My moms interracial encounter 2

It had a been a few months since Walt had fucked my mom.You could probaly say they were fuck buddies.He would come over in the evenings after his shift was over and my mom would be waiting for him all whored up in lingerie.The lingerie was bought by my dad for her to wear with him, but she never wore for him.Now shes wearing it for big black Walt the police man.Hell she even shaved her pussy for him.She had never done that for my deceased dad.No matter how many times he asked her to.They would go back in my moms room and Walt would bang the headboard of the bed against the wall for hours.My room was across the hallway from hers so I had to listen to my mom cum all night with her door standing open.Since meeting Walt her behavior had even changed.We would go to the grocery store and she had black men following her around like a pack of dogs.Its like they could smell her scent.
This day I was playing in the yard when Walt drove up in his police cruiser at the usual time.I thought to myself here we go again.Another night of listening to the volcano next door.But looking closer there was somebody with him.Today he brought a black friend.At first glance of him getting out of the car he looked like a bum or ole d***k.He was very tall and very skinny.Had a knappy head with some grey in the front.Had a mustache and some crazy hair on his chin.His skin was ashy and when he walked he looked like he would fall over.I would say he was in his fifties but may have been younger due to his lifestyle.
Walt asked me how things were going and if I was taking care of my mom.He was always nice to me and treated me well.I had known him before he was screwing my mom.He worked with my dad on the police f***e.Walt then introduced the other black man to me, his name was Willie.Willie staggered over and shook my hand with a limp wrist.The two told me to take it easy and headed for the back door under the carport on the side of the house.Once they got inside I sprinted to the front door and entered stealthiliy into the living room.I tiptoed to the door leading to the den area.I cracked the door slowly hearing my mom and Walt talking.My mom was standing in her sheer white robe that had little patterns that would cover her 36c breasts.She had on some black crotchless panties and a pair of black heels.She had her arms crossed trying to hide her boobs from the stranger in her den.She told Walt angrily "I dont care if he is your cousin Im not sl**ping with him!" Walt came back " come on baby he's hung like a mule, and once you see it youll change your mind!"My mom said "I dont screw any ole Tom dick or, or Willie off the street!" She then looked away angrily at Walt and then looked at Willie. Willie then spoke up speaking thru his toothless smile "hey babydoll from what I heard from Walt youll enjoy what I got here for ya.You fine as hell and Ive never been wit a white woman befo that looks as fine as you". Walt burst out laughing and told my mom to go to the bedroom.She turned and started walking down the hallway telling Walt "I dont know if this is a good idea".Walt was walking behind her he leaned forward coping a feel of her ass.Following Walt was Willie's skinny ass.
After a minute I opened the door and tiptoed down the hall.The bedroom door was open as it usually was when she and Walt had sex.I slowly looked inside the door seeing Walt sitting with his cock out in the chair beside the dresser.My mom and Willie were standing in front of the bed.Willie had his pants all the way down around his ankles showing his gigantic black uncircumcised cock to her.It was huge!it had to be 13inches long.It was so long it had an arc to it.Big viens running down it.His hood ran past his cock head and had a little flap hanging below the head.He was unshaven growing wild.His balls were huge as well.They looked like something on a mule or horse.How the man walked is beyond me.Its funny his cock didnt fit his body as tall and skinny as he was.My mom looked like she could kick his skinny ass.She stood 5ft 3in tall and was thick, not fat.No cellulite or belly.Her thick muscular legs running out of the robe with the aide of her heels made her legs sexy.She didnt tan ever so she had pale healthy skin. She had broad shoulders for a small woman and with 36c boobs that had a slope to them.Her nipples were light in color and were the size of silver dollars.When she walked they would giggle.
She had blonde curly hair that went below her shoulders.It was naturally blonde but she would dye it blonde anyway to highlight it even more.Her makeup was meticulusly done.Not overdone just right.Her voice was very feminant, a sweet voice,had a little squeek to it maybe.She was a good babytalker.And when she was getting fucked it sounded like she was being hurt or something.
