My b*****r Jeff

This is a true story told to me by a friend of mine. She did not want to write it herself so I wrote it and she supervised. Amy is blonde with blue eyes, petite athletic body. She was a cheerleader in highschool
Jeff is my older b*****r, my only b*****r. he is two years older than I. We have always been very close and share alot of things. Jeff was the first guy that I ever saw naked and he was the first guy to see me naked.We have studied each other naked bodies over the years and had very little problem with him checking me out from time to time.
We both hit puberty about the same time and it was fun to see the changes our bodies were going thru. Jeff's cock and balls grew larger and hair covered them. My boobs grew and I got a nice bush. I came into Jeff's room one day and caught him jacking off. He had his telescope set up on the neighbors window and he was standing there naked with a huge hardon. He thought he was home alone. Jeff told me to look, I looked thru the tele scope and saw the neighbors having sex. It made me so horny I did not know what to think. Jeff and I took turns looking thru the telescope. Jeff was looking and stroking his cock when all of sudden he came, I never had seen this before. Ropes of cum shot out of his cock and landed on the bed, my wet pussy began to hurt really bad. I looked thru the scope and could see the man pull his limp cock out of the woman, a glob of white cum dripped from her pussy. My pussy really began to tingle and hurt now. I inspected the cum that had seconds before shot out of Jeff. The smell made my pussy want to be fucked. I felt it and then put some in my mouth. I yerned to have this happen to me, just like the neighbor woman.
I went back to my room but could not get the days events to quit running thru my mind. Watching Jeff blow his wad made me so horny I did not know what to do.
The next morning, everybody was gone again, only Jeff and I were home. I went into Jeff's room with just a night shirt on. I knew my tits and bush could be seen thru the sheer fabric and that is what I wanted. I sat on the bed with Jeff and we began to talk about sex. What we had seen in the telescope, watching mom and dad, and other. Neither Jeff or I had had sex but we both did want it. I could tell my pussy was very wet and I could see that Jeff was getting another huge hardon. As we talked more about sex the more horny I was getting. Jeff asked me if he could see my pussy again and he would let me see his cock. We got into a position where our faces were at each others privates. Jeff's hardon was staring me in the face. I fondled his heavy balls and rock hard cock. I loved the feel of his fingers exploring my pussy. I put my mouth on his cock, the smell, taste, and feel of his cock in my mouth made me even wetter. Then I felt Jeff's tounge on my pussy, I thought I was going to go thru the roof. After about two seconds I pushed Jeff away and told him to fuck me.
I rolled onto my back and Jeff got on top and pushed his cock into me. As soon as he had it in me all the way we both sat there and enjoyed the feel. That hard cock deep in my pussy was the greatest felling , and Jeff said the same about being inside me. He bagan to move his cock in and out of me, he told me he did not think he could last too long. Then he thrust deep into me, his cock swelled and then I felt his hot cum flow into me causing me to have my own orgasim. We both collasped, Jeff's still hard cock deep inside, my pussy holding on to it.
Jeff began to thrust in and out of me again, this time he lasted several minutes before filling my pussy full of his cum. After he finished cumming he pulled out and I could see some of his cum dripping out, just like what we saw the neighbors doing. After that day, Jeff and I fucked every moment we got. And we experimented, eating me out and me giving him head.
Mom talked to me one day and asked me if I had been having sex because see noticed cum stains in my panties. I told I had and see took me to the doctor and put me on the pill so I would not get pregnant. Jeff and I fucked even more after that. I even fucked a couple of his friends. Jeff fucked a few of my friends also, I even watched. We never told a soul about the two of us fucking and we continued fucking each other, we still have a good fuck every now and then even though we are all grown up and the both of us are married.
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2 years ago
sweet 1st lovers
2 years ago
Gave me a hardon like never before
2 years ago
nice and hot story thanks for sharing.
2 years ago
yes very hot...It made me wetter...
2 years ago
Very real...very HOT!