The Cleaners Dilemma (Part 1)

It all started one Friday morning. I had travelled down to my weekend retreat on the Cornish cost the night before so that I could confront my cleaner who only worked for me on Friday mornings. I had incontrovertible evidence that she had been stealing bottles of wine from my collection kept at the apartment. If it had been a few bottles of plonk I would probably have not pursued the matter but these were expensive vintage bottles of Chateauneuf Du Pape that I stored at the apartment to be out of temptations way while they matured.
Sue, my cleaner had come recommended to me by a neighbour at the apartments who suggested she was a hard worker and did a good job. I could not disagree with that assessment but I could not let her continue to work for me because of her dishonesty.
I knew she was a single mother with two c***dren, a boy of ten and a girl of twelve. I guess she would be in her late thirties or early forties. She was quite a tall woman and she was slightly over-weight but with curves in all of the right places.
As I heard the key go in the door I positioned myself in the chair in the main sitting room to confront her. ‘Oh! You startled me’ she said stopping in her tracks as she entered the room. ‘I was not expecting to find you here?’ ‘No’ I said, ‘I wouldn’t be here normally but there is something that has come up that I need to discuss with you’. ‘It is apparent to me that you have been taking wine from my collection over the past few months, which I am not only very disappointed about, but also angry to think that you could betray my trust.’
‘I don’t know what you are talking about!’ she said trying to protest her innocence. ‘I have certainly not touched any of your wine, you must be mistaken?’ ‘You have loads of bottles stored here you must have miscounted them or something?’ ‘I wish that were true’ I said, ‘but as I was suspicious, when I was here two weeks ago I left a webcam set up that I can access from my home which clearly shows you taking a bottle from the rack when you were cleaning’. I pointed to the laptop set up on the table and asked ‘Do you want to see the evidence?’
At this revelation she broke down and admitted that she may have taken one or two bottles in the past. ‘Please John’ she said ‘I am very sorry and will make it up to you’. ‘I will work for as long as it takes for nothing until I have repaid the cost of the wine’. ‘It is not the cost of the wine that is important’ I said, ‘but the fact that you have betrayed my trust by stealing from me’. ‘I think it is better that you leave my keys here and we terminate our arrangement now!’
‘No! Please, please, I will do anything you want but please don’t mention this to anyone else’. Although she only worked four hours a week for me I knew she had a number of cleaning jobs throughout the week she did in the area and she was obviously scared that I would mention her stealing to others, which could affect her reputation and destroy her only form of income.
At this point I began to feel a little sorry for her as she was obviously in a serious predicament but at the same time I couldn’t help thinking she had only brought the situation on herself. ‘I don’t know’ I said, ‘I just don’t think you can be trusted’. ‘No please John please, I will do anything to try and make amends and to ensure you do not tell anyone about this’.
It was then that the realisation hit me of just what a potentially powerful position I had over this woman and I could possibly get her to agree to my every whim. I had not been in a relationship for many years and as a result, I had not had any sexual experience over this time, other than masturbating to pornography. It seemed to fulfil my needs without the necessity to try and maintain relationships in my busy work schedule. I was also getting older and set in my ways, thinking that my chances of meeting another partner had passed me by.
As I had turned sixty at my last birthday I thought I must be at least twenty years older that Sue but maybe this would be an opportunity to see if she would be true to her word about doing ‘anything’ with someone old enough to be her father.
At the same time I immediately had doubts, thinking that maybe she saw trying to compromise me by alluding to sexual favours while then being able to suggest at a later date that I had f***ed her to commit sexual acts against her will. I then thought I would see how far she was willing carry out her promise without me actually touching her.
‘So you would do ANYTHING to make amends’ I said. ‘Within reason’ she said. ‘So what if I wanted to get a better look at you?’ I said raising an eyebrow and tilting my head to try and give her an understanding of my requirement. ‘Okay!’ she said, ‘what exactly do you want me to do?’ ‘I would like you to strip off for me while I watch you’ ‘Right here now while I sit in the chair’. ‘Okay’ she said, as she slipped off her coat to reveal a sweatshirt. As she proceeded to pull the sweatshirt over head I could feel my cock starting to stiffen in my trousers. I could hardly believe that she was willing to do this for me and the feeling of power it gave me was really turning me on.