Willie stood in front of my mom stroking his cock who was Walts so called cousin.Come to find out he was a guy Walt gave a hard time to because he had spotted him pissing behind a dumpster downtown one day.Walt snook up behind him and startled Willie.Walt was surprised when Willie swung that trunk around and sprayed urine on walts shoes.Now he was here, here in my moms bedroom with his giant black pecker out maybe minutes away from screwing my mom.Their lives took many twists and turns to get to this point, he lived downtown in the inner city his whole life ,he had quit school, had been in jail a few occassions and my mom had grown up a rural country girl,never meeting a black person till getting remarried to my deceased father and moving to the city.Now they were inches apart both naked.
My mom looked down at his cock as he made it flop up and down without using his hands.She told Walt "your crazy if you think im touching it!"Walt sitting in the chair stroking his soft wrinkled black cock told her "move over and touch it, just touch it baby!"Astonishingly she did, Walt had that effect on her to get her to do things she normally wouldnt do.Like sl**ping with him in our house when I was home.It was a big unwritten rule for her not having sex with men in the house when I was home ,but she overlooked it for him.She even shaved her pussy for him, somthing she never would do for my father.
My mom uncrossed her arms and moved over to Willie big cock.Willie sat down on the bed laying back looking down at my mom.She took it in her hands and started to stroke it uninterestingly at first.She began to stroke it with both hands.The more she stroked it the more interested she became.She stroked it watching his hood rise over his black cock head.Pre cum would run out of it with each stroke.She then unbottoned her white robe exposing white fleshy breasts.She pushed down Willies hood on his cock exposing his cock head that had become sticky from all the pre cum.She then started rubbing it on her lightly colored nipples.She rubbed it in a circular motion making her nipple glisten from the pre cum.She began to let out a little moan here and there picking up the pace rubbing his ginormous cock on her boobs.Walt sitting in the corner watching had a smile ear to ear.Willie sat up and reached down with his black ashy hand and squeezed my moms boobs.He told my mom "Im gonna stick my dick in between dem titties and fuck em babydoll you watch" My mom looked up and gave him a eat shit grin.She kept stroking moaning loader as Willie would reach down with both hands and pull her nipples straight out making her moan sharply.Then without hesitation she put his cock into her mouth, twisting her head with each suck.She had finally been broken?She had fought till she couldnt resist?The lure of black cock was too strong.She then pulled it out and ran her pink tongue down the side of it to his black hairy nutsack.She then sucked on his floppy black scrotum.Willie was in heaven, looking down he told my mom, "god damn yo mouf feel like velvet or sumthin".She looked up and smiled for the first time at ole Willie.She sucked and stroked on it for a few minutes , then she would run her tongue along side of it sucking his balls.Then repeating by sucking and stroking it.Willie began feeling the pressure to cum so he pulled his dark cock out of her pink mouth and stood up.He looked down at my mom and said "oooh god damn girl yu bout ta make me shoot my load gurl, git up there on th bed so I can run this black thang up in ya fo a bit!"She stood up telling Willie and Walt "he is going to hurt me with that thing!Walt please tell him to please go easy on me!"Walt said laughing " baby come on now , I cant tell him that".Willie began laughing as he stroked his cock and told my mom "I stick in dere slow fo ya".My mom crawled onto the bed laying on her back and began to stroke her pussy not finding any humor in what they said.She stroked her pussy lips thru the opening of the crotchless panties.Her shaven pussy lips were thick ,she had a nice mound.Now that it was shaven it showed how beautiful her pussy was. Marcus then crawled onto the bed toward my moms openly spread legs. He stood over my mom and stroked his cock looking down at her exposed pussy thru the little opening in her panties.My mom would run her fingers between the fat lips of her wet pussy.Marcus said looking her cunt "I thought it was pink inside?"My mom answered back in a soft voice "no".She looked up at Willie and asked "Please dont hurt me!" pleading in a panic voice.Willie smerked and pushed her thick legs open wider so he could run his black member up in her white box.He began rubbing his shiny black cock head against her fat white pussy lips. My mom burst out into a panic voice "OH GOD!!"thinking he was ready to run it up in her.She layed with her head looking down at his black cock and her white hairless pussy.But Willie kept rubbing his black cock head on her now wet pussy.Her pussy juice was on his cock head making a wet sound each time he rubbed it up and down.He teased her for minutes then reaching down and pulled her panties off and threw then onto the floor.Willie then pushed both of her thick pale legs back resting them on his skinny hairy bird chest. He then grabbed his huge ebony cock and pushed it into my moms swollen hairless cunt.She let out the loudest gasp