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This story happened back in 1985, I was only fifteen. Me and my friends spent the whole summer at the neighborhood pool. The pool was fifty to sixty years old. The bathrooms and dressing rooms were just as old and had many cracks in the wall. We had made some peep holes in the cracks and from time to time we would peak in and try to see some of the ladies naked. We did see alot of pussy thru the peephole.
Debbie was the lifegaurd and had this fifties look to her, blonde hair, slightly over weight and the biggest tits I have ever seen. We always wondered how she could swim to bottom of the pool to save anybody with those giant hooters. Bart was the other lifegaurd, a guy.
On this summer day we were playing in the pool and not many people were there. Me and three other friends. Two other k**s, Mrs. Chord, Mrs. Wilson. Bart and Debbie were both there. Five men showed up and started flirting with Mrs. Chord and Mrs. Wilson. Debbie went over and everybody seemed to be having a good time. Soon they went to the dressing room. One of my friends said we should go to the peakhole and see what they were doing. We went into the dressing room and peaked into the room that they were all in. We about fell over, Debbie was naked and a guy was licking her pussy, Mrs. Chord was on her kness sucking two guys dicks and Mrs. Wilson was naked and kissing one guy while another was licking her pussy. Debbie laid back on a bench and spread her legs wide, a man moved in and slid his dick into her pussy. Wow! we were right there with a perfect view! He was banging away on her, her giant boobs jiggling with every thrust. Mrs Chord did the same, and Mrs. Wilson was getting it doggy style. We could not believe what we were seeing. Those three men dumped their loads and the other two mounted Debbie and Mrs. Wilson. Watching this was making all of our dicks so hard they hurt. Soon those two guys came and the other three jumped back in. I had never seen sex before. We went back to the pool. Soon the women came out and gathered up their stuff and left. We never saw the men again. A couple of weeks later the same thing happened. This time it was six different guys but the same three women. Three weeks later they had a fourth woman and it was eight guys. That time they fucked for two hours, and there was alot of sperm leaking from everyones pussy. Then one time me and just one of my friends were at the pool when Debbie, Mrs Wilson and Mrs Chord took three men back to te dressing room. A girl named Shannon and Jeri were there. They were older than us and good looking. We asked them if they wanted to see some fucking and they said yes. We took them in and showed them the peepholes. They peaked in and saw some good fucking going on. They were switching partners and everything. The four of us were glued to watching. The girls were getting hot, something we did not expect. Shannon was rubbing her pussy thru her bikini and soon Jeri was too. Our dicks were standing straight out in our swim trunks. Jeri reached over and started to rub my dick. She put my hand inside her bikini. I had never touched a girls pussy before, it was nice and wet. After playing with each other and watching all the fucking going on in the next room for several minutes Jeri got up and took me over to a bench and pulled my swim trunks down and started to suck my dick. Within seconds we were both naked and Jeri was stradled over me about to lower her pussy onto my dick. I could not believe what was happening as my dick disappeared into her tight cunt. She moved around for a minute and came very hard, I followed suit and flooded her cavity with my virgin sperm. I think that was the hardest I ever came in my whole life. My friend and Shannon did the same. We got dressed and went back to the pool, Shannon and Jeri went home. Mrs. Wilson was there beside the pool but everyone else was gone. I could not believe I just had sex.
We watched several more of the womens fuck sessons, and even shared with a couple of other girls and got the same results. It seems watching people fuck is a good way to get laid.
This had to have been one of the best summers of my life. I think those three women must have fucked thirty guys that summer, I fucked four girls. The next summer the same thing all happened again. That summer I used it to fuck eight girls. One time we even had a little group sesson and swapped girls. Sloppy seconds is not so bad. The summer after that they closed the pool and tore it down. I did get to fuck Debbie once, That is another story.
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you are a very good writer keep going I wanna know about debbie