The RV

I am 25 years old and have been married for about three years. My husband bought this stupid motorhome RV thing and wanted us to take a trip across the nation. Somewhere in the middle of Kansas this stupid thing broke down. We sat on the side of the interstate for an hour while my goofball husband tried to figure out what was wrong. This really big eighteen wheeler truck pulled up and these two goofy looking fat smelly guys got out and came over and asked what was wrong. Said that they could give us a ride to the next town which was about seventy miles away. My husband did want to leave the RV so I was volunteered to ride along. I climbed into the truck and sat in the sl**per thing and talked.
Both of these guys were fat and goofy looking, they were b*****rs. The driver(Bill) was misisng several teeth and the other guy (Will) seemed to be mildly mentally challenged. I was wearing a sun dress and nothing else and these guys could not keep their eyes off of me. I am a big flirt and was known as a easy piece in school. What can I say, I like cock as much as the next girl but I dont play games. If you wanted to fuck me then I would have let you. I was flashing my shaved beaver and was really enjoying the reaction I was getting from both men. Will had a tent in pants and I said that I could relieve him of that if he pulled his pants off which he did. I put his dick in my mouth thinking this would only take a minute, I could not get him off so I removed my dress, letting the site of my shaved cunt and "C" cup titties help out but still could not get him off. So I asked if he would like to stick his dick in my pussy for just a second or two and then I would jack him off. He stuck his dick in my wet pussy and started to fuck away. He weighed around 250lbs I think and had my arms pinned.I was helpless and could not do anything as he pounded away on my pussy. His smelly breath and BO was horrible and he was drooling in my hair. Finally he tensed up and I felt his cock pulsing and felt his hot sticky sperm pumping deep into my cunt. He got up and then I saw Bill standing there with a hard on. Bill moved in and pushed his cock into my cum filled cunt, he was fat and smelled bad also but did not drool on me. He fucked me for several minutes and was bitching about my cunt being too slimey and having to have sloopy seconds. He thrust in deep and released his load of sperm into me. Bill got up and pulled his pants up and got into the driver seat and said it was only a couple of miles to the mechanic. He started driving. Will wanted to mount me again and I thought what the heck and told him to hop on. He put the pork to me again and pumped another load into me.
Now he was done and we were at the mechanic. I put on my dress and my panties and I got out of the rig and they drove off. I felt really good thinking that those two guys have never had pussy as good as mine and would be talking about me for the next several years. The mechanic and I drove out to meet my husband and fix the RV. As we drove I could feel Bill and Wills cum leaking out of my pussy. It gave me a warm feeling but then I remembered that I had stopped taking the pill several months ago as my husband and I wanted to have a baby. Now I was thinking of these guys sperm swimming thru my body looking for an egg to fertilize, the egg that was to be waiting for my husband seed. The mechanic fixed the RV and left. I asked my husband for a fuck, I thought that maybe those guys being stupid maybe their sperm was too and that my husband could fill me with his jizz and that his jizz would beat the others to egg. My husband mounted me, he said I was really wet. I told him that riding in the big rig made me horny, I could not tell him it was sperm from those two goofballs. He pumped me real good and pumped a really good load into me as I orgasimed.
Nine months later we had a healthy baby, it does not look goofy, but I still wonder.
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4 years ago
Very Nice ! But a lil more detail would be nice :D