I've ever heard her do before.Willie didnt have it all the way in but he kept pushing it in guiding it with his hand.He had to reposition it ,and with a quick push it slid in forward deeper into her pussy hole causing her to let out a huge gasp.He began to stroke up and down quickly telling my mom " there it go gurl".My mom was almost in a panic moaning and screaming loadly.She let out a scream "OH MY GOD!!!!"I began to think should I go in there and rescue her?Is it just too much for her.My stomach was burning with knots but on the other hand it was the hottest fucking thing I had ever seen. Yea being the age I was who had witnessed this?Just then my mom with her foot against his chest pushed him off!! She laid rubbing her pussy out of breath asking Willie "TIME OUT!!!, TIME OUT!!!".Marcus without missing a beat was back on her slipping his black cock covered in pussy juice back up into her fat white cunt.My mom began letting another scream ,"OH GOD WILLIE!!!" Willie didnt let her plea slow him down.He kept pounding her white pussy.His black shaft began to be covered in her white cream, each stroke another load of cream would ooze out and run down the crack of her white shaven ass and onto the bed sheet.Marcus began running his black rod deep into her cunt and at the same time sucking her white fleshy boobs .Her boobs would sway and giggle with each thrust from Willie. My mom was now a woman on fire.You could see it in her eyes.Her lips were pouting letting out screams and moans.Willie pounded her pussy looking at her face to face wanting to give her a kiss.My mom hesitated , Willie got closer , then finally she opened her mouth to accept his open toothless mouth.He ran his long tongue into her mouth as she panted and moan loadly, forcing the kiss till she finally broke it off.
Willie then pulled out of her much to relief of my mom.He then moved over top of her plopping his giant black meat in between her white boobs.Near the bottom of his cock was my moms pussy cum cream.It showed up thick on his black cock.He looked down at my mom and said , "I told you I was gonna fuck dem titties!"She then squeezed her big boobs together as he began stroking his cock back and forth.Her pussy cream began lubricating her boobs.His cock ran between her boobs and into her mouth.She used her hands to push her boobs together and guide his black cock between her white boobs.he asked her ,"does that feel all right for ya?"Willie began stroking faster and at the same time he reached back and started fingering her slick pussy with is long black fingers.She began moaning with his fat black meat sliding in and out of her pink mouth.Marcus feeling her pussy then decided to go a little lower and slide a finger into her asshole.She quickly pulled his cock out of her mouth and said , "NO WILLIE!" He asked her in a smart ass way, "you not gonna let me in that tight ass of yours?"
Willie then got up off of her telling her he wanted to fuck her doggiestyle. She got up and rolled over but not before he grabbed her and pulled her toward him giving her another open mouth kiss.This time she didnt push him away, she kissed him feeling his cock at the same time.He told her , "you gonna be liking me fo real by the time were done t'night.She gave him a little worried laugh and gave him another peck on the lips before turning around to get into the doggie position.He got close up behind her, her large ass pushed against his small black frame guiding his giant black cock into her shaven white pussy.My mom let out another loud gasp as he pushed it deeper inside her pussy.His big black balls slapping against her turned her on , making her moan loadly.
By now Walt could stand no more.His black cock was rock hard swollen.He got up out of the chair and hurriedly took his clothes off.He then crawled onto the bed and stuck his cock in front of my moms face.She seen it but was being fucked so good she payed no mine to it.Walt seeing this , then shoved his long black cock into her mouth.Willie laughed and said, " git yu sum cuz!" as he pounded her from behind.My mom sucked on his cock moaning loadly.It would slip out and she would let out a loud gasp and moan.The two black men pounded on her ends for another ten minutes before pulling out.Walt told my mom to lay on the edge of the bed on her back.She tiredly got up and followed his orders.She layed on the edge on the front side of the bed with her legs spread rubbing her swollen destroyed pussy.Her pussy lips had lost their shape after having Willies thick shaft running up into it.
Walt and Willie then for the next hour played a game of fucking my mom as hard as they could till right before cumming they would pull out so they wouldnt ejaculate.Then the other would fuck her as hard as he could till almost ejaculation.My mom must have had twelve orgasms.Then finally on the last round they both shot their massive loads into her her a massive creampie.The cum, some of it Walts and some of it Willies oozed out of her gaping pussy onto the bed sheets.Willie sat down in the chair and Walt layed beside my mom on the bed.Mom laid next to Walt kissing him and stroking his wet ,soft black cock.Rubbing the cum juice still on his cock from the creampie he had given her. After a few minutes Willie got up and laid beside my mom feeling her gaping pussy and kissing her neck.The three laid there till morning.
