her perfect tits.

You clamp your mouth down on her erect left nipple. Sucking and squeezing it. She bites her bottom lip as she tells her husband she has to go. "Honey my source is here I have to go" "ok" "I love you too" she quickly hangs up throwing her phone onto her pocketbook.

She hates herself for being so turned on by what you are doing. She is pissed off because you ruined her blouse. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THAT" Her hand is jerking you faster now. You lift up her tight skirt and put your hand inside her underwear and start fingering her.

Maria starts to moan as you ram your fingers inside her. "Please stop I can't do this" she says but she is getting wetter and hornier as your fingers plunge in and out of her. You stop suddenly pulling your fingers out and taking her hand off your cock.

You drop to your knees in front of her running your hands up her inner thighs. Grabbing her underwear you pull it down and she steps out of them. You hold them up to your nose taking a deep breath smelling her fragrance. Then you toss it onto your clothes intending to keep it as a souvenir.

You throw her right leg over your shoulder grabbing her ass and plunging your tongue into her wet pussy. "OH FUCK OH GOD" She yells as she grabs your hair pushing your face into her pussy. "I'M GONNA CUM" She screams "DON'T STOP, PLEASE, YES, YES" Her body starts to shake as she orgasms into your mouth.

You pull your mouth off her pussy, your lips soaked with her cum. You stand up and jam your tongue into her mouth. She is still shaking from her orgasm but you didn't come to this cheap motel to kiss her you want to fuck her.

You grab her by the ass and she wraps her legs around you as you pick her up. You throw her on the dirty bed her skirt still bunched up around her waist and her torn open blouse hanging off her shoulders. Her bra under her tits pushing them up and her high heeled shoes still on her feet.

You climb on top of her, your cock aimed at her pussy. "Please I'm married" she whimpers as you laugh at the absurd comment. You start to ease your huge cock into her tight pussy. "OH GOD YOUR SO BIG" She says loudly. With one big thrust you bury your entire cock into her.

"I HATE YOU FOR MAKING ME DO THIS" She screams at you as you begin to ram your cock in and out of her. She wraps her legs and arms around you holding on for dear life as you pummel her into the bed. The old worn out bed is squeaking loudly with the headboard banging off the wall as you fuck Maria as hard as you can.

"TAKE MY COCK YOU WHORE" You yell at her as you pound her into the mattress. Maria is scared and excited at the same time because she has never been fucked like this before.

"YOU DIRTY FUCKING SLUT" You scream, degrading her is making you even harder. "I'M A WHORE" Maria blurts out not believing what she just said. "JUST DON'T STOP FUCKING ME" Maria is about to cum again as your relentless in your fucking of her.

"Oh god, oh my god, I never" gasping "I never knew it could be like this" she says as you continue to ram her body into the bed. She squeezes her arms and legs tighter around you as she orgasms a second time. "OOOHHH, OOHH, OH FUCK YES BABY, YES, OOOHHH." She yells.

You begin to slow your pace as Maria comes down from her orgasm then stopping all together. You pull your cock out of her and stand up. "Why did you stop" she questions you. You grab her by the hand pulling her out of the bed. You place your hands on her shoulders pushing them down forcing her to her knees.

"Clean my cock bitch" you say through your gritting teeth. Maria never knew someone speaking so vulgar to her would be such a turn on. She is angry that your saying things like that to her but loves it at the same time.

She looks up at you with anger in her eyes as she starts to suck your cock. "Thats it baby suck my cock" you say as you place both your hands on the back of her head. Maria pulls the bracelets off her wrists dropping them onto the floor. She unbuttons the cuffs of her blouse and pulls it off then reaches back and unhooks her bra freeing her perfect tits.

You take your right hand off her head and reach down and start to fondle her breasts. You release her head and your cock pops out of her mouth. You sit down on the end of the bed and Maria stands up and looks at you with hate and lust in her eyes. She unzips her skirt and lets it fall to the floor stepping out of it.

Maria kicks her shoes off and unclasps her pearl necklace and places it on her bunched up skirt on the floor. She is now completely naked accept for her earrings and the two rings on her hands. Her body is stunning for 47 years old. Grabbing her breasts she says "You want me wrap my tits around your huge cock."

You just smile as Maria drops to her knees in front of you. You grab a pillow and lean back. Maria begins to jerk your hard cock with her left hand. You sit back up and say "let me get it wet again for you" and you start to spit on your cock and her hand. Your cock and her hand are getting slick with all your spit.

