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When I was fifteen I had friend named Tim and his dad would have to go out of town to work for several weeks at a time. I would go over and spend the night. His mom was very nice, she was about five foot tall, nice boobs, black hair, and nice wide hips, big blue eyes. I remember one time Tim and I were sl**ping on the living room floor when she walked thru the room naked, I pretened to be asl**p, I got a great view of her boobs and bush.
This night Tim had me over along with four other guys. His dad was out of town and his mom had gone out drinking with some of her friends. We had all gone swiming in Tim's pool. The only lights that were on were around the deck and they were very dim. Tim's mom came home at about two thirty with three of her friends and four men. The women were very d***k, so much so that they were having trouble walking and talking. We stayed very quiet and in the pool thinking we would get in trouble for being up late. Tim's mom and a blonde woman came stumbling onto the deck with two men. The men were kissing the women and trying to take thier clothes off. Tim's mom removed her clothes and laid on a lounge chair legs spread wide. The blonde did the same. The men, one had short hair and one had a pony tail removed their clothes. the short hair one got on top of Tim's mom and started to fuck her. The pony tail guy did the same to the blonde. We were right there and I could not believe what was happening and we could see this guys dick moving in and out of their pussies and we could see their boobs shaking. All six of us had massive hard ons from watching this. The man fucking Tim's mom soon got off of her, a stream of white fluid was leaking from her pussy and she seemed to be passed out. The same for the blonde. the two other women and two other men came out. One of the women asked why they started with them? They fucked and when finished the men left. We thought that the three women were passed out and we were not sure where the fourth woman had gone and that maybe she left with the men so we got out of the pool, our dicks making big tents in our swim trunks. The fourth woman walked onto the deck wt this time, she did not appear to be as d***k as the other three. She was naked, large boobs and neatly trimed bush. I know I thought I was going to spew a load in my suit. She asked what we were doing and why our dicks were hard. She wanted to know why we were spying on them and not in bed. Then she told us we should form a circle around the women and jerk off and relieve ourselves. Sounded good to me, myself and two other boys got around Tim's mom and Tim and the the other two boys circled around the blonde and we all started to jack off while this woman watched. It only took me about two minutes and I knelt down and put my dick on her wonderful soft bush and dropped a large load, the other two boys did the same. I had never touch a woman on her bush before. The woman took her hand and smeared our jizz all together and rubbed it all into Tim's mom pussy lips. she did the same for the blonde, this made my dick hard again. Tim and two boys had gone away after shooting their loads. The one d***k woman asked if we were virgins and asked the other woman why she did not just let us fuck, why did she want us to jack off like that.
The woman took my hand and she laid back on a lounge chair and pulled me on to her, she guided my dick into her pussy. She held me tight to her chest as I started to pound away on her. I loved the feel of her boobs against my chest and the feel of her pussy around my dick. I soon blew my cum deep in her. One of the other guys was fucking the other d***k woman that was not passed out. I got up and the last k** took my place on the woman and very quickly drained his balls in her.
We went back to the bed room smelling like sex, the other boys asked what happened and we told them that we got to fuck those two women. They smelled us and went runnig out to the deck, we followed to see what would happen. The two women were more than happy to take their virginity also. My dick was hard again and I looked at Tim's mom and thought about sticking my dick in her, one of the other guys was fucking the passed out blonde so I stuck my dick in Tim's mom. It was great!! I think I lasted only three seconds and then blew a big wad into her. We all went to bed after fucking for a while. The two women told us to never tell anybody what had happened. The next morning we acted like nothing happened. Tim's mom made us breakfast and the women talked and we played. To this day I wonder if Tim's mom knows I blew a wad in her that night.
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4 years ago
damn perfect fantastic
4 years ago
stroked off to every sentence, would have loved to have joined!!!
4 years ago
very sexy story, every young mans fantasy excellent. This story really got me horny