Hunting Trip

Every couple of years my dad and Uncle Joe would go a long hunting trip. They would plan it all out for months ahead of time and they would be gone for two weeks. When I turned sixteen they said that my sixteen year old cousin, Josh, and myself will be going with them.
We planned and packed the RV and made the trip. We had parked the RV and made camp, it was very nice and homey. Another couple of rigs set up camp about twenty yards away. We all went over to meet them. It was four couples, my cousin and I did not think much about it. The four men said that they were going to go up high for four or five days and asked that we keep an eye on the ladies for them which my Uncle Joe and dad said they would.
We woke early the next morning and hiked out to do some hunting. We had no luck so we came back early. The men said they were going to check on the ladies, with a funny smile. They came back with the women in tow. Uncle Joe told me the ladies were board and they we were going to entertain them. Then he said that what happens on the hunting trip stays on the hunting trip, we are not to breath a word of what is about to happen to anybody. Josh asked what that meant and Uncle Joe said that men and women both have needs, biological needs, that have to be filled. Josh and I looked at each other. Uncle Joe said for us to sit back and watch as we are going to learn alot over the next several days.
Josh and I sat in our chairs and watched as my dad and uncle made a nice lunch for the women and proceeded to get the women d***k. Dad and uncle were being so charming and flirty, I had never seen this type of behavior from them. After lunch we played some cards and they continued to drink and flirt. Soon I noticed dad kissing one of the women. soon Uncle Joe was kissing on them too. They all seemed to having a great time laughing and kissing. Then a shirt came off, then a bra, then the women were wearing nothing put panties and the men were in their boxers.
Now these women were not super models, they were just average house wives. I am guessing in their forties. I had never seen a naked woman other than my mom and s****r and in magazines. The panties and boxers came off. I was not sure what to think about seeing this, naked women and my dad and uncle naked with boners. One of the women knelt down and started to give my dad a bj. He then pushed her back onto a blanket and spread her legs and slid his cock into her pussy. I watched my dad bang this woman, his cock sliding in and out of her hairy pussy. Her boobs jiggled as his nut sack slapped her ass. The other woman sat next to them rubbing her hand around on dads back as he banged away. Then I noticed Uncle Joe doing a woman doggy style, her boobs swaying to his fuck tempo. My dick was so hard it hurt, I looked at Josh and he was watching with his mouth wide open. Then dad let out a large deep grunt and his body stiffened, the woman arched her back and moaned loudly. Dad rolled off her and lay beside her, her gapping cunt was overflowing with dads white jizz. Then my uncle blew his nut, when he moved out of the way I could see his cum dripping out of that woman's cunt.
Josh and I sat there, our peckers so hard it hurt. The woman that had ben rubbing dads back looked over at me and smiled real big. I could see her wet pussy, the pink slit nestled in her dark bush. My dick hurt even more. Dad told her to go ahead and make those boys men. She reached out and motioned for me to come over which I did. She laid me down next to dad and stroked my cock using my precum as lube. Then she laid next to me and had me get on top of her, she guided my cock into her pussy. My cock slid easily into her warm wet cunt. When I was all the way in I could feel her bush against my balls and base of my cock. She held me tight, her boobs pressed against my chest. I started to thrust into her, but only made about three thrust before I flooded her insides with what felt like a gallon of sticky hot jizz. Cumming in her was the best feeling I had ever had. I stayed right where I was with my cock in her for a long time. My cock had stayed hard and I started to fuck her some more and this time I lasted much longer before blowing another sticky load deep in her.
This time I rolled over and looked at her wonderful cunt, it had my jizz all mixed in her bush and it was running down her slit and crack of her ass pooling on the blanket. Then I looked over at Josh and he had made a mess of his woman's cunt also. Everybody clapped and said welcome to being a man to josh and I. One of the other women said she wanted to be next to get with me.
We fucked those women the next several days till their husbands came back. Their husbands hung around for a day and then went back up. We began the fuckfest again. The women said they had no clue what had been going on. When
I asked how that could be, they laughed and said they gave them a little pussy and they were off again and happy. Another rv ahad set up shop a just a little ways off. There were two couples in it and the men had left. Dad and Uncle Joe went down and soon fucked those two women too. Then Josh and I got to go down and fuck them also. These two women were much older, I am guessing in their sixties and over weight. But we fucked them like we had not had pussy in years.
Over that two week period Josh and I blew our nuts in twelve women. It was great! Uncle and dad said that is the way they go hunting on everytrip, not hunting for deer or elk, but hunting for pussy. I can not wait for the next trip.
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3 years ago
this is too fucking good, I came all over the place, THANKS DUDE
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Dam good hunting