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Ok, time for a rant! Please read

Since I’ve been a member here I’ve noticed several women who say (on their profiles or in messages) that they hate seeing avatars with cocks on them. This is puzzling, as there are only a handful of places where a guy CAN use his cock as an avatar. On top of that it doesn't "wave it in your face" it sits there politely and patiently on the page like all avatars do.

This may come as a surprise to some, but having the ability to use our cocks as our avatars is why a lot of us guys are here. Some of us get our rocks off having our cocks on your computer screens, knowing we're getting exposed by you beautiful babes. Does it hurt you to see male nudity? Not likely, but if so, then that begs the question, why not simply go any of the other million or so social media sites where cock avatars are not allowed?

There are so few (free) places online that actually let us use our cocks as our avatars and interact with women that I bet you can’t find more than five. Even if you find five I'll be impressed. I've searched assiduously for years and only know of three or four. If anyone knows of any leave a comment, but in the mean time, let us keep our cocks out for crying out loud, or take a more logical path and go somewhere else to play! This is a porn site. Don't be shocked or dismayed if you encounter nudity here...that's kind of the point.

Here are most of my avatars, happy to be on your screen all at once.

Comments welcome and encouraged.

Posted by zipthis 3 years ago
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1 month ago
just be ur self hun do what things make u smile and happy :)
1 year ago
Well said man!
2 years ago
Alright, alright. Please note that I do not hate cocks. In fact, I'm quite fond of them... in my fanny, in my mouth, not my bum, exploding on my tits... yes cocks are quite nice. And yes, this is a porn site. You'll see my video collection contains a good amount of visual penis. And I know you boys are all proud of your masts... and with good reason. They truly can be quite amazing on the receiving end. However, there are so many other things that could be included in your photo which might make us girls want to venture into your page that just your staff of glory. Your chest... your shoulders... your smile... see where I'm going? That's my issue. Post what you wish, and I'll still give you a chance, thought I'd look at the guy's page who posted something other than his happy stick before I tickle you with my mouse. Thanks for the debate... :-)
3 years ago
Amen Brother! NEWS FALSH .......This is a porn site! I you girls don't want to see dick, I'm sure face-book, or My Space or some puritan religious group have a Slot for you to act all prim and proper!!! Face it, if you're on Xhamster you're not here to find someone to take you to a ice cream social at the local Church!

So, Get real or get gone!

God's humble servant, cmhonn