Do orgasms slowly kill men?

It is well known that the average man ejaculates in the life of around a trillion sperm. Experts want to determine whether it is true that a man in his mouth sperm lose vigor and therefore do not live as long as women?

New York Times in 1992 reported a study with an astonishing and frightening at the same time results. Dr. Wyne Van Voorhies of the University of Arizona studied a simple and useful Trichinella worms that have the same genetic and biochemical processes such as humans and other mammals. The first group of worms can mate at will, which often require the formation of sperm. On average, these worms live eight days. Another group of worms, which are not allowed to mate, while the average for three days lived longer. These and similar studies have shown that the continuous production of sperm men taking power, most likely due to the biological processes which generate harmful side substances.

Taoists that sexuality is interested in particular in relation to health, sexual exercises are carried out, which allowed them to orgasm without ejaculation. They discovered is that orgasm in men destroys the life energy. Western folk wisdom agrees with the Taoists. Athletes have long known weakness and numbness that occurs after ejaculation, so the night before the big game to avoid sexual activities.

Similarly, with the musicians. Trumpeter Miles Davis once said that he was ready to box with Muhamed Ali, who had just ejaculated. Even the French orgasm indicates a very meaningful words - just a petit mort, small death.

Quite simple math tells why ejaculation so strong load on the body. The average ejaculate contains between 50 and 250 million sperm average man ejaculates in life about 5000 times. Each "factory" that produces a quantity of sperm, it needs enough resources. And the material ourselves. Always, when it comes to ejaculation, the body believes that it is creating a new life.

Many plant and a****l species start to die after reproduction. Salmon die shortly after mating, plants that produce seeds, die or enter hibernation mode. However, the plants, which prevents the development of seed, are living longer than those that developed seeds. Female ejaculation after luckily they do not die, but the laws of nature are likely at least some impact on the human race.
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1 year ago
Good read although I don't think it has too much of truth to much as I stroke it, I should've died by age 10
1 year ago
wawawawa what?