I awoke that morning in my bed to hear it all again.I heard my mom moaning very loadly!I even heard her cuss , letting the word "FUCK!!!" in a panic voice.I snook out of bed and tiptoed across the hallway to my moms doorway to see her on top of Walt in a backwards cowgirl with his black cock head in her white asshole.She had worked the head of it in and was trying to get the rest of it inside her backdoor.She slowly lowered herself onto his black meat letting out cuss words , FUCK!!! Willie was standing on the bed stroking his huge black cock watching mom struggle to fit Walts 9'inch black meat inside her tight asshole.Willie then moved closer to my mom and shoving his meat into my moms mouth.Willie fed it to her as she trembled sliding up and down on Walts shiny black cock.The contrast of his black cock which was lubed up looked almost like plastic sliding in and and out of my moms pale skin ass was such a huge turn on for me.And with Willie feeding his arc'd 13' inch black cock into her white mouth was a huge turn on for me.Willie pulled his cock from the vacuum of her mouth and asked her "ready for one more?" All my mom could say was , oh god" in a panic voice.Willie got in between her legs and pushed his massive 13 inch cock into her sore pussy.She let out a huge gasp and yelled, "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!" She let out the most loudest moans as the two black men worked their 22' inch's of dark meat into her cunt and ass.The two worked in syncronized order , when one cock went in, the other came out.This was the horniest thing Ive ever seen.My cock was rock hard.I reached into my underwear and stroked my cock.My underwear was soaked from all of the pre cum.I was sooo fucking horny I felt like walking into my moms bedroom and sticking my dick in her mouth.But I didnt , I knew that could never happen.
The threesome had changed positions.Willie was laying on his back fucking her pussy,and Walt was nailing her ass from behind. Willie was squeezing her big boobs and thrusting his Kong Dong into her swollen cunt.Walt was fucking her white ass and kissing mouth from behind.
Finally the dark pair was getting ready to cum and they pulled out leaving a black cum mess in her ass and pussy. Both their loads were huge, as a stream of cum juice ran from her ass down to her white pussy pie left by black monster cocked Willie.She rolled off Willie laying on the bed feeling the cum oozing from her holes with her fingers.The two black men laid on the bed with her.Their cocks now soft , covered in their own cum.My moms pussy was a wreak. Her poor pussy had taken a pounding the night before and had taken another pounding this morning.Her asshole was gaping, oozing cum after being fucked big bad Walts black cock.
I then went into my room and put on a pair of shorts and went into the kitchen to find some breakfast.About fifteen minutes later the threesome stumbled into the kitchen turning on the coffee pot.I sat with my head down avoiding eye contact. My mom tried to be sweet and came over to me giving me a small hug and a kiss with her short bathrobe on with nothing on underneath.Her boobs would almost pop out , wiggle and jiggle and it was too short to cover big ass. She wore it only for her black lovers. She was still horny even if her holes were sore and stretched out filled with their black baby juice.Anytime was black cock time in her mind. Walt walked in the kitchen with my dads old robe on and Willie had on his street cloth's from the day before.Walt was leaning against the counter drinking coffee with his black cock hanging out of the robe , since the robe didnt fit him.My mom walked over to him with some coffee and gave him a kiss and grabbed his cock.They drank their coffee and talked.They even talked to me but it was hard to since after all I had seen last night and that morning.My mom kept seeing Walt , he fucked her slamming the headboard against the wall for hours.She even seen Ole Willie a few times after ,being his white slut.One time she went with him to a street fair in our town we had each year.She got whored up in a short denim minnie skirt without panties and tank top without a bra.
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super hot story
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hot liked it
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Your mom was such a white slut!! Wish I could watch my cousins do that to her, such a turn on!
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hot story
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sound like one of my old white slut from back in the day,did she keep on fucking bbc.
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Deliciously nasty,especially the old nasty big dicked street nigger fucking her hot white slut pussy! I love it!
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Sounds like a group you'd find at a democrat Obama rally
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Mom was a skank.