Chasing Mom

Growing up mom and dad never bothered with hiding their naked bodies from me or my younger s****r. We were used to seeing everyone naked including grandma and grandpa and being a k** I never too much about that.
But once I got close to puberty, things changed. Mom and granny started to cover up, and at first I thought nothing about it. But once puberty did hit, I wanted to what a woman looked like naked and that is when I noticed things had changed. I would do things like walk in mom's room when I knew she was changing or when she just got of the shower. She would try to be cool about it and I would play it off as no big deal.
Now my mom is no fashion queen or super model. She does have natural dirty blonde hair that she keeps short, like school teacher or library lady or like my granny. She is normal height with medium size boobs and she kind of plump. I have seen some of my friends moms and a couple of them are hot and a few are ugly, mom is just average. I have seen mom's pussy many times over the years and it is not overly hairy and has a nice light brown bush with nice lips.
During the summer mom was working part time so she was home alot druing the day. She would take us shopping and to the pool. I would stare at her as we changed into our suits. Mom told me to quit looking at her or I woukld have to change in the mens room. I took great pleasure showing off my man part as it was growing in nice and large with good covering of fur. I felt really manly and wanted mom to check which I did catch her doing from time to time.
Things escalated as I was trying to see mom's pussy more and more and then going to my room and jacking off. I even got mom to catch me a time or two as I was jacking off. One day, dad and s****r were gone for the day and mom was in the shower. I walked into her bathroom several times and pulled open the curtain to ask her stupid questions. And then when she got out I went her room and caught her backside as she was bent over, her cute snatch peaking from underneath. I almost lost it right then and there. Mom jumped up and said for me take a good look and get it out of my system. She laid on the bed with her legs open and told me to look her over, play with it or what ever I had to do to get this out of my system.
I thought to my self that this is pretty cool. I started to look real close at mom's body, her little pot belly, her small boobs, her wet hair, and of course her cute little pussy. Her lips were slightly open showing just small bit of pink. Mom said for me to take my time and look at everything real close, she even said for me to touch it-get it all out of my system. I touched mom's boobs, they were firm yet soft. I had never touched boobs, I played with them in my hands. My cock was now hard as a rock and sticking straight out making a huge tent in my boxers. The smell of mom's wet hair was not helping matters. Then I moved down to her pussy.
I had my face right there, I could smell her sweet smell. I rubbed my hand over her soft bush and I loved the way her pussy hair felt. Then my hands brushed over her lips, mom kind of made a slight moan. I ran my fingers around her pussy lips and then pulled them open to get a good look. At that time I was not sure what was what nor did I know what I doing but I brushed her clit as I ran my finger up and down her slit. Mom jumped so I did it some more. Then I went to her vagina which seemed to rather wet and easy to push my finger into. I slid three fingers into there as far as I could get them. The smell had me getting so horny that I thought my dick was going break off.
Mom seemed to be enjoying this but I was not sure what else to do. I wanted to put my cock inside her but was not sure if she would go for that. So I played with her bush and lips some more, then I asked mom if I could jack off and look at her naked while I did it. She said fine. I stood up and pulled down my boxers and started to play with my cock. As I stroked i watched mom. My cock just hurt more and I found that I felt a little wierd doing this as mom just laid there and watched. So I rubbed her pussy with one hand as I stroked my knob with the other. Then I turned my cock towards her pussy, I figured I would try to get it as close to her pussy as I could and maybe I could cum all over her bush.
Mom must have sensed what I was trying to do and she sat up on the bed and turned towards me facing her now open wet pussy right at on the edge of the bed. Mom said that now I can rub my cock all over her pussy if I wanted too. Then she said something that I will never forget-she said that I could even stick in if I wanted! I could not believe what she had just said! I tried to play it cool and like it was no big deal. My cock was dripping at the thought of getting into this pussy that was right in front of me. My balls were hurting so bad for some release.
So I stroked my cock some more and then rubbed it around mom's bush. Then I rubbed it in between her lips, I was afraid that any moment it was going to explode so I was trying to be careful. Then I rubbed it right at her hole and let the tip slip in just a little. Then I rubbed around the outside a little more then went back to her hole and pushed it in very slowly. It was the most amazing feeling as mom's pussy welcomed my cock inside. I pushed a little way in and then pulled back almost all the way out and then pushed in further till I was in as far as I could go.
I could not believe that I was inside my mom's pussy, my cock was so hard. The warm tight wet feeling, mom then said something else that I will never forget-that feels so good! She liked what I was doing! Mom liked having me inside her pussy. Mom started to move hips slightly and the feeling on my cock was more than I could take. My cock exploded like it never had before, I thought I was going to pass out and I was trying not to fall down as my cock pumped mom's cunt full of cum. Mom moaned as this was happening. When everything stopped, I could feel that my cock was still hard and it was still deep inside mom's wonderful pussy. I waited expecting mom to tell me to get out. Mom looked at me and told me that was amazing, she was not expecting that. Then she said I should pump her as my cock was still hard. Mom pulled me onto the bed without letting my cock slip out of her. I started to pump her as she held me, I kept getting harder and faster. Mom started to moan louder and louder. The slaping sound of bodies and the sloshing of my cock inside mom's pussy made me cum another huge load deep inside mom but this time mom came too. She moaned really loud and held me deep inside her, I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock. This time my cock went limp and I pulled out of her, her wondeerful cunt was leaking my jizz and jizz was all in her bush making it sticky and creamy white.
I could not believe I just fucked my mom. Mom said that we should have some lunch and got up. She went to the kitchen, naked. She fixed a quick lunch. I sat there and watched her naked body as she worked. I thought that I had just filled that wonderful snatch with my cum, my sperm was swiming thru her womb as she prepared my lunch. After lunch mom said we should fuck again and we did. Mom laughed and said that she wanted to make sure that we get this out of my system. I laughed too and told mom that this may take several weeks. Mom told me that she was willing to do whatever it took to make sure I get over this hornyness.
Mom and I fucked several more times that day. And then several times a day after that. I fucked her even after dad would get done with her but never when dad was in the house. Well a few times I would get up in the middle of the night or middle of the day and mom would be in the kitchen and I started to date I would tell mom about my dates and fucking the girls. Mom would get all horny and would want me to fuck her. She loved smelling the other girls on my hand and cock. To this day I still fuck my mom but not as often as I would like. But when ever I get back home to visit we always make some time to fuck.
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1 year ago
I busted a nut over this story!
2 years ago
2 years ago
awesome story. my mum was my first sexual experiance. you never forget & you stay close forever
2 years ago
I love that mom.
2 years ago
Very Hot Story
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how lucky
2 years ago
great story
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wow great
2 years ago
Very good story, made this mom all wet!!!
2 years ago
AWESOME story thanks for posting it
2 years ago
That was hot as hell!
2 years ago
Great story.
2 years ago
Esxcellent work, thanks.
2 years ago
Hot story