My First Time to Cheat

My husband and I took a trip with another couple to one of these resort places. I had been married to him for about fifteen years. The other couple, Paul and Susan, were some fun to be around. The first night there we all went out together, dancing and drinking. We got so hammered. The next night the men went one way and we went the other, we were to meet up at around midnight. Susan and I decided to go to one of these clubs that the younger people go to. We got there and found a table and bought some drinks. In no time at all the guys were all over us asking us to dance and buying us drinks. We would tell these guys we were married and all they would say is "thats the best kind". We drank and danced alot and I must say that all these young buff guys hitting on us was making both of us very horny. I never thought of myself as a hottie nor have I thought about cheating on my husband but tonight I was really thinking about trying it out. Susan was thinking the same thing. The men keep hitting on us and wearing us down. Finally Susan and I talked and thought that it would be fun to see how far these guys were willing to go. Four good looking young men sat with us and bought us some drinks. Everybody flirted and then Susan asked if they wanted to go do something. We walked out of the club and into the ally. There was a wall with a seat platform thing on it that Susan and I sat on and the men sat around us. Their hands started to rome all over our bodies, down around my breast, up my skirt to my wet pussy. I had never done anything like this before, I felt so bad, popular, and wanted all at the same time. I felt so alive and like a woman. The men had fingers in my cunt and on my clit and all over my boobs. I was so horny now, some was going to fuck me. I pulled one of the cocks out, it was so hard, I could feel the veins and precum leaking. He pushed the cock to my face and I put my mouth around it. I swirled my tounge around it and tickled his heavy balls. the other guy buried his face in my snatch making me want some cock even more. I had to have a cock in my pussy and I pulled the man up so that his cock could enter me, the other man still in my mouth. The cock entered my pussy easily. He pulled my ankles up to his chest and began to pound me. The man pulled out of my mouth and the other man gave me a small kiss as he thrust harder and harder into me. I was right at the edge of a huge orgasim when this man pushed deep into me and unloaded his balls spraying my insides with his hot cum. I could feel every pulse and squirt of his cock. This sent me over the top and came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. As soon as this man was sure everydrop of his cum was in my pussy he pulled out, The other man jumped right in before I even knew what had happened. He fucked my cum filled cunt for several minutes and then drained his balls deep inside me. The two men pulled their pants up and waited for the last guy to finish fucking Susan and when he did they all high fived and walked away. Susan and I sat there catching our breath with big smiles. Neither of us had ever done anything like this before. We realized we did not even get their names nor did we make them wear condoms, we could not believe how cum was in our pussies. A couple of dishwashers were standing near by smoking, they must have watched the whole thing. Susan asked if they wanted some of this and they ran over with their little hard cocks out. It only took them a minute in our pussies before they sprayed their cum deep inside us. They said they had to get back to work and ran off. Susan and I cleaned up and walked off to find our husbands. We found them and danced and drank some more. That night back at our room my husband fucked me real good and so did Susan's husband. As my husband unloaded a huge load deep into me I wondered what he would think if he knew three other guys had cum inside me earlier in the evening. I smiled real big.
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2 years ago
Great story! I hope my wife is doing this often, also it would be nice if she was doing this then came home and asked me to eat her pussy, without me knowing that I was lappung up her liver's cum.
2 years ago
Great story. Did you ever tell hubby?
2 years ago
good thing hubby the felcher was there to clean up your sloppy fuck hole............Sweet
2 years ago
Great story. Nothing better than hot, spontanious sex.
2 years ago
so, you risked your husbnads health simply because you didnt have the resolve to get these boys to use condoms. You didnt think that maybe you needed to go and see a doctor, or at least go to a chemist and get some detergent to give yourself a good clean out?
2 years ago
great story, great sex, like it!