Jessi's Mom

I was on my way to spend the night with my friend Jessi. His mom, Kate, was going out on the town and would not be home till late if at all. So Jessi and I had this big plan to play Xbox and watch some porn videos. I had a new DVD-Homemade Creampies II, we could not wait to watch it.
When I got there Kate was just leaving, she told us to have a good time and we told her the to do the same and she was gone. We threw some pizza in the oven and went to playing Xbox. After the pizza, we decided to watch the porno. After all it was eleven and we could not wait any longer. We watched the porno for about twenty minutes, it was just dudes dumping thier loads in pussies. No story or other crap, and it was so real! My dick was getting to the point it hurt, Jessi was in the same boat.
That was when Jessi's mom Kate walked in the front door. Jessi grabbed the remote and turned off the TV, but he left the DVD playing. Kate went back to her room for a few minutes and came back out in just a sl**p shirt. She was pissed about something but she was trying to not let us know. I think she may have been a little tippsy also. She sat on the couch and grabbed a piece of pizza and said for us all to watch a movie together. Jessi and I were not sure how to act as we both had some serious wood in our pants and really could not stand up. Kate took the remote from the table and turned on the TV. It was then that Jessi and I realized the DVD was still playing. On the screen was a woman with a hairy wet cunt and two men on either side of her. One man mounted her and banged her and popped a wad in her. Jessi and I were not sure what to do or say, Kate just sat there watching the DVD.The man on the DVD got up and you could see all the jizz in this womans snatch and the other man jumped on her and pumped her for a minute and then drained his balls in her and pulled out. The camera zoomed in on her cunt showing all the jizz inside her cunt. At this point Jessi said we should turn off the DVD and watch something on TV. Kate said no and we watched more of the DVD. Jessi and I watched Kate and the DVD. Kate after an hour asked us why we were watching this. We told her we thought it would be fun. Kate then asked what we had planned to do after we were all horny and the porn was over. We looked at each and said that we had not thought far ahead.
Kate then asked if we had ever seen a woman up close naked or had sex. We told her no. She then pulled off her night shirt. Kate is about 40, not very tall, but nice body. She has dark hair on her head and snatch. Good boobs and nice ass. Kate told us that if we can keep a secret, we could fill her cunt with sperm. She told us to drop our clothes, and she took Jessi's cock in her mouth. I was not sure what to do so I played with cunt, it was very wet and smelled very good. After a minute I thought I should stick my dick in, which I did. I pushed my cock in and the feeling was so incredible. As soon as I was all the way in I blew my load. It felt like I would never stop cumming. When I did I pulled my cock out and looked for my cum to drip out, which it did. My cock stayed hard. Kate looked at me and asked how it felt? I told her it was great. Jessi then mounted her and after a minute or two busted his nut deep inside her also. Kate then said that maybe we should make a video and send it in and see if they will put it on the next DVD.
Jessi and I took turns fucking Kate the rest of the weekend. I did not know I could make that much sperm and I am not sure where it all went after I pumped it into Kate's pussy. And watching Jessi fuck his mom was pretty cool also. After that weekend we tagged teamed fucking Kate on a regular basis. Sometimes she had a friend of hers join in also. Sometimes Kate would bring home aanother man and we would hide and watch and after he fucked her and left Jessi and I would get to fuck Kate and her gooey pussy. We had fuck sessions for years.
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Nice story!
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Nice...I'm sure everyone would like to see the video
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very cool
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very good
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Awesome!!! I love it!!