Maria is disgusted as you spit all over her hand and wedding ring but she keeps stroking you. "I hate you, you bastard" she says."You like degrading me don't you?"

You just smile again as you lean back against the pillow. "Just put my cock between those tits you little news anchor whore." Maria grabs both her tits and puts your soaking wet cock between them. She pushes them together as you start to slowly fuck her chest.

Maria faces her mouth down so the head of your cock goes in it with every thrust. You grab her hair and start to pump her tits and mouth faster and faster."THATS IT YOU LITTLE SLUT" "TAKE MY COCK BETWEEN THOSE TITS."

You keep both of your hands on her head as your cock slides up and down between her breasts and into her warm mouth. Her hands come off her breasts and she grabs your hips as you continue to fuck her mouth. "OH FUCK MARIA" You can feel her lips tighten around your cock. You know she is trying to make you cum.

You yank her mouth off your cock and in one motion you slide your body to the side and pull maria by her hair onto the bed. While she is on her hands and knees you quickly get behind her and grab her by the hips and slam your huge cock into her wet pussy.

Maria is shocked at the f***e of you fucking her. Your fingers dig into her hips as your raging cock slams her from behind. "OH GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD" "DON'T STOP" She screams. You grab her hair pulling her head back. "FUCKING BITCH" You yell at her.

As you continue to fuck her as hard as you can you look down and spit into the crack of her ass. Taking your right hand off her hair you plunge your thumb into her ass. Your spit acting as a lubricant you work your thumb in and out of her ass. With your cock ramming her and your thumb in her ass the sensation for Maria is incredible.

"YOU WANT MY TIGHT ASS DON'T YOU BABY" Maria taunts you. You push your thumb in deeper. "YOU WANT ME TO TAKE YOUR ASS YOU FUCKING WHORE." "I'LL GIVE IT TO YOU IN YOUR ASS" Now your in a rage as you pull your cock and thumb out of her at the same time.

Maria looks over her shoulder at you as you prepare to push your huge cock into her tight ass."OH FUCK OH FUCK" She says in a panic as the head of your cock begins to enter her. Maria clenches her eyes and bites hard into the pillow in front of her as she tries to accommodate your huge cock.

Pulling her mouth off the pillow she shouts "I CAN'T, I CAN'T TAKE IT YOUR TO BIG." Maria looks again over her shoulder at you and sees the anger and determination in your face as keep pushing your cock into her. "YOUR SO TIGHT BITCH" One final thrust and now your balls deep inside her.

Maria's eyes bulge as your huge cock fills her up. You start to slowly push your cock in and out of her ass. "TELL ME YOU LOVE THIS COCK IN YOUR ASS."

You say it again. "TELL ME YOU LOVE MY COCK IN YOUR ASS BITCH" Maria can't believe the sensation it hurts but it also feels so good. "I, I LOVE YOUR COCK IN MY ASS" Maria screams. Now you start to quicken your pace, grabbing her ass and spreading her cheeks as you plunge in and out.

Her tight ass feels incredible as you fuck it harder and faster. "ARE YOU MY WHORE?" "FUCKING SLUT" "TELL ME YOUR MY WHORE" Maria clutching the pillow beneath her having her ass violated by you screams out "YES I'M YOUR WHORE" "OH GOD I'M SUCH A WHORE."

Hearing her say it gets you even more excited driving you to ram her ass even harder. Maria looks over her shoulder, her eyes wide and her mouth open in shock. She feels like your going to split her in two because you are fucking her ass so hard.

Maria turns back and continues to clutch the pillow as you slam her into the bed. Maria takes her left hand and reaches back and starts to rub her clit. With you ramming her ass and her rubbing her clit she orgasms again. "OOOHHH, OOOHHH FUCK" She yells as her body begins to shake.

You feel her body shudder as you steady your pace. "Do you want my cock in your pussy again?" You question her. "Come on Maria tell me you want this cock in your pussy." "I want you in my pussy, oh god do I want you in there again."

You slide your cock out of her ass and Maria is surprised by the sudden emptiness. You lift up her right leg and slide underneath her. She grabs a hold of your cock and lowers herself onto you. She is so wet as you enter her. You grab her hips and arch your body off the bed. You begin to slam your huge cock into her defenseless pussy.

Maria looks down at you as you smile back at her which just makes her angry. "I hate you you bastard but it feels so good." You place your arching body back on the bed and Maria sits up and starts to ride you. You grab both breasts and pinch her hard nipples.

