Granny Taught Me

The summer of my 15th year I had to go stay with my 75 year old great grandmother. My parents thought she was getting old and might need some help around her farm. I hated the thought of this as granny had no cable tv or internet.
I got there and yes was bored out of my gored right away. I spent time farting around the barn chasing snakes and throwing rocks in the pond. the first week was painful, all I had to do was jack off which I did alot of. Sometime during the second week, I had got up to get a drink of water, granny was in the kitchen in just a little nightie thing, I could see her dark aroles around her nipples thru her shirt. She went back to her bed. I got my drink and went back to bed thinking about what I saw, I jacked off. I woke early the next morning and as I walked by grannys room I heard a noise. The door was cracked and I peered in,granny had her back to the door and was putting on her undies. I got a good look at her hairy cunt when she bent over to pull them up. I went back to my room and rubbed one out thinking of the grannys pussy.
Over the next several days I would catch granny in various stages of dress. Now let me tell you that back in the day granny was a real looker. She was petite and hot. Now she is about 150 pounds, about 5.5, saggy boobs, blondish gray hair. She has a huge light brown bush.
I had caught granny bending over again, got an eyeful of her bush and pink slit. I immediatly went to the bathroom to jack off and shower. I was deep into stroking my cock when granny walked in. I had no clothes on, I tried to cover up with my hand. Granny gave me a good look over and went back out. I showered, got dressed and went down to the kitchen. Granny was cooking some eggs, she apoligized for walking in. She said that I was a good looking young man with a nice size cock. I could not believe that granny said cock. Granny then asked if I had a girlfriend and had sex with her. I told granny that I had no girl friend and that I was still a virgin. Granny then told me about how she lost her virginity to an older man when she was 14. She said that she loved sex and had sex every chance she got. I told her that grandpa must been wore out trying to keep up. She then said that grandpa could not keep up with her and she had many lovers over her life time.
Granny then stated that she had not had sex in a long time. I ate breakfast and we went about our day but I kept thinking about what granny had said. I thought about how I kept seeing her naked over the past week and her walking in on me when I was wanking my wanker. I realized that granny wanted to fuck me. I thought about how hot granny was when she was younger, then I thought about her fucking other men, then I thought about fucking granny. I thought that would be wrong but who would know. That night we sat watching tv, both of us in our pjs. I asked granny about sex, what it was like. She started talking and my cock got hard.
As granny talked about the men she had had, she placed her hand on my leg. My head filled with images of a young hot granny taking these stranger's cock deep in her cunt, pleasing them. Her hand made its way to my now rock hard cock. She held it as she continued to talk. Then she pulled it out and stroked it, then she leaned over and put her mouth over it, her warm tongue swirled around the head. My balls burned as they prepared to spray my spunk. My cock hurt as it hardened even more. Granny then pulled away and stood up. I was seconds away from blowing my first load in woman's mouth. Granny looked at me with her warm blue eyes and took my hand and lead me to her bed. She removed my pjs, my cock stood straight out, hard as steel. Granny pushed me onto my back on the bed. She then removed her pjs and climbed on the bed and stradled me placing her cunt just above the tip of my cock. I could smell her musky sent, her pussy was wet and her lips were spread wide ready to accept my cock. She slowly lowered herself down on my cock. I watched as my cock disappeared into her hairy snatch. The soft velvety folds of her cunt held my cock tight. She leaned over and gave me a long kiss, her boobs pressed against my chest. She then sat back up and started to work her pussy around my cock. Her breathing, her smell, the feeling of my cock deep in her cunt was all more than I could take. I pushed up into her trying to get my cock as deep as I could and exploded, rope after rope of my hot sticky sperm sprayed deep into her hungry cunt causing her to have her own orgasim. As my cum filled her womb I thought of all the men before me that had also filled granny's cunt.
Granny collasped on top of me, my cock stayed hard and in her cunt. She told me that it had been a very long time for her. She asked how it was for me, she wanted my first time to be special. I told her it was great, she said it was for her too. She said that she wanted to teach me how to please a woman. I pushed her over and started to fuck her in the missionary position. I banged her hard for several minutes before filling her gooey cunt with more cum.
The next morning I woke to granny sucking my cock, she worked it over with her mouth. I had to cum, I tried to push her away but could not. I exploded in her mouth as she sucked, she swallowed my whole load.
I stayed with granny two months and most of that time I spent in her wonderful pussy. She taught me how to fuck, how to eat pussy, and many other things. I got to where I could make her cum in minutes, her pussy was always dripping wet and ready for me. Granny let me fuck her whenever I wanted, and being only 15 that was pretty much all the time. I loved hearing granny talk about her sexual adventures. She would talk and then we would both be so horny we would fuck like a****ls.
After that summer, every chance I got to go stay with granny I would. And we would fuck pretty much the whole time. I started to fuck other girls, I would come and tell granny all about it, giving her a play by play as I banged her.
Granny lived to be 88, we fucked every chance we got. The day she died, I was staying with her. We fucked like rabbits most of the day and a good part of the night. She had a big smile on her face.
93% (109/8)
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2 months ago
8 months ago
Nice one,,,happy to the end
3 years ago
hot story
3 years ago
wow you are lucky to share with such a great granny
3 years ago
SO fucking hot, I'm jealous!
3 years ago
nice to know your granny dies with a smile
3 years ago
Very nice story...
3 years ago
Very good. Thanks
3 years ago