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On Exhibitionism

Becoming an exhibitionist

For me it all started my first year of high school. Our school had a good sports program, and since I was a large guy, football was my best option. We had a large gym with free weights, and the team was instructed to lift weights every day. There were girls sports too, so both boys and girls were often there. I usually went in the early afternoon when I had a free period, because it was usually almost deserted and I wouldn't have to wait for stations.

One day I was doing an exercise called “squats”, which is putting heavy weights on a bar that rests o... Continue»
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On Happiness

What is happiness? Most of us probably don't give it much thought, except that we know when we're happy and when we're not, and most of us agree, the happier we are the better our lives become. But it's so hard to be happy when there's so much sadness around, right?

The funny thing about sadness and happiness is that they're like two sides of a coin. If one's life has been mostly happy and free from mental or physical pain, they cannot fully appreciate it because they have nothing to contrast it with. Conversely, when one's life has been very hard, they really appreciate the few moments... Continue»
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The difference between old bulls and young bulls

When I was a young man, an older man told me the following story:

A young bull and and old bull were standing at the top of a hill, looking down at a large herd of cows. The young bull looked to the old bull and said "Hey, let's run down there and fuck one of those cows!", to which the old bull responded, "No, let's walk down there and fuck them all."

This is a personification of what it's like to be older and wiser, and now that I'm getting older, I'm starting to relate more and more with the old bull. Except, that is, that I'm not into fucking cows.
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[Story] A day at the beach.

I arrived at the beach as usual with swimming trunks and towel in hand. I grabbed a book and some mirrored sunglasses out of the center console of my car, locked it up, and headed for the beach. As soon as I get down to the nudist area I removed my trunks, folded them up in my towel, and enjoyed the light breeze licking at my body, cooling off the hot, soothing sun.

Everyone past the sign which read “Clothing Optional” was pretty much naked, and the beach looked a little crowded. Some people were playing volley ball, others were swimming, but most of them were just sunning themselves on sho... Continue»
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Ok, time for a rant! Please read

Since I’ve been a member here I’ve noticed several women who say (on their profiles or in messages) that they hate seeing avatars with cocks on them. This is puzzling, as there are only a handful of places where a guy CAN use his cock as an avatar. On top of that it doesn't "wave it in your face" it sits there politely and patiently on the page like all avatars do.

This may come as a surprise to some, but having the ability to use our cocks as our avatars is why a lot of us guys are here. Some of us get our rocks off having our cocks on your computer screens, knowing we're getting expos... Continue»
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