My Old Lady!!

I am sixty five years old, I work out alot and get compliments on my body. I have a fat dick that is almost eleven inches long and I get compliments on that too. My wife of forty years is sixty years old. She is four foot seven inches tall with really nice "B" cup titties. She weighs around a hundred pounds and works out all the time. She is hot for her age. We have both had affairs, my big fantasy is to see her get drilled by a couple of guys.
We got invited to a party that this really hot newly divorced woman was holding. Her name is Linda and she is fifty eight years old, black hair and big blue eyes. Linda has a big house and must have invited a hundred people. We were there and mingled and drank. I watched as man after man hit on and flirted with my wife. This was making me very horny. At the end of the night it was Linda, my wife Bess, me and two college girls and eight college boys. The college k**s were in thier early twenties.
Everybody was d***k and the talk turned to sex and soon clothes started coming off. People were pairing up and two guys were all over my wife. I was thinking that I might get to see Bess getting some fresh dick. One of the college girls was hitting on me and I knew soon I would be sticking my dick deep in her. Bess and everyone else was naked. Linda was getting her pussy plowed by a young guy. I had a a good looking young girl riding my cock and soon enough dumped a large load of spunk deep in her. She collasped on top of me, said I was the best fuck she ever had. I now had time to watch what Bess was doing. Bess had a guy hard fucking her doggy style, her boobs swaying to his beat. The boy popped his wad in her, a glob of his jizz dripped out of her pussy when he pulled his dick out her. Another guy moved into her and started banging away. My dick hardened inside the sl**ping beauty laying on top of me. The second guy dumped his load in Bess's pussy as a second guy filled Linda's cunt with his hot jizz. At this point Bess rolled over on her back, Linda laid down next to her, and the college next to Linda all spread their legs wide. Three eager guys all took their place in the waiting pussy and started banging away. Watching three sets of boobs bounce as these pounded away was a sight to see. After many minutes the men pumped the pussies full of dick sauce. My dick was hard inside the college girls pussy but she was sound asl**p. I moved around enough to get off and added more spunk deep in her wonderful pussy. Everyone drifted off to sl**p and the next morning the fucking started early. I wondered if my wife would still fuck if she was not d***k and yes she picked up whewre she left off the night before. She fucked like a college girl! Bess and Linda took several more loads, they even ate spunk out of each others pussies! WOW! I was able to slip my dick in Linda and the other college girl, but there was so much jizz I did not get the full effect. But I love spunking in new pussy. I think Bess and Linda must have took ten loads of jizz in each pussy, I was really proud of my old lady, I think she did better than those college girls and gave those college boys and real good fucking.
79% (21/6)
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3 years ago
That was HOT. Just because we get a little older doesn't mean we can't perform anymore. Thanks for posting.
4 years ago
damn that was nice
4 years ago
Great story wish I could have some fun like that thanks