The Best Job!

This happened about fifteen years ago. I was only fifteen and my dad managed hotels and this one was large one in a large city. I would be up there hanging around as we lived on the property. One night one of the room service people did a no show no call. My dad put me to work and I got to deliver meals and other stuff to customer rooms.

Most of the time people would answer the door in various stages of dress or undress. I got plenty of boob shots and beaver shots and of course naked men. Most of the naked women I saw were not that hot but still seeing a naked woman was a big deal for me. I was given the job and after about two months I was delivering a meal to a room. An older pretty woman answered the door, she was wearing a t-shirt. There was a naked man passed out on the bed. I pushed the cart in the room. The woman bent over to pick up something off the floor, I got a up close view of her snatch! My dick made a big tent in my slacks straight away. She noticed this and asked me if I liked what I saw and removed her shirt. I had never been that close to naked woman before other than my mom. I looked at her nice boobs and her neatly trimed pussy. My dick was so hard now that it hurt. She reached down and rubbed my dick thru my slacks. She said her husband passed out and she was horny and needed to get some sex, could I help her out. I did not know what to say, she then asked if I was a virgin and I said yes. She undid my belt and pants and pulled them down. My dick sprang straight out, she carresed it and fondled my balls. She put the tip in her mouth, I was afraid that I would squirt all over everything. She said she had never been with a virgin before. I could smell her pussy as she laid back and spread her legs. I looked at her great pussy but was not sure what to do. She pulled me to her and I felt my dick push against her twat. She guided my dick into her warm pussy. It slid easily into her wet pussy. I go all the way in and she held me tight and breathed out. I felt her pussy muscle tighten around my dick and this caused me to blow my wad. She moaned as I pumped her full of my seed, she told me that it felt really good. Laying there in her pussy with her boobs against my chest was a great feeling. My dick hardened again and she told me to pump in and out of her. This was great and soon I dumped another load in her. I got dressed and went back to work. I never saw her again.

This happened again, about a month later another woman who was all alone wanted some company. I got to fuck her. Then there was a guy who wanted to watch me fuck his wife and I did. Then he licked my cum out of her pussy. I worked there all the way through college till I was twenty five. I got plenty of pussy during that ten years. d***k women, lonely women, all kinds of women. Women who wanted their husbands to watch or even participate. Sometimes I got some pussy as my tip.It was really crazy. I would get to fuck them and then never see them again. I got more pussy than any other k** my age, and most of that pussy was older women. That is why I think that was the best job, I got paid and laid at work!
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2 years ago
ohhhhhh nice one
3 years ago
I wonder if I ever stayed there, sounds familiar.
3 years ago
no job i can think of would be better
4 years ago
Nice writing
4 years ago
wow wow wow wow... i want to go to work in a hotel... jot any job openings?