Black Mailing Mom

I had decided to skip school, I did not think any one would be home on this day. I wanted to stay home and look at some porn on the internet and wack off. I had seen my older s****r naked this morning and it had me plenty horny. I went off like I was going to ride the bus, giving everybody a chance to clear out of the house, after an hour I came back home.
I was in my room looking at the computer, when I heard some people come in the house. It was my mom, she was giggling like a school girl. I heard a man's voice also. It all seemed plenty playful. I stayed very quite hoping they would leave. It did get quite but then I heard a noise coming from my parents bedroom. The same noise I would hear when dad was fucking mom.
I decided to go have a look. I made my way to the hall but the door was closed so I went around to the backyard. I knew of a gap in the shade on the window that would offer me the perfect view, yes I have spied on my parents fucking before. I peered in the window and was surprised to see Nick, our neighbor, fucking my mom. I always thought Nick was a dork but he sure was putting the meat to mom. Mom was on her back with her legs in the air and Nick's old fat ass was in there giving it hell. Mom seemed to be enjoying it. About then Nick arched his back and thrust deep into mom. After a minute or so he pulled out and stepped back giving me a great view of mom's hairy coochie. It was plenty hairy and Nick's goo was running out and down mom's ass crack. I snuck back to my room and laid low till I heard them leave.
A couple of days later I left school early and came home to catch Nick porking mom again. I kind of liked it as it gave me something to jack off with. It was like real porn and later that evening dad was pounding on mom. I got to thinking mom was getting around.
Then I came home early to an empty house. I went to my room and fell asl**p. I awoke and went to the kitchen, and walked right in my mom on the couch buck naked with her legs in the air and and some guy I did not know was busting a nut in her. I stood there not knowing what to do. The man stepped back and said hi to me. He put his pants on and headed out the door. Mom jumped up and tried to act like nothing was happening. She started to jump my ass about not being at school as she was getting dressed. She had spunk all in her pussy hair, I told her she might want to go clean that up before she dressed. Mom tried to make it out that I was wrong. I stopped her right there and told her that I was going to tell dad everything and that I had pictures on my cell phone.
Mom changed her tune real quick and started being all nice and shit. I was going to ride this out. Then mom said that she would do anything, I should not tell dad. I told her I would think about it. She then came over and knelt down in front of me, she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Mom put her mouth over my cock and started to give me a great blowjob, well my first blowjob. Mom swirled her tounge all around my cock and sucked gently. I could not hold on much more and blew my wad in mom's mouth. She swallowed the whole load.
Mom asked me how that was and I told her that was pretty good but not enough. Mom asked me if I wanted a new computer and I told her yes but I also wanted to get some of what everybody else was getting. Mom stood up and took her clothes back off and laid down on the floor and spread her legs. I never really thought about fucking my mom but seeing her laying there with her pussy spread open, I did like the look of her pussy, it was hairy, wet and I could see her pink hole. My cock got so hard it hurt. I got down and mom pulled me on to her my cock lining up perfectly with her pussy, She pulled me into her. It was the best feeling as my cock slid into its first pussy. Mom told me to start moving in and out of her. I started to thrust harder and harder, mom moaned and I exploded deep inside her. Mom held me tight as my cock shot rope after rope of sticky cum into her.
Mom told me I could have her pussy any time I wanted and I held her to that. Blowjobs and pussy. I dunked my cock in her every chance I got. One night I got up and went to the kitchen and mom was up getting a drink, I pushed her over the counter. She told me dad just fucked her that I should not. I fucked her any way, adding my spunk to dad's inside her womb. I even made mom talk one of her friends into fucking me. After several years I got tired of mom's worn out pussy, I think most of the guys in town had blown a wad in it. Every now and then I call mom on it and get some pussy from her.
I guess we always remember our first pussy.
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2 years ago
Nicely done!
2 years ago
very lucky to catch mom your new teacher
2 years ago the right place at the right time.
2 years ago
good story, dirty dog; good story.
2 years ago
Excellent story thanks...
2 years ago
bro i wish i was that lucky !!!