When the sweatshirt was removed it revealed a plain white bra. She had a fairly big pair of breasts that were peeping out over the top of the bra slightly. She looked straight into my eyes with a wry smile as she slowly put her hands behind her back to undo the bra clasp. As she did so her breasts fell slightly as their weight was unleashed from the confines of the bra. She then slipped the straps off her shoulders to reveal her breasts in all their glory. She had large brown areola and large nipples that started stiffening as soon as they were exposed.
‘So, do you like what you see’ she asked, as she swayed gently from side to side to get her slightly saggy tits swinging. ‘You have lovely tits’ I said, ‘I think your nipples are fabulous.’ ‘Yes’ she said, ‘they get really hard when they receive a bit of attention’. She then proceeded to grab each nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pull them upwards, while shaking them vigorously before letting them drop down again. Her nipples seemed to have doubled in size as a result of this action. ‘Would you like to give them some attention?’ she said, as she swung them from side to side again.
I was still apprehensive about actually touching her. Up to this point I had not laid a finger on her and all of her actions were of her own volition so she could not accuse me of physically touching her. ‘I would like to see more’ I said, ‘remove those jeans for me’. She undid the jeans and pushed them down her legs so they were around her ankles. This revealed a large pair of white knickers, Not very sexy but obviously practical as work wear. She had very shapely legs with a strong looking pair of thighs. I knew she got around on a bicycle and that must be why she had such athletic legs.
‘Now the knickers’ I said as I felt my cock getting to the full extent of erection and feeling very uncomfortable confined in my pants and trousers. After a moment of hesitation she pushed down her knickers to join her jeans around her ankles. This revealed a large bush of pubic hair which was dark brown in colour. It was at that point I realised she dyed her hair as she was blonde and the collar and cuffs didn’t match! That didn’t matter though as I love naturally hirsute women rather than the modern obsession with being shaven.
I sat gazing at her for a moment taking in how beautiful she looked. ‘Turn around for me and spread your legs’. She did as she was told and I took the opportunity to put my hand down my pants and re-position my cock so it lay more comfortably in my trousers. Her bottom was on the large side but it complemented the rest of her body shape perfectly. ‘Bend forward for me’ I said ‘and spread those legs more’. She spread her legs as far as the confines of the jeans around her ankles would allow and slowly bent forward. As she did so her pendulous tits pointed straight out with lovely erect nipples. I now got a glimpse of her hairy cunt between her legs and her buttocks were slightly apart. ‘Pull the cheeks of your arse apart for me’. What! She said feigning deafness to my command and abruptly turning around to face me. You heard, turn around, bend over, and pull the cheeks of your arse apart. This time she quickly got back into position and obeyed my command. Obligingly, she had grasped her buttocks near the top of her thighs not only revealing her arsehole but also showing a larger expanse of her now gaping cunt. The lips were slightly apart showing a pink and rather wet looking gash. Her arsehole was also gaping slightly which led me to believe it had seen two-way traffic in its time!
As I looked on I could hear myself murmuring ‘Oh Fuck!’ under my breath as I imagined burying my face in between her thighs. I wanted to start at her clitoris, lick all around her cunt lips, down to the perineum and on to her arsehole before working my way back again. I could almost taste and smell her wet cunt.
While lost in these thoughts, to my astonishment I realised that I was on the verge of climax! Without any stimulation and with my cock still encased in my pants and trousers I squirmed and got my thoughts back to reality in an attempt to stop the erupting tsunami. It was all to no avail though and my cock started pulsing large squirts of spunk into my pants. I cannot remember ejaculating with such intensity for a long time and the quantity of sticky spunk in my pants felt enormous. I had managed not to shout out or show too much emotion while cumming and I sat there thinking ‘where the fuck did that come from?’ I immediately put my hands down to my lap in an attempt to cover up any wet patch than may start to appear on my trousers. The only saving grace was that they were fairly thick dark blue trousers and most of the spunk seemed to be encased in my fairly tight-fitting pants. My overwhelming thought was one of embarrassment that I could have cum in my pants like an inexperienced teenager experiencing their first sexual experiences.
