My Friend Katy

My name is Kelly and this happened when I was fifteen and a half years old. My very best friend Katy had invited me to go on a trip with her to Florida. We were both very excited and finally the time came and off we went with Katy's mom, Molly and her friend, Tina. Katy warned me to not be surprised about what her mom, Molly, and Tina do during this trip. Katy said that when these girls get together and away from their husbands it can get very crazy.
Katy and I shared everything and we talked about sex often and neither of us can wait to have sex. Katy had told me about how her mom screws around often so I was not surprised when the first night of the trip Molly and Tina brought a couple of guys back to the hotel room and fucked them. Katy and I pretended to be asl**p but we watched the whole thing and we both masterbated while we watched.
We drove for most of the next day and stopped at this really nice hotel. We got a suite with two big beds and alot of room between them. Molly and Tina went out and very soon returned with four large men. They quickly got to the sex and Katy and I watched. After it all got quite and I was sure everyone was asl**p I had been needing to pee so I quitely got up and made my way to the bathroom. There was a small light in the bathroom and as I turned the corner one of the men was in there peeing. He was a big and his penis was limp. I was very horny from watching all the sex. I could not help but stare at this man's cock. He smiled real big and told me it was my turn. I got on the pot and started to pee then realized this man was standing there watching me.
I finished and got up then noticed his cock was getting hard and bigger. I was not sure what to say or do so I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth. I could smell all the pussy and cum on it and did not know one thing about giving head and had never had sex before. After a second or two he lifted me up and set me on the bathroom counter and he knelt down and put his face in my pussy and ate me out. I thought this was the greatest thing. The tingles that went thru my body were the greatest. The more he ate me out the more I wanted him inside me. I got right to the edge of huge orgasim when he stood up and positioned his cock at te entrance to my cunt with just the tip touching my lips. I wanted him in me so bad that I grabbed his hips and pulled him forward, I watched as his cock slid slowly into my wet twat. It went all the in, I could feel the tip touching the top of my vagina. We sat there for a minute then he started to move back and fourth inside me. I loved the feel of his cock moving inside me. He pulled it almost all the way out then he would thrust it all the way in till it the top of my vagina again.
I was so close to orgasim that on his fifth thrust I came hard and he must have sensed this as he pushed as deep as he could and I felt his cock swell and then pulsate and I could feel his cum pump deep into me. I so loved it and did not want him to stop cumming. I felt really good that I could get this large older man to cum like that. When he pulled his cock out it was limp. He went back to the bed with Molly and Tina and I went back to my bed. Katy asked me what took so long and I told her everything that happened. She could not wait for the next man to go to the bathroom, but one did and Katy was right behind him. When she came back to bed she told me what happened to her, she even let feel all the cum in her pussy.
The rest of the trip, we would wait for Molly and Tina to fall asl**p, and then Katy and I would go get their men and get some cock of our own.
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great stuff naughty girls
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Very nice. Thanks for sharing