!! Fuck Club !!

Me and several of my friends have formed a club we call !! Fuck Club !!. My name is Joe and the club was my idea. There are two other white guys in the club, Ron and Jim. And we have three black guys in our club, Jack, Jake, and Wilson. We have three girls in our club also, Heather, Cathy, and Sue. To be in the club you have to have at an eight inch cock or be a girl. We meet once every three months and set our "Target" and select teams. When we meet we also watch video of the teams hitting their targets. For instance-the last quarter we split up into teams of one girl, a white guy and a black guy and our target was a married milf. So Heather, Jack and I took our cam corder and hit a local wine and art show. Heather and I acted married and were looking at art with our "friend" Jack. Within an hour we had two older married milfs sitting with us drinking lots of wine and soon had them going back to our hotel suite, since we were rich and from out of town. With in minutes of arriving at our room they were putty in our hands as they had always wanted to be in a group sex thing with a balck guy. Heather ran the cam corder while Jack and I got to prime "USDA grade A fine pussy". The women were so d***k we fucked every which way and it all gets on video. We try to collect as many videos as wqe can and then at the next meeting we all watch the videos from the different teams and give awards for different catagorys like Biggest cream pie, uglest fuck, hottest fuck, best money shot, oldie moldie award, etc. So at the last meeting our team won the oldie moldie for tagging the oldest and youngest pussy and also the award for the most pussy as we hit it hard and poured our meat to fifteen milfs during that quarter. One quarter we split into one team of white guys, one team of black guys and then a girl team and we just went for open season of one night stands. The girls beat us by having 32 one night stands in three months. They were getting dick in clubs, behind the bar on the hood of a car, in the bathroom at a dance, at a hot tub. When you got a pussy you can always get dick, of some sort. One quarter the we split into teams of two and took an amature with us. This time I was paired with Sue and we took a different person with us each time we went out. It was great to watch some of these guys get d***k and shoot their spunk all over fresh pussy or some of these women get out and fuck some total stranger or several total strangers-one woman we recruited, she was a soccer mom, she had a few drinks and Sue had her talked in to several biker guys at this hot tub at some cheap motel-twelve biker guys got to fill her soccer mom pussy full of thier biker jizz. I bet she still has jizz dripping out of her pussy from that night. The next night Sue took on these four geeks and three of them blew their wads before even getting into her pussy, the fourth one made it in but I think he was already cumming before he got it in. Everyone should think of starting a fuck club in the neigborhood as it is a lot of fun. Our project now is lake fuck, we are all going to the lake and fucking anything we can. Sue has been nailed by ten guys and I porked eight women! Happy fucking to all!!
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4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Sounds like a club I would want to be in.
4 years ago
any way i can see this videos, i'm sure you have it on line.