I was suddenly aware of Sue saying ‘Well have you seen enough’ as she remained bent over with her arse cheeks pulled apart. ‘Oh yes’ I said meekly, ‘you look awesome!’ She turned back around and knelt down in front of me and put her hands on the tops of my legs. This pushed her lovely tits together and her nipples now seemed larger and firmer that ever. She said, ‘I will give you a hand job or suck you off if you prefer but I won’t do full sex’. ‘I have not been seeing anyone since my break up and I am not taking any form of contraception’. Even if you have condoms, I don’t like them or trust them either’.
I was obviously in no state to receive any form of stimulation now with wet spunk beginning to feel like it was leaking out of my pants. However I did ask ‘If you sucked me off would you be willing to let me cum in your mouth or are you one of these women who pull away at the last minute? ‘I am not adverse to the taste of cum’ she said ‘so long as you don’t try and gag me when you are in my mouth’. Remembering her arsehole looked like it had been used in the past I asked ‘and what if I wanted anal sex?’ ‘I have tried that in the past’ she said ‘but I didn’t much like it as it really hurt’ ‘I wouldn’t want to do it again’.
I was thinking I must sort out the mess in my pants without her realising what had happened. ‘Well I will tell you what I want’ I said. ‘I don’t have time now as I have to go to a meeting soon but I would like you to come back next week dressed up for me’. Do you have any stockings and suspenders or a Basque?’ ‘I can’t afford any frivolous items like that’ she said ‘I can hardly afford to keep myself in tights’. ‘Alright’ I said ‘then we shall order you something to wear for me’. I pointed to the laptop on the table and said ‘Get on the Internet and go to the StockingsHQ website while I just nip to the toilet’. I got to the toilet and started to clean up the mess in pants. I could not believe how much spunk there was swimming around in my pants. I cleaned it up as best I could and pulled my pants and trousers back up. It all felt very cold and sticky still as I adjusted myself and returned to the sitting room.
Sue had put her clothes back on and was looking at the website. ‘I suppose you want something tarty in red or black’ she said. In an effort to get her buy in I said ‘What would you choose if you were buying for yourself?’ ‘Don’t’ really know I have never thought about it’ she said. ‘I would love to see you in a pair of fully fashioned seamed stockings’ I said, going to the page on the website. ‘These tan, Cuban-heeled ones would look fabulous on you, what do you think’. ‘Wow they are lovely’ she said ‘but look at the price of them! Twenty quid, for one pair of stockings!’ ’Worth every penny’ I said ‘now how about a Basque or suspender belt to go with them’ I moved to the Girdles and Shapewear page and was encouraged to see Sue immediately start looking at the options. ‘Some of these look really nice’ she said ‘although some of the others look a bit slutty’. ‘Slutty can be very appealing’ I said ‘if it is worn on the right person’. ‘How about this six strap suspender belt in white, you would look stunning in that with a pair of tan stockings’. ’ What size should I order?’ ‘I will need a medium’ she said ‘and a 36C bra size’. ‘Alright’ I said ‘I will order them for you to wear for me, they are all in stock so should be here next week. ‘You needn’t bother with your cleaning duties today but I will make sure you get paid’. I will expect to see you back here next week to dress up for me and show me how willing you are to ensure your wine bottle episode goes no further’. ‘Oh and I had a vasectomy over twenty years ago so you will not need to worry about any unwanted pregnancy.’
Sue smiled sweetly and leaned forward and kissed me gently on the cheek. ‘Alright’ she said ‘I promise to come back next week and dress up for you’. With that she turned and left the apartment. I already had the start of another erection as I watched her leave which surprised me as I am not normally able to recover so quickly these days. As I headed to the bathroom to get a shower and clean myself up I knew I would be doing a lot of wanking over the coming days in anticipation of our next encounter.

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I want to hear about the next cleaning visit
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