The Story of My Mom

My mom and I have always been very close. When I turned ten, my mom and dad got a divorce. My dad moved away and it was just me and mom. We became even closer. Mom told me that I was now the "man of the house". I took my new role very seriously and tried to live up to what I thought was expected. When I hit puberty mom tried to fill in as a male role model.
At f******n I was in my room laying on my bed naked. I had a dirty mag and was just starting to jack off, I had found a good picture and was sporting a huge boner and just starting to stroke it when the door opened and my mom walked in. I was frozen with fear and did not know what to do. Mom brought in some clean clothes and put them away. Mom then stopped and sat on the bed beside me. I could do nothing but lay there with my cock pointing up in the air. Mom then commented that I had a nice cock, and that it had been a very long time for her. She reached over and wrapped her hand gently around my cock and moved it up and down. I was not sure what to do, mom asked if it was okay for her to touch it and I said yes. She continued to stroke my cock slowly, I was enjoying the touch of a woman. Mom was getting into it, moving faster and changing her grip. She knew just how to touch right under the head. After another minute I had to cum, she sensed it and held my cock right at the base as the first rope of cum shot skyward and came back down and landed on her wrist just as another rope spurted and did the same, the remaining jizz jetted barely out the tip of my cock and ran down the sides coating her hand. I must say it was a very large load. Mom removed her and looked at it, she even took a little taste before wiping it on a towel I had there. Mom asked if I was okay with what had just happened and I was very much so. Then she asked if we could do it again and I told her any time.
Now at this point I am sure you want me to tell you that my mom is super hot and that she fucks all the time. But that is not true, my mom is five foot tall and about one hundred and sixty pounds. She has small boobs and a big hairy cunt. I would not say that she is hot, just average. I have seen her naked plenty of times but never seen her fuck another guy. I had never thought about sex with her until that day she jacked me off.
It was about a month before mom jacked me off again. Then another month before she jacked me off again, but that time she took off all her clothes. It was very different to have a naked woman jack me off, I could watch her boobs shake with her hand movement. I got to look at her beaver, I came quicker that time. The next time mom and I got together she wanted me to jack her off, she showed me her clit and told me how to rub it just right to get her off. As mom stroked my cock I rubbed her clit. The harder I rubbed the harder she stroked me. We both came together, I thought that was really cool.
After that we started to do this more often. Then one night mom asked if she could put my cock in her mouth, I said okay!! Mom sucked my cock for only a minute and then stroked the rest, but this time she rubbed her jizzed covered hand all over her hairy cunt, she rubbed my jizz into her bush and fingered herself a couple of times.
The next time we jacked off she came first, then she slowly brought me to orgasim, and had me blow my wad all over her bush. She kept showing me how to finger her and then she gave me a full on blow job and even swallowed my load. She taught me how to eat her out.
Then it finally happened. We were going thru the everything, mostly foreplay, stroking, sucking, and then mom pulled me on top of her and guided my cock into her. I pushed so easily into her wet, tight cunt. I banged her for about two minutes before I came, I came so hard I must have pumped a gallon of spunk deep into her pussy. After that we fucked like there was no tomorrow. Every chance I got I stuck my cock in mom and dumped a load of jizz.
After several months mom said that she wanted to go out on a date. Mom went on the date and brought the guy back to our house. I acted asl**p, they ended up in mom's room fucking. I watched thru the half opened door as this man fucked mom. After they were done the man left and I went into mom's room. I f***ed myself on her, she did not resist to much, my cock slid easily into her cum filled cunt. I banged her until she came and added my spunk to what the other man had left inside her. This made mom more cock hungry, not just for mine but others also. She would fuck other guys and then I would get to finish her off.
This went on for years, well, it is still going on. My mom is in her seventies now and I still fuck her every chance I get.
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2 years ago
Gud one. Keep it up.
2 years ago
can we gangbang your mom together?
3 years ago
Nice job, really enjoyed it.
3 years ago
awesome story, thanks
3 years ago
Fuckin awesome
3 years ago
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Nice one, glad to read you're still at it, never too old to enjoy.
3 years ago
Great work. Thanks.
3 years ago
great mom