Maria throws her head back "THIS FEELS SO GOOD BABY" she yells as she rides you faster. She looks back down at you with lust and anger in her eyes. You reach up and pull her towards you as you continue to fuck her. Your left hand grabs her ass and your right hand grabs her hair.

Her head is besides yours with your mouth by her right ear. "You love this don't you Maria?" "You love fucking a stranger in a dirty motel" You whisper to her. "Yes I love it" she replies. "You don't even know my name and here you are spreading your legs for me." You tell her.

It dawns on Maria that she doesn't know your name but at this point she doesn't care. "Just keep fucking me baby don't ever stop." She says. "Is this how you get your stories for the news you little whore?" you question her. "Yes I meet guys in motels and fuck them for my stories" She says lying to you.

"Is that whats going to get you off?" "Me telling you that I fuck guys in motels for stories." Maria taunts you. "Those guys fucked me better than you are" Maria says lying knowing it will piss you off. "Oh they fucked you better huh" you answer.

"I'LL SHOW YOU WHO CAN FUCK YOU BETTER BITCH" As you lift Maria off of you turning and throwing her back into the bed. You kneel between her legs pulling her to you. "FUCKING BITCH I'LL TEACH YOU" You say with anger in your eyes. You plunge your cock into her pussy and start ramming her for all your worth.

"FUCKING WHORE, FUCKING GODDAM WHORE" You scream at her. Maria is scared as she holds onto you as you punish her with your cock. "FUCK ME BABY, FUCK ME" She yells out. Your getting close to cumming as you piston in and out of her.

You can't hold off anymore "I'M GONNA CUM BITCH" "I'M GONNA GIVE YOU A HEADLINE YOU'LL NEVER FORGET." With that you pull out and furiously start to masturbate with your cock aimed at Maria's face.

"I'M CUMMING" You scream as you begin to unload on Maria. Your first shot hits Maria in the forehead splashing onto her nose. Your second and third shots land on her mouth and both sides of her face. Ropes of cum continue to burst out of you onto Maria's stunned face.

Your strong loads are landing on her chest covering her tits. They are covering her face and hitting the headboard behind her. Maria is turning her head to try to get out of the line of fire but instead of your cum landing on her face it is landing in her hair instead.

Maria is horrified at the amount of cum spewing out of your cock as you finally begin to slow down "CHRIST THAT WAS A LOT OF CUM" She says. "Clean my cock" You say pushing your cock towards her cum covered face. Maria grabs your cock with both hands and begins to suck and clean your cock as cum drips off her chin onto her chest.

You ease your cock out of her mouth and climb off the bed. You stand there smiling at the mess you created on Maria's face. "GET ME A TOWEL YOU ASSHOLE" She barks at you. Maria's phone suddenly rings and you pick it up looking at it realizing its her work calling.

"Fox 25 is calling you" you say tossing Maria the phone. Maria picks it up. "Its my boss" "Oh fuck" Maria answers the phone trying not to get your cum on it. "Hello, sorry for not checking in I lost track of the time" You grab a towel and dry yourself off and quickly get dressed shoving Maria's underwear into your pocket.

"I am getting the information right now then I just have to run home for a few minutes then I'll be in" Maria notices you opening the drop ceiling and taking out a small camera. Her eyes go wide as she realizes you recorded the whole thing.

"Listen I have to go" She says to her boss in a panic. You slip through the door shutting it behind you. Maria throws her phone down and runs to the door and opens it a crack and yells at you to come back with cum dripping off her face.

"This recording is for my protection" you tell her. "In case you claim something other than consensual sex." "WHAT ABOUT MY INFORMATION FOR MY STORY" She angrily screams at you. "Oh that, I never had any information." "I actually didn't think you would show up but I can't wait to watch you on the news tonight."

"By the way you have about five minutes before they they come to clean the room." "Thanks for the good time" You say and quickly turn and walk away. "FUCK YOU, YOU ASSHOLE" Maria yells then slams the door shut. You think to yourself and smile "No Maria fuck you."

The End.
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4 months ago
The Catholic National Legion of Decency would give there approval to your story if you keep the setting, cock sucking and anal ... but you need to clean up the vaginal sex. The "bun gunners" on the board are not into putting a dick in a cunt ... pussy is not a toy and can only be used for procreation.
12 months ago
Wow ! That was an incredible story. I really like the ending... Actually with that ending, there can always be a sequel.
1 year ago
she looks SO fuckable on TV!!!
1 year ago
angry, rough sex is the best kind
1 year ago
good the ending after you "stiffed" her!
1 year ago
Good story. Love it!!
1 year ago
Hot little MILF.