more of.... M ....I.... L

i use to gather M I L pubic hairs by licking her panties before they got washed and had quite a harvest going, and yes i would lick em often. Then i started to j/o in her panties after they were washed so my cum rubbed on her cunt all day.....She came to visit every weekend and i enjoyed her company plus i got to look up her dress and down her blouse often unnoticed. I hid cams in her bedroom and bath area (got to love wireless equipment).She always undressed in the room and put her clothes in the room hamper.when i saw he slip into the tub i would sneak in the room and get her panties and lick her bra. My den was next to her room and i would take hewr panties in with me and licked her pussy juice and cunt hairs .I did get some pretty good footage of her from start to finish of her eve ritual which made some dam good j/o material.she had 38c tits that sagged but felt great when i hugged her hello and good night managed to rub a hand across her great ass a few times as well.i would position her luggage so her ass would face the cam when she took out panties and nightgowns.she had very long nipples that seem to be always erect..(lol like my cock)and a very very thick crop of pubic hair.this went on for almost a year.then she fell down stairs in a mall and stopped breathing..i gave her CPR till the medics arrived and she was being the perv i am i really really enjoyed my mouth on hers and feeling her tits under the guise of heart massage. I'm sure you know thats just me...when she got out of the hospital we insisted she stay with us for a while.the first few days i helped her do everything YES everything ofcourse my back was turned most of the time BUT getting her in and out of the shower was fucking great got such hardons. well one day she notices the hardon i was trying to hide from her cause my hand made contact with her naked ass when she took my hand and returned to her ass cheeks and grabbed my cock.with out any words we got on the bed and she gave the first blow job in almost 25 yrs.its way better than any fantasy i could have dreamed up ,i got to eat that hairy cunt suck her tits and fuck that pussy.had to stop there cause wife would be home soon...MIL stayed in her robe naked underneath and teased me all eve long when wife could not day when wife left for work we stayed ib bed almost the whole day and i talked her into letting me fuck her in the ass.she had never done that and loved it.she turned out to be a real freak around me.when i took her shopping she would make me takes her in the unisex bathrooms and fuck her.had some great times .then she told me one day that her best friend guessed what was going on and demanded a 3 way.i agreed and learned that they had been lovers for over 20 hit me like a ton of bricks these two were always traveling the globe together,i would drop her off at friends home for sunday dinner and pick her up and take her home. and never questioned why her bra strap was hanging out of her coat pocked and her stocking sticking out of her purse. it was hard to watch then eat each others and suck tits them mil had me fuck her asshole as she ate friends cunt then fuck friends asshole as she ate mil cunt.several weeks later i find out that mil had a fucking stable of senior women in the senior building she lived in. I never would believe it of her or the amount of pussy i was getting from it.They even had a gay grandpa attend the parties.I why why of him he said he gets to fuck them in the ass and those that want to sucks his cock and never touches a cunt.before that eve was over he sucked me and i fucked him in front of all the women..what a eve that was wore me out and so is trying to remember all the facts as it happened and i have 15 yrs of stories to remember and at 70 yrs old not easy anymore....soooooooooo I'm gonna take a break and go and suck a cock right now

100% (9/0)
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10 days ago
Great story to read, especially when you have a MIL obsession yourself ;)
6 months ago
dam nice story.i came 3 times b4 i finished reading it.
sure wish i was part of that life dam
anyway great jack off material hope to see more real soon